ClicksCrowd – The Exclusive Pay-Per-Click Affiliate Network # 1 – Getting Started with Pay Per Click

Click Crowd is the only platform in the world that allows each partner to be paid with every traffic source per click. We offer high-quality, pre-tested landing pages, attractive offers and a unique pay-per-click payment system that lets you easily monetize your traffic.

Click Crowd has paid millions of affiliate commissions since 2013. The network has comprehensive and intelligent tracking, competitive payouts and on-time weekly payments. Specialized and experienced network consultants are at your disposal to assist you via chat and e-mail as soon as you become a partner Click crowd.

What sets us apart from other networks?

  • Fast approval – Receive an answer and confirmation on the same day you apply.
  • Unique pay-per-click model – Start paying for clicks and stop worrying about sales and conversions. ($ 1 per click)
  • Advanced tracking and optimization data – We provide each of our partners with a dashboard with intelligent tracking information so you can easily optimize your campaigns.
  • Landing Pages provided – We provide you with tested and optimized landing pages so that you can concentrate fully on the traffic.
  • Unique offers – We only choose the best offers by hand.
  • Skype support – Live Skype chat support is available daily to help you with your promotions.
  • Weekly payments – We send weekly payments to our partners.
  • Popular payment options are supported – We support – PayPal, Skrill and transfers.

Traffic rules:

The following traffic sources are not accepted: PPV, Popup or Popunder traffic.
No qualitatively bad traffic source, z. B. minor users.
No e-mail spam.
No deceptive advertising methods.

Join ClicksCrowd today to learn how to pay with clicks.

Contact details:
Skype: stojan2009
E-mail: [email protected]

Set up the pay-per-click campaign on a social network for $ 50

My social media marketing services help your business grow Brand awareness, associations and website traffic.

Develop brand awareness (followers):

If you increase your followers in social media, you can promote word of mouth and referral. Our social media
Marketing services will help you to increase your followers with an important public.
We will ensure that your followers are in line with demographics, interests and the like
Behavior of your representative customers.
Build relationships (engagement):

If you build a physically strong connection through exposure to your audience, this is more likely
buy from you We help you increase your engagement (likes, comments, etc.)
Your social media posts. The more commitment you have, the stronger your relationship
is with your audience.
Increasing website traffic:

Increasing traffic to your website has a direct impact on leads and sales. We will focus on the development of social activities
Media marketing campaigns that drive high traffic to your site.
To increase conversions, we can add additional ads to meet the needs
current website traffic.

Why is Facebook Marketing important?

Facebook is the most heavily populated social media platform where many of your customers searched for advice, images and ratings
before they find you. Updated Facebook pages are very important to customers
are looking for new products or services that meet their needs. administration
Your Facebook is often the key to the winner among the other 50 million companies
Pages on Facebook. If your Facebook page is hectic and has appealing content,
Commitment to your customers and positive reviews, then you can believe
that your company is one of the best customers compared to your competitors
when they are ready to buy.

Set up a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising account of your chosen social network
highest standard possible.
Extensively research which users you are targeting and ensure that you connect with your most qualified audience.
Optimizing the account to ensure maximum ROI, ie lowest cost per click.
Tailored graphics and effective writing of sales copies for automatically increasing possible conversions.
Please note that this applies to setting up an ad with a target audience on a social networking site of your choice.
We can also set up a reorientation so that all visitors to your site are automatically notified when they next visit social networks
These websites are amazing for increasing conversions / sales
below when purchasing the service)

If you have any questions, just contact us to confirm the social networks in which you are marketing. We will gladly answer your questions

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