Jesus never taught salvation by grace. Somewhere. Paul did it. Why do Christians ignore the teachings of Jesus?

Grace: Grace or kindness shown, regardless of the value or merit of the one who receives it, and in spite of what the same person deserves. Grace is one of the key qualities of God. The Lord, God, is "merciful and merciful, patient and rich in goodness and truth" (Ex 34: 6). Grace is therefore almost always associated with compassion, love, compassion, and patience as a source of help and deliverance from need.

In the Old Testament, the highest example of grace was the salvation of the Hebrew people from Egypt and their settlement in the Promised Land. This did not happen because of Israel's merit, but in spite of its injustice (Deuteronomy 9: 5-6). Although the grace of God is always free and undeserved, it should not be taken for granted. Grace is only enjoyed in the Covenant – the gift is given by God, and the gift is received by man through repentance and faith (Amos 5:15). Grace is to be sought humbly through the prayer of faith (Mal. 1: 9).

The grace of God has been prominently revealed and given in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus was not only the beneficiary of the grace of God (Luke 2:40), but also his embodiment (John 1:14), bringing salvation to humanity (Titus 2:11). Through his death and resurrection, Jesus restored the broken communion between God and his people, both Jews and non-Jews. The only way to redeem a man is "by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 15:11).

The grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ is applied by the HOLY SPIRIT, called the "Spirit of Grace," to save mankind (Heb. 10:29). The Spirit is the one who binds Christ to his people to receive forgiveness, the acceptance of sonship and the novelty of life, and every spiritual gift or grace (Eph. 4: 7).

The theme of grace is to be particularly emphasized in the Epistles of Paul. He radically opposes grace to the law and the works of the law (Romans 3:24, 28). Paul makes it clear that salvation can not be earned or earned. it can only be received as a gift of grace (Romans 4: 4). Grace, however, must be accompanied by faith; A person must trust in the mercy and favor of God, even if they are undeserved (Rom 4:16).

The Law of Moses revealed the righteous will of God in the midst of pagan darkness. it was God's gracious gift to Israel (Deuteronomy 4: 8). But his will was completed when Jesus brought the gospel of grace into the world (John 1:17).


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[ Politics ] Question open: Do you agree with former Texas Congressman Ron Paul? Is President Tulsi Gabbard much more respectable than President Trump?

[ Politics ] Question open: Do you agree with former Texas Congressman Ron Paul? Is President Tulsi Gabbard much more respectable than President Trump? ,

Image Analysis – Paul Strand- Wall Street Photo DoF?

I researched this, but I can not find anything on this particular question. However, I found many other interesting things.

My questions are in Image Wall Street, which type of DoF he uses. I think he uses a big DoF, but I'm not an expert. The last question as to what kind of shutter he used is not even sure if they had a shutter speed back then, but looked for and seen, it was invented in the late 18 hundreds. This is one of my favorite photos of him. What do you think? Enter image description here

Paul Ryan becomes board member of Fox Corporation. So why did not he do anything against Trump's abuse of power?

The mainstream media did not pursue what the candidate for Vice President Paul Ryan (2012 on the Romney Ryan ticket) said during the campaign over Ayn Rand. Why should this be relevant or important to the American people? AYN RAND, the Russian atheist author of "ATLAS SHRUGGED", was the author of Republican Paul Ryan at an election rally – he said that "Atlas Shrugged" is "required reading" for its congressional staff! Do you all know what the main message of Ayn Rand's writings was? Remember the prominence that congressman Ryan (R-WI) Ayn Rand gave when you read that core belief of Rand: "SELFISH SELF ABOVE ALL ELSE"! Does that explain the Nothing House under Ryan's spokesman? Or Ryan's anti-people budget proposal, which was so brutal and brutal against all but the billionaires, that in 2012 he triggered a resistance movement called NUNS ON A BUS. The nuns were appalled by the cruelty of Ryan's proposed cuts to social security programs designed to help America's children, low-income families, the elderly, and impoverished people travel across the country to urge the Americans, not for Ryan vote.

Foreign ownership (saudi-prince with Australian Rupert Murdoch), News Corps (parent company of Fox News), has wife of the Senate majority "Lader" (for now) Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao, on the Board – Elaine Chao, daughter of a Taiwanese maritime magnate, His shipment of coal to an Asian port had 40 kg of cocaine, including Trump's transport minister (perhaps to cover up her father's criminal activities … or to get her Taiwanese father into legal danger).

To find out more about Paul Ryan's connection, read "DARK MONEY: The Hidden History of the Billionaires behind the Rise of the Radical Right" by Jane Mayer (2017). Ryan is the darling of the secret COOK DONOR NETWORK, a group of domestic terrorists who violate democratic terrorism against democracy and against all regulatory and oversight – seeking absolute power at the expense of everyone and everyone else. Ryan responded to this spoiled brat, not the duties of his office as a house speaker or the American people.


[ Politics ] Open Question: If convicted, should Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin receive more or less prison sentences than Paul Manafort?

[ Politics ] Open Question: If convicted, should Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin receive more or less prison sentences than Paul Manafort? ,

Can anyone tell me why Paul Manafort, while working for the Trump campaign, provided information to an American US intelligence agency?

The guy he also gave the data is Oleg Deripaska. He is not a "secret service" but rather a Russian aluminum magnate, one of the "oligarchs" who dominate the Russian economy. But like all oligarchs, his wealth is at least partly due to political ties, and he is a certain agent for Putin.

Manafort had previously worked as part of his international consulting business with Deripaska. During that time, Manafort Deripaska stole $ 10 million (basically, he talked to Deripaska about investing the money with him, and when the economy slowed down, Manafort simply withdrew the money and did not refund it). This is a problem for him, especially because Deripaska is suspected of killing several people while consolidating the Russian aluminum industry. So Manafort offers to work for Trump for free and sends word to Deripaska's people that he's ready to send insider briefings about the campaign to "get full" (ie pay off his debts). Deripaska had sued Manafort before the US courts to reclaim his money, but he refused the lawsuit after Manafort appeared as Trump's campaign manager.