❕NEWS – China has ban people selling Crypto currencies. | Proxies-free

China has drafted law banning people from selling or issuing digital coins or Crypto currencies, to replace the CNY in circulation, this is according to Nairametrics. China which is the second largest economy in the world .

It clearly stated that any one that violate the law will face the consequences of the drafted law by forfeiture of the such digital asset.
I don’t think this a good for Crypto currency world.

❓ASK – Based on what does youtube recommend videos to people | Proxies-free

You forget the most importatn thing and it’s keywords , keywords are the main and the first thing youtube see to recommend your videos, some people use a trick to let their videos get recommended and it’s adding their youtube channel name in their keyword
so when you watch a video of that channel, youtube will keep recommend you their channel


information architecture – Assign people to organizations, or organizations to people?

We’re designing a system that allows administrators to create an infinite number of users, and create an infinite number of organizations.

Most users will only belong to one organization, but some belong to more than one (and it might be necessary to remove a user’s access from all organizations quickly). An organization might have just one user, or many. There’s also a little hierarchy involved, where a user could belong to a parent organization, or one/all of its children.

There’s a little debate: Is it better UX to assign organizations at the user level, or users at the organization level? Either way, we’re thinking it’s best to provide access to the information in both places. But if you could only choose one place for setup and editing, which would you choose, and why?

Multi signature encryption (multiple people can decrypt)

I understand that multi sig transactions exist so that X of N need to sign to release a transaction. If only 1 of N is required I guess any of the recipients can spend.

This made me wonder, is it possible to encrypt something, so that any one of a set of people can decrypt the data?

I suppose the data could be in the exponent or something, but also possibly going beyond bitcoin, would it be possible to do this with multiple Mb worth of data (stored off chain in this case)? I guess it would require some sort of script that means conditions have to be met to decrypt the data.

❕NEWS – Spain has enacted a new law that requires people to disclose their crypto stash | Proxies-free

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dungeons and dragons – Is there any specific order to the four Elements when people talk about them?

There’s no official order for the elements in d&d.

I’m assuming that, in the typical d&d setting, a person knowledgeable of the planes and the cosmology might use the order in witch the 4 Elemental Planes appear, either clockwise (Air, Fire, Earth, Water), or anticlockwise (the opposite), with any element as a starting point. This however might be a personal preference of certain individuals / scholars, and is certainly not a rule in the lore.

edit: for reference in 5e, there’s a map of the planes at page 303, PHB.

sharepoint online – How I can show the user-names for a People or Group site column which allow multiple selection inside our PowerBi report

I have a SharePoint online list which contain 2 site columns:-

  1. People or Group site column which allow multiple selection
  2. People or Group site column which allow single selection

and i am showing the above SharePoint list inside PowerBI. where i got the following:-

  1. For the “People or Group site column which allow multiple selection” >> i got a list instead of the actual usernames
  2. For the “People or Group site column which allow single selection” >> i got the user id instead of the actual username

for point-2 i join the list with the User Information list and i am able to show the username instead of the user ID. but for point-1 i am not sure how i can convert the List into usernames? is this supported?

probability or statistics – Mean age of people

values = {14, 15, 16, 22, 24, 25};
weights = {1, 1, 3, 2, 2, 5};

You can also use WeightedData:

Mean @ WeightedData[values, weights]

This also works with symbolic input:

values = Array[Subscript[x, #] &, 5];
weights = Array[Subscript[w, #] &, 5];

Mean @ WeightedData[values, weights] 

enter image description here

TeXForm @ %

$$frac{w_1 x_1+w_2 x_2+w_3 x_3+w_4 x_4+w_5 x_5}{w_1+w_2+w_3+w_4+w_5}$$

android – Can I mod Among Us mobile so people don’t get kicked because of network problems, and how?

Short answer: No

Long answer:

Theoretically you could if you knew the networking protocals that are involved and managed to compile a compatable version of the game with your fixes and got everyone in the game to swap a few DLL files.

But realistically this is only something that the developer can do as they are the ones that have the source code and control over the server infrastructure so thereby have the best overview of what the issues are and possible fixes for them. A normal person can’t reasonably do this without getting into legal trouble and/or spending a long of time decompiling the source and trying to recompile it in a way that makes the original game work without getting banned by the servers (if they have that capability).

Without the source code your out of luck, you could try emailing the developers to offer help in figuring out networking issues but I wouldn’t get my hopes up that anything will happen as developers don’t usually give away their games source to people outside the company/project.

How do I stop automatically following people whom I send a friend request on Facebook?

I am not sure if this is the right SE for this question so I’ll gladly ask it somewhere else if you recommend in the comments.

The problem is whenever I send a friend request to anyone on Facebook and even if they have accepted it or not my account starts following theirs. Is there any way to stop this?