Merge SVG files into PDF

I have a directory of about 1000 SVG files in the SVGZ extension that resembles a textbook. An example of the SVG files can be found here. I also have a directory of XHTML with the same name, but was all text. These were the only formats I could get. How would I merge the files into one PDF (retaining the quality of words / vectors)?

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Probability distributions – how to derive a common PDF

I was looking for this question,
They only give the definition of common pdf
$ iint f (x, y) dxdy = 1 $
and example like:
$ f (x, y) = x + cy ^ 2, 0 le x le 1, 0 le y le 1 $
find c.

But not how to derive f (x, y)
f (x) and f (y).

For example, I want to know how to derive a common pdf f (x, y) of 2 random variables X, Y from a gamma distribution or any 2 distribution.

Hope can have a calculation example for that
or a website reference explaining how this can be done is great. Many thanks.

pdf – How can I reduce the file size of iOS scanned documents (with the file app)?

In iOS 13 (maybe 12?) You can scan documents with the file app. It uses the camera to crop manually or automatically, to allow multiple pages, and to create a PDF. A very big PDF.

My single A4 page is 10 MB in size. A driving license 4MB. It's too big for uploading to some websites.

Is there a way to reduce the file size when scanning or subsequently? specially without Using a third-party app (there are a lot and I had the expectation that these will not be needed with a built-in feature).

Preview: PDF highlighting and search only work after a reboot

Recently, a problem has come to me more and more frequently when I use the preview to search PDF documents for text (using Command + F or the search box at the top right). At first everything seems to be ok:

  1. (as it should) The sidebar displays a list of thumbnails that contains all the pages with the search term.
  2. In general, but not always, the term I'm looking for is highlighted on the first page it appears on.

After that, however, it quickly comes to malfunction:

  1. When I click thumbnails at the bottom of the list, the preview will generally take me to that page in PDF (as before). However, the searched terms are no longer highlighted.
  2. Instead, Preview emits a low-pitched beep that occurs when someone tries to perform an illegal action in various Mac situations.
  3. In that case, I can not highlight anything in the document I'm previewing. In fact, I can not even select a text anymore.
  4. Closing the sidebar can not solve the problem.
  5. Hiding the search box on the top right does not solve this.
  6. Selecting the Tools menu and then selecting Text does not work or click the text selection icon in the edit box.
  7. If I finish the preview and reopen the PDF, I can highlight it again. However, the problem occurs again as soon as I perform another search.
  8. Working with the same files in other PDF programs (such as Skim, Acrobat, etc.) is easy. I am pretty sure that this is not a problem with the underlying PDFs.
  9. None of the answers to this question corrects this. (In fact, I have delivered such an answer myself some time ago, but this trick and the others are not working anymore).

I use Preview for many years without any problems. I think this issue has come up in the last three to four months. I was hoping that upgrading to Catalina could solve the problem, but it did not.

I'd like to think that I'm pretty sophisticated with computers (I have a reputation of nearly 8,000 on the Stackoverflow main page), but I'm amazed. I also do not have a good overview of how to get diagnostic information or create a reproducible example.

Any hints on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.