If nobody cares if I'm gay, why are 90 percent of my interactions on Yahoo Answers Politics INSULTS that I'm gay?

I am a 68 year old male conservative. I have just returned from a cruise with my niece to Honduras. She is a lesbian. I judge people by their character as an individual. She is great and she is also conservative. She feels love that is different from no one else. You will not find me if I beat someone for being part of a group. There are gay, black, brown, Muslim people whom I have met and who are worth more than me. Not only do I care that you are gay, as far as I know, you could be a really cool person.

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Enter image description here

Why are 75 percent of Yahoo Answers filled with right-wing racist and hateful trolls?

No, you always say when more than 3 people do not agree with you. The problem is that yahoo has been to the left for many years and now you have strayed from your high Obama horse.
TRUMP 2020

Hey, as you told me, when I complained about the 90% intolerant liberals who made Yahoo uncomfortable. "IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, LEAVE IT !!!