software recommendation – IPad app to annotate PDF without showing a toolbar

I want to find an iPad app that allows me to annotate a PDF with an Apple Pemcil while all the app’s toolbars and navigation menus etc. are hidden.

Ideally, I would like to select an annotation tool (say a highlighter or pencil), hide the toolbars, and then just go through the document (a lecture that I am recording) occasionally highlighting or writing a few words here and there. I don’t want the mostly-unused toolbars to clutter up each and every slide.

Apps like Notability and PDF Expert hide their toolbars while in “presentation mode”, but ONLY when the content is being mirrored by HDMI or AirPlay, and not when connected to the Mac (doing the recording) by cable.

Basically, I want an PDF annotation app with a “presentation mode” equivalent that the user can choose to enter when they want, regardless of how the iPad is connected externally.

probability – Average Positions of $N$ Random Points Sampled from a PDF

Suppose one is given a probability density function $p(x)$ for a random variable $xin(a,b)$. Now, suppose I draw $N$ values of $x$ from this density. Assuming $p(x)$ is a known function, is there, in general, a way to find an analytic expression for the average positions $langle x_1rangle$, … , $langle x_N rangle$ where these $N$ values lie?

Obviously, if $N=1$, then $langle x_1rangle=int_{a}^{b}p(x) x dx$, but I’m unsure how to generalize this further.

7 – Converting a page created with panel into PDF

Yes, you can, dowload Printer, email and PDF versions, patch module with Can Panel pages be sent to PDF for rendering?, download wkhtmltopdf libary, place it under /sites/all/libraries, and configure your module like: enter image description here, and inside panels add print PDF widget like:enter image description here, done!.

EDIT: today 7/7/2020 panles 7 had an upgrade, be carefull, i think patch apply to an older version in panels.

MS-Word Foot Note automatically changes the Font whenever I click on Print Preview or convert to pdf

I had used the footnote as part of referencing in about 60 pages word document. In this footnote, I also used the cross reference (linking with other numbering and text that were heading 2 or heading 3 styles). When I tried to convert to pdf or at least, click on print preview – the footnote font automatically changes. Please see below 2 images for easy understanding (before & after).

I also tried formatting the styles but to no avail.

I am unable to find the solution – a kind of option to disable the automatic change of the fonts of the footnote.

Before Image

After Image

Many Thanks

How do I delete content from a PDF file?

I’ve tried the first 5 or so results on Google for PDF editors, and none of them allow me to delete existing PDF content, they only allow me to add new content on top of the existing content.

I’ve also tried opening the PDF in LibreOffice Draw, but the text does not look correct and overflows.

How do I delete content from a PDF file?