Specific folder won’t cut and paste to new location in Windows 10

I wanted to move the OneDrive folder from the Windows C drive to a second SSD (E) on the same PC.
So I “unlinked” my OneDrive and tried to cut/paste from the C-drive to the E-drive.
Some folders were moved but there are three that remains.
I have admin priviliges for each folder, and there are no error-messages.
I try to move the reamining folders using CTRL+X and CTRL+V or via the explorer menu from right-clicking the folders, but they won’t react to my command. The problem persist only with these specific folders.

How can I solve this problem ? What is going on ?

macos – Is it possible to get back one earlier “copy” to paste it back?

I typed for 200 words to send to a customer support of a company, and then I copied the content just to keep a copy in my Gmail or Google Docs.

However, before I pasted, I made a phone call using Google voice and pasted the phone number to Google Voice call to dial the number.

So the 200 words content is gone. Is there a way to get it back? The 200 words is such a small size (probably less than 2kbyte), and this MacBook is used only by me, so I don’t worry about privacy of being able to show earlier copy and paste contents. Is there a way to get that earlier copy back?

Facebook: How to successfully paste formatted text into a group post?

On Facebook, when creating a new post to be posted into a Group (as opposed to onto a standard personal or company page), Facebook allows you to add some simple formatting to the post.

If you highlight some text in the compose view for such a post, Facebook pops up a little toolbar that allows the simple formatting to be added to the selected text.

Facebook post formatting toolbar

However, if formatted text is pasted into the compose view, all of the formatting is lost, and the text is pasted in without formatting.

Even if selecting, copying, and pasting formatted text within that Facebook compose view itself, the formatting is still lost upon paste, as in this in-progress post, where a copy was made of the content via copy and then paste:

Facebook post compose window showing formatted and unformatted text

This is highly inconvenient in a number of situations. For example, when copying a block of formatted text from one Facebook group into a new post in another Facebook group, all of the formatting must be manually re-applied after pasting, which is very time-consuming.

Is there a method to successfully be able to paste formatted text into a Facebook group post?

vba – How to paste text with leading “0” in excel

I have this code that pastes entire txt file contents to my active workbook but it loses leading “0” in cells:

Dim FileToOpen As Variant
Dim OpenBook As Workbook

FileToOpen = Application.GetOpenFilename("Text Files (*.txt), *.txt")

If FileToOpen <> False Then
Set OpenBook = Application.Workbooks.Open(FileToOpen)
Selection.NumberFormat = "@"
ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("BOM").Range("C1").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
OpenBook.Close False
End If

I tried to work around it by adding

Selection.NumberFormat = "@"

But it doesn’t do the trick.

So how do I paste the contents and not lose leading “0”?

2013 – Paste a url together with title (Display Text) in Quick Edit mode

I have several hundred urls I need to paste in to a Sharepoint list. I can paste the urls with no problem, but I need to paste in a Title too (or ‘Display Text’ to give the exact system name for the field). I like to be able to paste in the ‘Display Text’ at the same time as pasting the url. I’m working in Edit / Quick Edit mode, rather than the standard mode.

When in Edit mode, I can click in the url field and it will allow me to manually type in the Display Text, but that’ll take ages and cause me to lose the will to live.

Image of list item, showing the url column


I’ve found a couple of posts with proposed solutions, neither of which work for me.

Link 1 and Link 2. This third link also looked useful, it involves using a workflow. *New addition: Link 4 and Link 6. (No, there’s no Link 5).

Link 2 Results

The second of the links above looked especially promising. In Excel I pasted in the formula they’ve used:

=CONCATENATE(“”””,B2,””””,”, “,””””,,A2,””””)

Yet the result I get is a #NAME? error.

Here’s a screenshot of what I see in Excel. The formula looks ok to, Excel appears happy to accept it, yet gives a bad result.

Excel picture with Concatenate formula

Link 3 Results

The workflow failed to paste the values correctly; the display text contains both the url and the ‘Display Text’.

Picture of failed url, created by workflow

result of using the workflow option

Link 4 Results

THis post has two answers, Sergei’s accepted answer has since been deprecated by Microsoft (html no longer permitted in calculated columns). I tried out the second answer, by using a calculated column, but this only returned the value of the text field I’m using as a title for the url.

5. Ganesh’s suggestion

Thanks for posting Ganesh. I tried out this method, I’m using Excel. Please note the formula that created the url. As you see in the 2nd and 3rd pictures below, the value ‘I am the Title’ is posted to both fields, the url has not been pasted in.

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

Link 6 Results

(I don’t have the correct version of Access to be able to attempt this method by Daniel Šmon, but am posting for reference for others facing the same issue as me. Yes, I’m selfless I know I know…)

google sheets – using a list of ID’s and a List of conditions COPY and Paste

I have a spreadsheet a list of 15 spreadsheet that I have to update weekly with fresh data.

At present I do this manually however having a script will make the task so much easier.

What I have is a spreadsheet that contains the master data, with a separate tab that contains a list of the spreadsheet ID’s in Column A and a list of the filter condition that corresponds to that ID in column B.

What I want to do is have a script that filters my master sheet using the condition in Column B on sheet2 then pastes that information into sheet1 of the spreadsheet ID located in Column A of sheet2.

google sheets – Formula to Copy Paste (instead of Vlookup)

I have a very important issue.
Is there a Formula that works like VLOOKUP but does not change the values dynamically?
Instead of changing the values, it just copies and pastes the value each time the index (for eg. a dropdown) is triggered.


Lets say the price of a product changes after a few month and I don’t want to change all the prices in the sales sheet that have been sold..

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COUNT Rows in Column, Copy to Last Row, Paste to another sheet to Last Row(FIRST EMPTY ROW, adding, not replacing value) Excel VBA

Im New in VBA. Could you help me at this?

So, we have 2 columns: AB with data, in Sheet1
I want to COPY until Last Row in AB Column from Sheet1
and paste it to Sheet2, column CD in FIRST EMPTY ROW (i mean while adding more data, cause CD is supposed to have previous data)

Can anyone help? It would be a huge favour for me! THANKS !!