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Notebooks – How do I export a cell in the News Console to PDF?

Using V12 on Windows.

That's the problem. I'm calling an external function (Rubi in this case, but it could be anything) that prints a cell (image) to the console at the end. I just want to capture this cell and export it to a PDF file.

Even if I redirect the output to the current notebook, I can not use the command Export("image.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell())); to do what I want, because the code calling the external function loops.

Is there a way to do the same thing Export("image.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell())); but use the message console as a notebook instead of the current notebook?

To make it clearer, here is an MWE.

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToConsole"};

(*a function which prints an image to console*)
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));

(*run a loop calling the function, and export its output*)

 (*need something like this*)
 (*Export("t.pdf",MessagesNotebookRead(PreviousCell())); ??*) 
 {n, 1, 5}

Enter image description here

Forwarding the print to the current notebook does not work

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToNotebook"};
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));
 Export("t.pdf", NotebookRead(PreviousCell()));
 {n, 1, 5}

Since PreviousCell() In the above is not what I want, it will read the cell before the actual loop itself.

That too is not possible

CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToNotebook"};
externalFunction(max_) := Print(Plot(Sin(x), {x, -max, max}));
 Export("t.pdf", externalFunction(n))
 {n, 1, 5}

I could not instruct Mathematica to use the Message Console notebook as a notebook for the message console PreviousCell()

How best to export a cell in the message console to a PDF file? It will be the last cell every time, as in the example above. This happens in a loop. Each iteration generates a Rubi cell in the message console and I need to capture that cell as an image.


If anyone wants to try this with the actual Rubi issue, here is a MWE

<< Rubi`
CurrentValue($FrontEnd, {"PrintAction"}) = {"PrintToConsole"};
Do (
 Steps(Int(x Sin(x), x));
 (*save output in console to image, how?*)
 Steps(Int(x Cos(x), x))
 (*save output in console to image, how?*)
 {n, 2}

Enter image description here

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anglejs – Error "{" readyState ": 4" when uploading a PDF document in PHP

I use JavaScript to upload PDF files via PHP file. After I select the file, this message appears in the browser console:

Error {"readyState": 4, "responseText": " n n404 not found n n


The requested URL /systems/Webapps/Projects/startWe/api/uploadCurriculo.php3 was not found on this server.

n n "," status ": 404," statusText ":" Not Found "}

Follow my JS file:

var formData = new FormData();
$scope.nome = $scope.empresa;
//console.log($scope.idempresa + $scope.nome);

$scope.uploadFoto = function(){

  $scope.arquivo = '';

  $scope.input = document.createElement("INPUT");
  $scope.input.setAttribute("type", "file");
  $scope.input.addEventListener('change', function(){
        formData.append('file_jpg', $scope.input.files(0));

            url: uploadPhotoProUrlPrefix + $scope.idempresa + '&idprofissional=' + $scope.idprofissional,
            data: formData,
            type: 'POST',
            contentType: false,
            processData: false
            .then(function(response) {

        }, function(response) {
            console.log("Error "+JSON.stringify(response));


And follow my PHP:

prepare('INSERT INTO curriculo (idusuario, nome, extensao, local) VALUES (?,?,?,?)');
    $qryUploadCV->bindValue(1, $idusuario);
    $qryUploadCV->bindValue(2, $nome);
    $qryUploadCV->bindValue(3, $extensao);
    $qryUploadCV->bindValue(4, $local);

    $status = 1;

    $return = array(
       'status' => $status

    echo json_encode($return);

    } catch (Exception $e) {
    echo 'Caught exception: ',  $e->getMessage(), "n";



Bash, PDF, change links


Is there a bash tool that can change the link to PDF? Or is there a way over pdftohtml, change links and again some htmltopdf Tool? Modified PDF but should be exactly the same as the original PDF, only the links would be different.

Thank you very much.

Document Library – Adobe does not prompt you to check out and open when opening PDF files in SharePoint

I'm working with SP on Prem 2019 and have set files to launch by default in client apps, and it seems to work well. Especially for PDF files that are clicked in SharePoint, they are easily started in the Adobe Reader client, but not prompted to check out and open.

I have the version 2019.012.20036 for Adobe installed.
If anyone comes across this problem, please let us know what should be changed so that users are prompted to check out and open when starting PDF in the Adobe client.

Also FYI, Versioning Settings-> Documents must be checked out before editing, is set to Yes. For this reason, checking out and opening the command prompt works for all Word and Excel files, but not for PDF files.

Thank you in advance.

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