dynamic ui – Payment failed action notification placement

Basically I work for a delivery company named REDX, where they delivery parcels door to door. We have a dashboard as shown below, and now we will introduce a feature to let the user know that the payment has been bounced… we already have a global message shown at top, and toast message on top centre position… I created few variations to show how we can solve this solution… Note: there can be multiple actions at any given point and the situation being here the payment is bounced therefore the user need to update the payment method… need you opinion on the variations below and if there is a better one can you please suggest… thanks and waiting for your reply.

A. Can have multiple actions + notification and is autoscrollable with 5 sec interval and user will also have the ability to navigate on their own

B. Takes up screen space, and the actionable notices are stacked and can be open and close to see all at a particular time

C. Slides in and auto scrollable and the user have the ability to click on close icon to dismiss itenter image description here

payment methods – how to redirect to external url from observer sales_order_place_after

I want to redirect to my external payment method after place order is Saved, I create an observer for event sales_order_place_after.

Inside execute I put this code

$this->responseFactory->create()->setRedirect($this->url->getUrl(//ExternalURL like http://localhost))->sendResponse();

but I get an error cors and I don’t know how to fix or an alternative to redirect with dynamic variables inside URL like http://localhost/example?variable1=example

authentication – Why some payment methods allow being embedded in an iframe and some don’t?

Let’s take some examples:

  1. Pay Pal, Apple Pay (examples via Saferpay) – will not load in an iFrame
  2. Visa Checkout, Stripe (example), Saferpay (link above) – credit card data can be input in an iFrame

Is there any technical/security reason why payment service providers differ in their approach to restricting iframe usage for credentials/payment information input? Or this is simply difference in risk management (and its supporting technologies for fraud prevention), business decision or maybe a legacy (and non-secure) integration architecture?

❓ASK – Possible reason why bitcoin can’t be used as a form of payment | Proxies-free

There are many of that want bitcoin to become integrated into our financial systems and for it to be a main stream form of payment so that we can easily transact with the crypto that we have either earned or that we have been able to mine over our time in the crypto world. However, in my opinion, perhaps this may not happen anytime soon. We all know that trading in the crypto world is due to the volatile nature of the coins, however this volatility that allows us to profit from crypto, could be the very reason why bitcoin can’t be integrated into the financial system.

If bitcoin is used as a payment and the value changes over the course of the day, there is a disadvantage to the buyer or the merchant. Depending on the direction of the change there will be a loss on either of the two side. This is not good for business as merchants can end up selling things for cheaper than they bought it for (loss) or buyers could be paying more than what it is worth (a loss for them).

what do you think? do you agree with my reasoning? Could the trading potential of the coins be the cause of it not being integrated as a min form of payment?

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But the weird thing is I do not see many people get into this niche, is this because of:
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Which payment gateway

Hi All.
I am about to launch a new online gift store and wondered which are the best payment gateway accounts to use? My website developers have PayPal and stripe set by default. I wondered if anyone can recommend the most cost effective to use?

❕NEWS – China bans financial, payment institutions from cryptocurrency business | Proxies-free

Honestly, the situation with China is making it less clear what is going on in the markets. I also think it is contributing to all the struggles the coin is facing in the past month.

currently i am still not worry and have an focus on crypto. There are many big institutions standing behind the idea, few countries became more open to crypto and there are many more indicator that pointing to a broader acceptance.

When China implemented the great firewall, or started their disputes against facebook or google, the internet boomed without interruption. Or :] an slighly older example, when the US and the western world sanctioned Cuba, the rum production and trade did not decline. So others need to see this as a chance to step in and fill the gap, and Chinese crypto comp will go to other countries or focus on the left overs of the Chinese market.

magento2.3.6 – Payment Issue – Magento 2.3.6

I upgraded my Magento 2.3.3 to 2.3.6.

We have issues where the payment is now working anymore.
If you inspect this page there is a lot off error and a error 500

In exception.log I get this error:

{ (2021-06-06 11:57:04) main.CRITICAL: Report ID: webapi-60bcb810c6427; Message: Infinite loop detected, review the trace for the looping path {“exception”:”(object) (Exception(code: 0): Report ID: webapi-60bcb810c6427; Message: Infinite loop detected, review the trace for the looping path at /chroot/home/a96f0e0b/stores.etailhandel.no/html/vendor/magento/framework/Webapi/ErrorProcessor.php:208, LogicException(code: 0): Infinite loop detected, review the trace for the looping path at /chroot/home/a96f0e0b/stores.etailhandel.no/html/vendor/magento/module-checkout/Model/Session.php:241)”} () }

I do use a 3rd party extension Nets Easy checkout, but the error messages are not from them.

I see error logs from Klarna and Magento.

Does anyone know what this can be?

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