Hard drive – Time Machine would like to secure 4.50 PB 266.14 GB

Currently, you can not back up through Time Machine because backups fail with the following error message:

"Time Machine could not complete backing up to Time Machine." The backup hard drive requires 4.50 PB for backup, but only 337.69 GB is available. Select a larger backup disk or shrink the backup by excluding files. "

When I go to Time Machine Options, the estimated size of a full backup is 266.14 GB. The source volume is only 500 GB.

Things I've already tried:

  • Run the First Aid Disk Utility on both the startup disk (the drive to be backed up) and the Time Machine diskette
  • Restart the Mac
  • The Time Machine disk is included in "Excluding Elements of Backups." It is.

Does anyone know why Time Machine could be? solid Overestimation of the size required for the backup?

4.50 PB is 4.500 Terabytes, right?