Urgent scream! My boss asked me to convert PDF to PPT in one minute

Shortly after work, the boss asked me urgently if the customer needed a PPT file, but the company only had a PDF version. It is best to convert the PDF file to PPT within 1 minute, but also to be able to edit it! I used to be responsible for typing and almost cried when I came across this situation. Call bestie, said bestie, before the network friend recommended a free PDF in the PPT tool. Let me try to actually succeed! It is so practical! Don't dare to hide, I will provide you with the following utilities. If you need to work in PDF to PPT format or another document format to convert each other, you can oh!


  1. How to use it
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First you need to select the document conversion format and then drag and drop the Select File button to upload it. The files are converted online and can be downloaded when you are done.

  1. The conversion process is quick and easy!

Please do not hesitate to use it and see how it works. File conversion can be edited!

My favorite friends remember to take care of me. I will continue to share the tools for work with you. Leave 2 hours free every morning!

If your best friend needs it, share it with him!

html5 – How do I generate PDF with header and footer on all pages?

I have an HTML page that contains a list of data from the database to generate a PDF. I want the header and footer on every page to be corrected if it has 1 or 2 pages and is displayed as a word header on all pages. As it is in the code example, it is incorrect in the footer and in the header and does not appear on the second page. Note: I use dompdf to generate the PDF.



coat of arms


@foreach ($ test as $ test) @endforeach

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Windows App – PDF Shaper Professional 9.8 Portable | NulledTeam UnderGround

PDF Shaper Professional 9.8 Portable | 17.7 Mb
PDF Shaper is a feature-rich PDF software that makes it easy to share, merge, update, and improve PDF documents. The software works in batch mode so that users can perform their functions while doing other work on their computers. PDF Shaper is optimized for low CPU resource usage, even during CPU-intensive conversion processes. Thanks to the clear, intuitive user interface of PDF Shaper, users can be productive in just a few minutes.

Key benefits
Thanks to the clear, intuitive user interface of PDF Shaper, users can be productive in just a few minutes. PDF Shaper is optimized for monitors with high DPI and low CPU resource usage, even during CPU-intensive conversion processes.

Advanced tools
With PDF Shaper, users can update or remove PDF metadata fields such as author, title, and date. PDF files can be encrypted with owner and user passwords. In addition, the software can protect content, set user access permissions, sign PDF files, and decrypt previously encrypted files.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit)

Home page – –

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magento2 – How do I add multiple pages to the invoice PDF?

I create an order invoice. If the order is large, it contains many different items. The text in the invoice is reduced. I would like to publish it on two or more pages if the order is large.

These are the template settings for my template

Enter the image description here

Can someone help me how to add multiple pages or add such an option that can charge multiple pages?

c # – Create PDF from emails with body images

I have developed a tool to connect to exchange, check the emails and generate them as PDF. However, many of the emails contain an image in the body of the message, and when I generate the PDF, the image does not appear.

To generate the PDF, I use the OpenHtmlToPdf library.

Does anyone know of a library or resource that I use to generate the PDF of the email along with the images in the body?

I use the C # language.

PHP – Error printing SQL query in PDF

I am showing a PHP variable in a Javascript PDF generator. This works locally for me, but when I upload my files to the server, the button to generate PDF is blocked.
If I don't send any information, I get an SQL query if this works.


        <input value = "Export to PDF" type = "button" onclick = & # 39; zoomToFit (); gantt.exportToPDF ({locale: "sp", raw: true, header: "


When are the activities carried out and the results delivered?

", Footer:" "+ variableGantPDF}) & # 39;>


'' ORDER BY peso DESC 
      while ($row=$preocupacion2->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)) {
        $cuandoGantt.='infox: '.$row("preocupacion");


Load a PDF file into a text box.

I want to load a PDF file into a text box. I found a working demo here [source: http: //checkpointcams.com/test/test.html], but when I download HTML + JS files and my servers when I remove <base href = "and