Multibit – Pending transaction is shown as confirmed in Blockchain Explorer

I am using a MultiBit wallet (version 0.5.1) and a transfer from Coinbase to the wallet has been shown as unconfirmed since March 18 (16 days). However, reviewing the transaction in the general ledger shows that it has been confirmed and completed. I have the wallet, restarted my computer, clicked "Fix" and still nothing. How can I try to complete my transaction?

woocommerce – SQL bulk removal query for pending subscriptions

I have 69,000 "pending cancellation" subscriptions in a Woocommerce shop.

Is there a mass removal from SQL SQL at all?

Here are the URL settings to display them:

post_status = pending & post_type = wc_user_membership

I tried to view and delete 999 posts per page, but I get an NGINX 414 error.

Thank you in advance for your valuable help.

sharepoint online – CSOM – Get CliencContext query size for current / pending requests (no file)

In C # when executed ClientContext.ExecuteQuery ()If the query sent to SharePoint is larger than 2MB, an error like the following is returned:

The request message is too big. The server does not allow messages that are larger than 2,097,152 bytes

I have seen that this problem usually occurs when uploading files. In my case, however, it is just a large query that updates a large number of document fields in SharePoint. So it's not a file, just a large list of updated properties sufficient to exceed the 2MB limit.

In JavaScript some seem to be able to get the size of the current request from the ClientContext. However, this solution does not apply to C #. There is certainly an object called PendingRequest, but I haven't found a way to get this data. WebRequest content size is not an option because this value is -1. This may mean that this value is set until ExecuteQuery is called.

There is also another solution from 2017 that uses a garbage collector. After the first measurement, however, subsequent calls return negative values ​​(for some reason the total initial memory is larger than the final total memory).

Is there a way to find out what size the pending request in the ClientContext is currently to send the buffered request when it reaches a defined limit? (for example 1 MB)

Thanks a lot!

Web forms – Load pending drafts automatically

I use Drupal 8 and Webform module (multi-stage). In the web form submission settings, I enabled submission of multiple drafts, which adds the "Save" button to save the progress.
If the user logs out and later logs in, a message to load the pending draft appears. In my settings every user is allowed to submit. Is there a way to automatically load pending drafts without clicking the link in the message?

Appreciate any help, thanks

Is there any way to view / restore pending code reviews in GitHub?

When I start a code review, I can add multiple pending comments and then send them all at once, instead of pinging the author every time I add a comment.

Github remembers these pending reviews because when I leave and return, my comments remain.

Is there a way to specifically display the PRs that I've started but haven't submitted yet?

8 – Why are there no pending database updates when I reset the system.schema entry?

I'm confused about a few things related to DB updates.

I have a broken site caused by trading and importing the configuration. I want to run the Commerce updates again to make sure they have been done (which most likely wasn't).

A simple update function is displayed in commerce.install: commerce_update_8201.

when i do:

drush ev "echo drupal_get_installed_schema_version('commerce');"

I get 8201.
I then run:

drush ev "echo drupal_set_installed_schema_version('commerce', 1);"

and I can check in the key_value table that this has been set to 1.

but now when i run drush updb it says: (success) no pending updates.

When I go to updates.php, I get:

  • Some of the pending updates cannot be applied because their dependencies have not been met.
  • No pending updates.

Next, I try to force the update to run:

drush ev "module_load_install('commerce'); echo commerce_update_8201();"

I added an "echo" to the update script so I can tell that the code has been executed (otherwise there is no output and it is difficult to say that something happened). The code is executed by this last Drush instruction.

But the system.schema is not updated in the database.

Does it all sound as expected? It sounds like at least a few bugs in the Drupal core.