Since America was established by imperfect people such as slave holders and Indian fighters, should we dismantle the whole Union and start?

The entire world has tried to dismantle this nation. 

Dynamics of world dominance, from the most powerful control-freak to the humblest Citizen, have only acted normally. 

And, by them acting normally, all attempts to dismantle this nation? 

…They have ALL failed.

Is Black Lives Matter a disgrace to the Black people who aren’t crazed lunatics?

I support them and so does the rest of the black community. I may not be on the front lines, but I respect that their goal to protest and draw attention to police brutality and racial discrimination. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. If anything, I’m proud of them. They got the attention of the United Nations Human Rights Council. 

Why do American universities and companies hate white people and choose to hire less qualified people just because of their skin color?

“Why do American universities and companies hate white people and choose to hire less qualified people just because of their skin color?”

Because simple equal Rights, Opportunities and Freedoms at the INDIVIDUAL level are no longer good enough for their measure of “equality” now.  Now they expect that all women as a GROUP, get equality against all men as a group.  That all minority races as a GROUP get an equal outcome against all Whites as a group.  

Of course, reverting to group over individual dynamics this way means that White men’s right to an equal opportunity is often disregarded in order to privilege other groups to an equal outcome.  This is how Liberal universities and a lot of the corporate culture operates today.


Why do black people vote Democrat when the Democratic Party supported slavery and Jim Crow laws?

First, one has to put the historical timeline in perspective.

America was founded on slavery so it was racist.

The war was about slavery. Once the slaves were freed, the bridges across racism began getting built one brick at a time as noteworthy blacks like GW Carver, Jack Johnson, Louie Armstrong, Jesse Owens etc. began debunking the myth of white supremacy. Civil rights (black equality) was finally forced to the surface as a political priority in the mid 1950s by activism. The dems rebranded to embrace it, the opposition came f/ the south and the GOP. MANY people changed party over this highly charged issue. It’s how the south became so red.

The transition took many yrs. As more people began to accept black equality, racism went f/ common to extreme politics and w/ that, racist people who know it can be counterproductive to be outspoken about it.

FF to today. Almost all racists are right wing w/ a huge amount of members denying/deflecting how it plagues their wing. Just monitor this forum. The righties flood the place daily w/ complaints about blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, gays etc.

They will never fix their racism problem w/ denial because admission is the first step to recovery.

I can fill this thread w/ pertinent links, sources etc. but that’s time consuming. However, I like to add the following because I’m old enough to remember it:

Martin Luther King weighed in on the Republican party during his lifetime. In Chapter 23 of his autobiography, King writes this about the 1964 Republican National Convention:

“The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm and concern the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.”

Racist behavior is more noticeable today because trump has normalized it w/ his racist dog whistles etc. as he built his tribe w/ extremism.

The trump birther nonsense planted the racist seed in his being long ago. Trumplings voted for him w/ approval.

The dems pressured the racists in their party. Byrd renounced his KKK membership and eventually said it was his biggest mistake. The dems pressured Wallace out of the party. He ended up running independent. LBJ was born in the south at the turn of the century. The “N” word was a term of familiarity he had lived his whole life with. When the chips were down, he passed civil rights … Goldwater (R) voted against it.

Righties, can make excuses all they want but if they are honest when they connect the dots, the picture is undeniable. Learn the dots like I have.

Notice how many righties go back 150 yrs. to reference the KKK dem while the country was racist … even Lincoln

“Our republican system was meant for a homogeneous people. As long as blacks continue to live with the whites they constitute a threat to the national life. Family life may also collapse and the increase of mixed breed bastards may some day challenge the supremacy of the white man.” -Lincoln

This is a sign of desperation and ignorance.

I have never seen a rightie assertion to distort the history of racism I can’t debunk or put in perspective. And I can put a pile of right wing racism on their table they can’t avoid because I have the facts. I complete the story. I’m educated and can look at issues as an independent.

if black lives indeed matter then shouldn’t all people vote for Trump since he defends babies in the womb?

Conversely, conservatives position on abortion would be infinitely more compelling if they regarded the lives of people out of the womb with the same reverence that they regard those still in it.

Abortion, like unlawful discrimination, is a complicated problem.  Simply outlawing discrimination or abortion is obviously not going to stop either of them from occurring.  No one will dispute that the life, or potential life, of an unborn baby / fetus “matters”.  It matters most to the woman who is carrying it, and that is why the woman who is carrying it should be the one who makes that very difficult decision, in my opinion.

And, whatever we can do to make it easier for that woman to choose life, those who advocate the pro-life position should be advocating for, expanded healthcare, welfare, etc.  We shouldn’t be talking about money when lives are at stake especially in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

SharePoint 2019 – People Search is not displaying user profile picture in search results

We are facing an issue to display user profile picture in people search. It’s displaying default photo of person.

Let me give overview of current environment setup.

We have configured the SharePoint 2019 with 3 tiers SharePoint farm.

We have configured 2 applications with host header as below:

  1. Intranet site
  2. My site

We have configured following services,

  1. User profile service with AD direct import sync and setup my site.

  2. Configured Search service with content source crawl URLs as below:

  3. sps3s://mysiteurl

  4. https://intranetsite

We have checked following possibility to overcome an issue but didn’t worked anything:

  1. Verified the metadata property and crawl property mapping for ows_picture, Picture URL

  2. Search crawl should not be displayed any errors for my site

  3. Crawl and search service accounts should have proper permission on user profile service, search service application and on web application level

  4. CrossDomainPhotosEnabled = true

  5. User information list (hidden list) is displaying proper profile picture.

  6. Checked proper permission assigned on profile_db in database

  7. I have observed that people search result is displaying below similar user profile picture URL – /search/15/_layouts/userphoto.aspx?size=M&URL=https://mysite/user profile/profile picture/abc_mlength.jpg

When I have tried to access the direct my site Url the it’s prompting credentials and after enter the correct credentials it’s display proper image. So, user profile sync is working properly.

I think an issue with userphoto.aspx (i.e. proxy) page to retrieve photo from mysite host site collection and display in people search but couldn’t found any solution how to resolve this.

I highly appreciate your suggestion or any assistance if I have missed anything on above points.

Note:- I did the same configuration in other environment and it’s working fine.

Looking forward your suggestion or any assistance.

Thank you in advance.