Security settings for Linux and operating system passwords

I ask a client why some of the password parameters are not defined at the Linux operating system level, and he says that the complexity and timeout settings for Linux and Windows differ internally. If you set the Linux password complexity and timeout, the Linux system may prompt for a password change before Windows AD does so. The Linux password's AND / OR complexity is different from Windows complexity, and the user changes their password to something that is valid in Linux but is not valid in Windows and therefore locks their account. Is that true? Can not you just set up OS and AD password settings in the same way (eg account lockout, inactive session timeout, complexity) to avoid this?

Passwords – Is it possible to specify the hash while cracking WordPress (phpass) hash?

I'm trying to crack a hash for an online WordPress CTF box.
The hash is a WordPress hash with the following format:


I also have the salt from the wp-config file.
However, it seems that neither John nor Hashcat allow running with the salt.
Would you know how to run it with the salt?

Encryption – How are Mozilla Firefox passwords encrypted?

As far as I know, current versions of Mozilla Firefox Save the saved passwords (encrypted with 3DES) to the logins.json File in the meantime, the keys are stored in key4.db (or key3.db in older versions).

If you have not set up a master key The passwords can then be accessed using the key database file. In the database, I came across an entry that actually looks like the keys.

|    id    | item1 | item2   |
| password |  ...  |  ...    |

So, why is there two? 3DES Key in the database? Are they really encryption keys? How can I use it to decrypt it? logins.json Dates? Which coding option is used?

Passwords – How to Avoid Using System.String with Rfc2898DeriveBytes in C #

I'm creating a .NET Core web app in C # that picks up a user's password and has it grabbed to save it to a server. I use Rfc2898DeriveBytes together with a randomly generated salt. However, I've read that I should avoid using strings throughout the process because strings can not be removed from memory. I know .NET Core has one PasswordBox that holds the password as SecureString, but SecureStrings can not be converted to a byte array to pass to Rfc2898DeriveBytes& # 39; s constructor without much gimmick.

Since the webapp only runs on my server, I can easily convert it SecureString Back to a string as soon as it was transferred to my web application? If an attacker manages to access the server's memory to look for an undeleted string, I probably can not do very much to protect anything.

If I'm to go through with it SecureStringsWhat are the best practices for saving hashes?

Do not use Excel spreadsheets to store and share your server details and root passwords. | Be PCI compliant

How does it work? Ezeelogin Improve the security of your servers when remote workers work to protect your business? How can you manage multiple Linux servers?

How does Ezeelogin help you meet various compliance needs, such as PCI DSS 3.2, HIPPA,
SOX, SOC2, FFIEC, NERC CIP, ISO 27001, GDPR, when employees remotely log in to your server via SSH?

What is Ezeelogin?
It is a secure SSH gateway software, also known as Linux Jump Server software, which allows you to easily manage and manage multiple Linux cpanel / WHM servers with increased security. It also lets you manage your employees' SSH access to Linux servers. So you can offer your customers faster and better customer service. Ezeelogin saves every company thousands of dollars a year if it has multiple Linux servers and multiple employees to manage them. Set up your SSH Jump Box today.

Is Ezeelogin a hosted solution?
No, it is not a hosted solution. The software must be installed on your Linux servers. This gives you better control and security.

  • No more Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, Dropbox, or shared documents to share your server details.
  • Do not worry if you reset the root password on all servers when an employee leaves the company.
  • No worries about removing SSH keys on all servers when an employee leaves the company.
  • Record SSH sessions of your employees. This feature records all SSH sessions, including SSH input and output. Time and date of access are also recorded. You can later search the history of your mission-critical systems.
  • Provide root SSH access to your servers without issuing root passwords of your Linux servers.
  • Grant privileged access – Grant access so that your employees log on to the server as a specific "nonprivileged user" rather than root.

