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Log in to LBRY for free credit. Once you sign up, there is a lot more credit as a reward (for simple tasks).

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Open this link from your Android or iPhone mobile phone and register: LBRY airdrop page @ Check your email address. With your cell phone (don't use a computer) wait a few seconds congratulations!

LBRY airdrop – step-by-step instructions
Go to the LBRY Airdrop page and register. (Register using this link and earn additional LBRY credit.)
Check your mailbox.
Click "Rewards", then "Unlock Rewards" and then "Check Phone Number". Check your cell phone number
Wait a few minutes or hours for your account to be approved and perform optional tasks after signing in
You have received a free LBC for registration. You can earn more for daily tasks.
Earn an additional 20 LBC for each transfer.
Immediate withdrawal with no minimum exchange
Trade in Coinex, Bittrex

Register here – >>$/invite/@trustinvest23:6

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Does a bank personal loan collect a lot of interest if someone only pays the minimum monthly payment?

A personal loan is valid for a fixed period with fixed monthly repayment amounts. The minimum amount you need to pay monthly is the monthly payment amount. The interest rate is also fixed and integrated into the total amount of the loan. Depending on how the loan is structured, you may or may not be able to repay it early. Paying it off early can save you money or eliminate a monthly payment.

A service that only pays for leads of recommendations above $ 5 can be provided with bank card details


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Is there international health insurance that pays first in most countries?

I am looking for international health insurance, d. H. A health insurance plan that covers both outpatient and inpatient health insurance plans that pay first, rather than the patient first having to pay and be reimbursed.

USA and Canada do not have to be included in the package.

When I buy local health insurance and use medical services (OP and IP), the health insurance usually has the service that you don't have to pay in advance, i.e. H. It is sufficient to use your card in the hospital / clinic. And that's really pleasant for me.

However, if I use international health insurance, I have to pay in advance and then claim health insurance. This turned out to be really annoying for me. Every time I have to fill out a long form, I have to provide documents etc. and wait for their response.

Question: Is there an international health insurance company that offers this service?
In particular, I tried Integra Global, which turned out to be the worst customer service and service I have ever experienced. I wonder if anyone has tried other big players like Bupa.

I am not covered by health insurance. Who pays when I get coronavirus and go to the hospital? Will the disadvantages make me die?

Edit: If you ask a real question, the law requires US hospitals to treat patients regardless of their solvency. That means YES, you can go to the emergency room and get treatment even if you don't have insurance.

Only if you deserve to die.

MVG Optimus –

I am not an administrator or owner. The topic was created for educational purposes.
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started: 12/26/2019

payouts: Automatically


  • DDoS protection

  • SSL encryption

  • Dedicated server / IP

  • Unique design

  • Unique script



CROWD FUNDING Right-arrow-kugel.png

During the crowdfunding phase, contributors can receive incentives by using the native ITO speaker
Utility token or in the same cryptocurrency that is used for posts. This period lasts as long as contributions
continue to show demand for the proposed concept.

The ITO uses unchangeable and transparent general ledger technologies to distribute incentive accumulations
autonomous, while the contributor is able to interactively track posts in real time.

tokenization Right-arrow-kugel.png

Preparation for the tokenization phase of the ITO begins as soon as the ITO holdings reach 42% of the net
Cryptocurrency contributed due to incentive accumulation. Contributors who have active posts
During the tokenization, the remaining incentives are accumulated in the form of MVG network tokens.

MVG can be exchanged or saved on a variety of purses for future value growth
and exchanges such as MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet and Crex24.

DEVELOPMENT Right-arrow-kugel.png

Development begins as soon as all users have received the rest of their token contribution in the
Form of MVG network tokens. The development process of the proposed concept will now begin
The ITO version is then archived by for constant public reference in a child.

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  • Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies and tokens

  • Counter

  • Perfect money

Investment plans:



2.4% incentive accumulation
Completely distributed after 3 days
102.4% net accumulation

5.7% net incentive accumulation
Completely distributed after 6 days
105.7% net accumulation

9% net incentive accumulation
Fully distributed after 9 days
109% net accumulation


9.6% daily incentive accumulation
Fully distributed after 12 days
115.2% net accumulation

8.4% daily incentive accumulation
Fully distributed after 15 days
126% net accumulation

7.2% daily incentive accumulation
Fully distributed after 18 days
129.6% net accumulation


Hourly incentive accumulation 0.27%
Fully distributed after 21 days
136.08% net accumulation

Hourly incentive accumulation 0.24%
Fully distributed after 27 days
155.52% net accumulation

Hourly incentive accumulation 0.21%
Fully distributed after 33 days
166.32% net accumulation

Ref offer 9% – 3%

Our investment:


$ 200 usd 0.01926 BTC

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