Gmail – To prevent Google Apps from tagging emails in important emails as Pending

We use Google Apps to process our corporate mail and it happens that many emails are caught in the Manage Pending Messages area.

This means we're going through it every few days and running 2-3 emails. We never experience real spam here, but always important e-mails.

How do I avoid this problem?

Windows – Are pending system updates affecting server performance?

We recently had a SQL Server in production that used its CPU so much that we could only restart it. During recovery, system updates consumed 48% of the CPU. Updates have been out for weeks.

My gut feeling has been for some time that the computer suffers when Windows updates are not applied immediately.

Is there definite information about this?

Woocommerce Pending Payment Email to ADMIN


How can I activate this if the order is "Waiting for payment"? The site administrator will receive an e-mail about it.

For "Canceled Orders" I have this custom feature – is there a way to edit them only with "waiting for payment"?

add_action (& # 39; woocommerce_order_status_changed & # 39 ;,
& # 39; canceled_order_email_notifications & # 39 ;, 10, 4); function
Canceled_order_email_notifications ($ order_id, $ old_status, $ new_status, $ order
) {
// Only if the order status is canceled on & # 39; will be changed
if ($ new_status! = & # 39; canceled & # 39;) return;
// Send aborted e-mail notification
WC () -> mailer () -> get_emails ()['WC_Email_Cancelled_Order']-> trigger ($ order_id

Lightning Network Daemon – open channel pending, opening transaction never confirmed

I use LND 0.6.1-beta on Bitcoind 0.18.0 and have a channel that has been pending for more than a month.

The txid in channel_point can not be found through block explorer, so I have to conclude that the transaction was never confirmed even though the commiting fee was significant and the mempool was empty several times in the last 30 days.

At 1ml, I found that the remote_node_pub came from a node that is online and has channels, but not mine, even in the closed "Channels" tab.

"confirm_height": 0,

"commit_fee": "11232",

"commit_weight": "600",

fairy_per_kw: 15515

Is there a way to make LND aware that this channel does not exist and to give me back control of the balance?

Using various pending orders – Discussions & Help

The use of various pending orders in formulating derivatives should be effectively managed, as traders who have tried to hedge their resources may even lose more money instead of securing their position. Pending orders are those limit orders that will be executed in the future when price fluctuations are visible and a trader has already decided on his offered price level. Orders are executed when the value of the transactions reaches a certain level.

git – What's the best approach if you have to handle two branches with pending PR requests?

Let's say I have branch-1 (branched master (Major Update)) and Branch 2 (also diverted from the master (small update)).

What is the best approach if I have to create another branch, eg. Branch 3 and I have to continue working from both stores while their PRs are still pending?

And what do I do if both PRs have been approved?