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OffshoreDedicated brings simplicity and freshness to keeping your website up and running. We commit ourselves to providing reliable anonymous offshore hosting that is protected against any interference and protects the rights of our customers to unlimited freedom of information and independence.

We value and value freedom on the Internet because it is one of the few places it still exists. We have always carefully protected our clients' websites from attacks and claims. Our company policy, combined with experience, technical professionalism and proven datacenter agreements, ensures that all data on our servers is fully protected against encroachment by authorities that are disruptive right holders. We are constantly improving our skills. We offer the latest solutions in the market. Our services are characterized by high performance and availability of the network. We offer these services since 2013 continuously. Our business partner offers proven network solutions and technical solutions.

Time to deviate from the regular webhosting account, but not really ready for your own dedicated server? Then VPS is the perfect choice! Your VPS servers reside on trusted Supermicro servers with Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM, and enterprise-class disk arrays. The servers are never overloaded, which means that you always have enough energy to run your applications.

Bulgaria Offshore VPS

No Content Restriction *, Privacy, Quality Committed


1 vCPU
Memory 15GB SSD
Traffic unmeasured
Uplink 100 Mbps
1 x IPv4
Full root access
Virtualization – KVM
DMCA safe
~ 3 hours setup time
Price $ 14.99 / month
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2 vCPU
Memory 25GB SSD
Traffic unmeasured
Uplink 100 Mbps
1 x IPv4
Full root access
Virtualization – KVM
DMCA safe
~ 3 hours setup time
Price $ 24.99 / month
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3 vCPU
Memory 35GB SSD
Traffic unmeasured
Uplink 100 Mbps
1 x IPv4
Full root access
Virtualization – KVM
DMCA safe
~ 3 hours setup time
Price $ 34.99 / month
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Why choose us

  • No content restriction
  • Privacy protected
  • Committed to quality
  • Always learning
  • 99.99% network availability
  • Performance without compromise
  • Fast deployment
  • Just as you want
  • Heroic support

& Much more!

Payment Methods: Payoneer (+ Bank & Card Payments), WMZ, Perfect Money, PayPal & BTC / ETH / LTC & more.

If you have further questions, you may like to open a ticket after registration OR send an e-mail to or contact us via Skype.

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Skype: Offshore Dedicated

Payment receipt help paypal sucks!

I founded my own company called MastoorA Beauty
I had a Paypal account that worked flawlessly for months. Then suddenly a customer payment was postponed. Although they have now received their items and I have updated the tracking information, my account is still suspended and I have no postage and item costs anymore

I was told that there are options to receive payments from Paypal customers without having a Paypal account. The majority of my income is with Paypal customers … so I am currently suffering a heavy blow.
1. Do I have other options to receive payments from PayPal customers?
2. Is there any other way than to safely receive payments online?
3.My bank is British, but most of my clients come from the US and Canada … if that helps
This is my page if that helps
I set up one of our Paypal accounts for beauty reviewers to recover my lost sales for the time being

Good payment page

Official start date: 01st September 2019.

Minimum investment: 0.001 Btc
Maximum investment: 2 Btc
Investment plans: 40% for 15 days and 80% for 30 days.
Referral fee: 5% to 20%
Deposit option and payout: Bitcoin only
Warning – I am neither the administrator nor the owner, so invest only what you can afford to lose.

Good payment page

ios appstore – The iOS App Store falsely claims that I do not have a payment method when giving away the app

I want to give away an app from the iOS App Store. I've checked if I have enough prepaid account credit, set up the gift purchase, and clicked the Buy button.

The iOS App Store returns an incorrect error message:

Payment information required

Purchasing an iTunes gift requires a payment method. You can add one
Payment method from your account information page.

I have reviewed my account information and there is enough credit to buy the app as a gift.

What is the cause and how do I fix it?

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How many paths are tried on average before a payment in Lightning is successful?

In Lightning, the sender can never be sure that a multi-hop payment will be made because switching nodes do not disclose the distribution of funds in their channels (only total capacity). Is there publicly available data on how many attempts are required on average? in practice Routing payments in different sizes? Something similar (the numbers are my wild guess):

Quantity – Average number of attempted paths

100 sat – 1.8

1000 sat – 3.3

10000 sat – 5.9

1000000 sat – 13.2

There is a similar question to the Lightning network routing error rate and a 2018 article linked from there, but success probabilities are handled on a per-capacity basis only (this can be calculated from a network snapshot) , I am interested in the data from real transactions.

json – Paynet Openpay PHP How do I get the notification that a payment has been made in the store?

I create a web application with openpay for payment in stores.

  • Create the document with the barcode already.
  • I already have a confirmed webhook in my dashboard.

Now I'm simulating payments in stores and as I know, the agreement is sent to the URL of my webhook to receive it. But with:

 $request = @file_get_contents('php://input');
  header('Content-Type: application/json'); 


 $content    =   file_get_contents("php://input");
echo $respuesta  =   json_encode($content);

I only get one "" the answer and not the content of the JSON that I should receive.

When I simulate payment in the openpay dashboard, I check that the information has been sent to me by updating the URL of my webhook (from my server), and then create an account in my database.

I can not get the information. I do not know if this is the right way to get the notification.
This is the URL of the openpay documentation:

wordpress – Is there an online payment platform in Bolivia?

As you know with PayPal, you can not withdraw money in Bolivia. My question is, does anyone know of a platform for Bolivia to create an online store whose APIs serve as PayPal to interact with its services?

I have already asked for tigo money and network link, but they offer you the programming service, but I want to program it for myself, as Paypal, that you create an account and connect it via its API

Each option is welcome, regardless of the programming language used to connect to the service