lightning network – Why do people who try to push an important but obscure project not realize that it has to be made SIMPLE?

I’ve been massively interested in the Lightning Network since I first heard of it. Yet every single time I try to actually use it, I come back frustrated and angry, concluding that there’s not even a proper client for Windows at all. (Which is insanity.)

And even if there were, the entire setup is absurdly complex. It should be like a “turnkey” solution that you simply fire up and then start using, without having to learn about these million different concepts.

Why do developers/evangelists of things that they (allegedly) want people to use not realize that they have to make it simple and non-user-hostile for there to be any adoption to speak of?

As it currently is, Lightning Network might not even exist at all to me. Which is very sad and frustrating, since I want to use it already.

sharepoint online – Clear People picker field in Powerapps

I am trying below code to clear people picker field but this does not work when i submit form

On People picker i set defaultselecteditems below so if user select Approve its set value blank in Peoplepicker


and on Submit button i written below

    {ID: VarID},

But it does not clear value for people picker

How can I prevent people from sending me referral requests on LinkedIn?

How can I prevent people from sending me referral requests on LinkedIn? – Web Applications Stack Exchange

2013 – How to show SharePoint People picker for Contact in Workflow email?

It’s by default the workflow email text can only return Login name, display name, email address and user Id number.

As a workaround, you can use Rest Api to retrieve the user profile from people picker , here is a similar post for your reference:

Is it possible to extract additional fields from people picker in a workflow

usa – Cost living in Knoxville, TN for 5 people

I am going to start my work in the USA currently and I can’t decide what I should do with my family (bring them with me or stay them at home). The main dilemma is how to correctly correlate the awaited spendings in comparison with income which will be 4333 US/month (net). We are 5 people, 2 adults and 3 children.
I am awaiting that my spouse will be at home with the youngest child when the two others will be visiting a public school. So, spending on children’s care is not required.

My around calculations per month are listed below.

  1. house rent – 1300
  2. bills – 300
  3. food – 1000
  4. medical care – 500
  5. other goods – 500

Total: 3600. Seems that 4333 will be enough.

What Have I forgot/mistaken/not take into account? What can other spendings be?
Do you have any recommendations for me?

When I edit a comment on Facebook or Instagram do the people tagged on the edit get notified because of it?

Let’s say I have 3 friends: Homer, Carl and Lenny.

I made a comment on a party meme like: “@homer this party looks amazing!”

Then I remember to tag my other friends, so I edit the comment.

The comment now says: “@homer @carl @lenny this party looks amazing!”

Do @carl and @lenny get notified about that or will only @homer hear about it?

Trying to populate choices in drop down on PowerApps based on SharePoint People Picker field

I have a PowerApps app that connects to a SharePoint list. There is a column, Approver, that I want to use to filter a report. Approver is a People Picker field. I want to have a drop-down input box on my PowerApps screen that has the names of Approvers from the SharePoint list, so that I can filter the results based on approvers rather than typing in a name from the GAL. Is this possible, and if so, any tips on how to do this?

combinatorics – There are $2n$ people on a social media platform. Prove there are at least $5n$ friends.

There are $2n$ people on a social media platform, where any pair of them may or may not be
friends. For any group of $n$ people, there are at least $n$ pairs of them that are friends. What
is the least number of friendships, that is, the least number of pairs of people that are friends, that
must be among the $2n$ people?

This a problem from last year Canadian national competition. Offical solution is $5n$.

Here is what I did: For every $n$ vertices we have $n$ edges so $${2nchoose n} cdot n leq varepsilon cdot {2n-2choose n-2} implies varepsilongeq {2n(2n-1)over n-1} $$
So, by this to naive method we get: $$varepsilon geq 4n+3$$
I also wonder if this is doable with the probabilistic method?

teleportation – How does Jumper work with Warp in terms of carrying people with you?

Someone with the Jumper (world-jumper) advantage can escort other people with the Jumper (world-jumper) advanatge, according to b. 64. You can also take warp and the warp jump enhancement, to be able to teleport on the world you are visiting. Would this allow you to bring along other people on your warps when you are Warp Jumping? Would you be able to bring Jumpers along on Warps that remain on the same world?

Why is taxi fare (in the UK at least) the same price for 1 as for 4 people

Surcharges for Extra Passengers

Here are two counterexamples. In both Italy and France, if I recall correctly, taxis charge extra when the number of passengers require one to seat on the front seat next to the driver. Furthermore, a surcharge can be applied when the customer requires a car with more than 5 seats (including the driver). Note that the concept of a 5-backseats taxi is somewhat unique to the UK, hence in the aforementioned countries when 4 people take a cab one of them usually sits at the front.

Italian Taxis

Indeed, surcharging by person seems to be a relatively common practice across Italian taxi companies. Take for example the pricing list for the Taxis in Padova, Italy:

Supplemento oltre la terza persona trasportata € 1,05/persona

Stating that there is a 1.05€/person surcharge for any number of passangers greater than 3. This applies to both 5-person cars as well as cars with more seats.

The taxi consortia in both Naples and Turin on the other hand, apply a surcharge for any number of passengers greater than 4. The Neapolitan taxi service website says:

Per ogni passeggero oltre il 4° (se l’utente chiede una vettura con un numero di posti superiore a cinque) 1,00€

I.e. when the customer requests a car with more than 5 seats (including the driver), a surcharge of 1.00€ will be applied to each passenger. The Turin taxi service website says:

Supplemento PASSEGGERO oltre il quarto

  • € 3,50 per quinto passeggero
  • € 1,00 per sesto passeggero e oltre

I.e. when the customer requests a car with more than 5 seats (including the driver), a surcharge of 3.50€ will be applied to the fifth passengers, and 1.00€ for each additional passenger.

French Taxis

Similar surcharges apply in France too. Parisian taxis charge 3.00€ for the fourth and any other additional passenger:

Supplement per person over and above 3 passengers € 3.00

The same applies in Nice, where the surcharge is 1.58€:

  • Majoration 4ème personne : 1.58 €.

Turns out these values are usually limited by municipal (administrative) regulations.

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