  • Enable access to WHM or another control panel to your servers without revealing your root password. This can be done not just for cpanel / whm, but for almost all other control panels like plesk ensim webmin and more.
  • SSH User Access Control Allows users to easily grant or deny SSH access to servers that you select.
  • Two-factor authentication like Yubikey, DUO security, Google 2fA are supported.
  • Automatic user change (see below) Login that improves security without remembering the passwords.
  • Automatic reset of the root password on all or a group of servers with a mouse click. This can be set for an automated periodic reset, since it helps to change your root passwords regularly.
  • Automatic resetting of the SSH key with a mouse click.
  • Automatic resetting of the SSH key with a mouse click.
  • Command-line filter Prevents accidental execution of commands such as rm -rf / etc. Filters each command using a regular expression
  • SSH with your browser for quick and easy access to your remote Linux server.
  • RDP with your browser for quick and easy access to your remote Windows servers.
  • Record RDP sessions
  • RADIUS authentication
  • SAML support for SSO

Ezeelogin Automations to manage and manage multiple Linux servers

World's first parallel shell integrated into SSH gateway This allows commands to be executed easily on all or groups of servers. This is a really cool ssh trick and we give it a tip as one of Ezeelogin's genius features.

The world's first clustered SSH gateway for redundancy, so you always have access to your server.

The world's first SSH gateway In this way, you can monitor both the input and output of all commands executed by your sysadmins via ssh. All actions are fully logged and you can see in real-time what your technicians and sysadmins are doing on the servers.

World's first automatic login for switch users (see below) That would improve security without remembering the passwords.

The world's first SSH user access control system Integrated with ssh gateway, which allows you to grant / deny ssh access to servers, improving security.

World's first command line filter Gives you control over which commands a technician / administrator can run on servers. Prevent accidental rm -rf / or any commands that you can devise with full regexp support.

Password-free access to the control panel(almost all the panels you can think of) with just 1 click.

Passwordless data center portal Access with just 1 click.

Just search and ssh in your servers with the least time. Take a look at cool queries based on hostnames, IP addresses, descriptions, and more.

Automatic reset of the root password It saves you the hassle of having to reset your root password on the server regularly to improve security.

Automated login in virtual containers Use vzctl to enter veid.

Automatic reset of SSH keys from users through servers.

Automated generation of root passwords
between servers.

and much more … give it a try. and let us know if you still need some important features and we will add them.

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"Our team manages hundreds of cluster systems in different data centers. We needed a product to securely manage our infrastructure servers in PCI compliance with console-based remote logging capabilities. The other two requirements involved a method for securely managing our SSH keys and enabling the issue of remote commands to large system groups. Ezeelogin has saved us countless hours in management and optimized our processes by combining so many features in one product. Our technicians no longer need to switch between two or three different interfaces to get important information. Our stand-by and support staff put system management and our customers first, while Ezeelogin takes on all the heavy lifting. We recommend Admod's Ezeelogin product for environments of all sizes. It's the most stable and cost-effective product on the market, offering robust scalability that seems to adapt to the ever-changing IT environment."
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Dan Thompson
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The Ezeelogin promise

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Authentication – Is it safe to use Redis to store usernames and hashed passwords?

We take a look at using Redis for a cache aside pattern and I think it's safe to store usernames and hashed passwords in Redis Cache? If so, are there security issues with a key structure like user: username?

Or is it safer to read the database directly and store the refresh token instead in Redis for the first user name and password authentication / login?

Passwords – Is a threat to secret graphics?

If you enter a secret keyword in Getpass, a small jdenticon based on the entered secret will be displayed on the right. The FAQ on Getpass states:

Did you notice that the secret keyword is hidden? If so, then this is one
Ability to visually display a hash of your secret keyword based on
jdenticon library. This will ensure that your keyword is secret
spelled correctly without revealing the actual letters you have

Is not that completely against the purpose of hidden fields in applications?

I've found that the generated symbol is based on a hash and is therefore irreversible. However, this still provides direct information about the password. Such information would be completely obscured if the artwork were not available.

For example, if I know the graphic of a terrible password, how & # 39; # 39 & password123;If I cross my colleague's shoulder while writing his password on this page, I would already say that his password is a password that it is not & # 39; # 39 & password123;, This would not happen if the artwork were not there.

Am I paranoid? Is that something that can be done safely?

Lock-screen passwords sometimes fail

I recently upgraded from Android 8.1 to 9.

Since the update, there is a problem that keeps coming up. No matter how many times I enter the password, it will not be accepted. And I'm sure the password is right.

The only way out is to restart the phone. Then my password will be recognized again, until the problems reappear after a few days.