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2d – Unity Pixel Perfect Camera Component. Cropping Frame, Stretch Fill, Using a Background behind the Camera?

So I was reading through this recent post: Help me Make Sense of Unity 2D Resolution Management

And it reminded me when I attempted to use Unity in this way. I wanted to be in control of every pixel but I found it too tricky and ended up working on some cool 3d animations etc.

I read and mostly understood the answer in the thread, and decided to have another go myself.

I’m making Tetris style game, 10×20 ‘cells’ play area in the visible camera. Using the advice in the post…

I set my sprite PPU to match the size of my Tetris block (ie. 32).
The ‘Reference Resolution’ to 320×640
I ended up ticking ‘Crop Frame X Y’ and ‘Stretch Fill’ -(because I would like this ‘window’ to be exactly the size of the play area, I want to have another camera overlay (or behind) which will show the score etc or potentially a second players play area)

The problem I now have is that I cannot change the ‘Viewport Rect’ etc from the Camera component. Lets say I don’t want the play area in the centre, perhaps I want it on the left of the screen. Well I can change the viewport rect, but once the game begins the Pixel Perfect Camera takes control of that and changes the settings. Likewise, if I don’t have ticked Crop Frame/Stretch Fill, then I cannot change the ‘Size’ in the Camera (so in that case it jumps back to something like 16 (it should be exactly 10). And leaves the play area as a small zoomed out area in the dead centre of the screen).

Taking screenshots to demonstrate the problem proved harder than i thought. Basically screen #1 is showing that I changed ‘Size’ to 10. And in screen #2 it shows it defaults back to 16.875. Screen #3 shows the play area (in the ‘Game’ preview window) correctly. But I have no control over its layout and position on the screen.

Thanks for any help.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

galois theory – Polynomial equation with perfect squares powers

I am currently trying to solve these kinds of equations, such as:


How can I make an approach to these kinds of questions?
What have I tried:

Solving $x^9+3x^4-5x+7=0$
Assume that the equation is
Or something like that, then the $x^9$ will cancel but the problem is to solve the remaining $a, b, c$

If there’s is a quicker way feel free to answer me. I have heard of the Galois theory and if that helps, please write a detaided solution.

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Search for ‘perfect’ CPC publisher software is driving me nuts!

Hi guys,

My comparison blog is starting to take off regarding traffic in the last few months. Problem is, I’m not yet able to monetize the traffic arriving on my site. I’ve been looking for CPC software to monetize my clicks for days/weeks now and can’t find it. I would think such a simple basic tool would be on the market but it does not seem to be the case. Therefore I would really appreciate any help you can give this newbie to get started!

In short, my website is aiming to select and compare the ‘best’ suppliers of goods and services in a certain niche. Some of those suppliers do have an affiliate structure, but most of them do not. As I want to keep listing the best suppliers (this is why the blog is getting popular I think, because I’m not only listing the ones that have a affiliate structure), I would like to contact those ‘best in class’ suppliers myself and offer them the ability to be listed on my website on a PPC basis. This would mean, everytime the outbound link to the specific supplier gets clicked on, I get a dollar for example.

In the ideal world, I would have to contact the supplier, negotiate the click rate, register the advertiser, create the link and publish it on my site. The clicks should be automatically billed every month, every three months or in case the treshold is reached (for example payment of $50).

Yes they might not want to work with me due to various reasons. This would mean I’d go and search the second best one and list him or her. Yes it’s possible to do this with an monthly membership fee but I think suppliers are a bit hesistant to work based on monthly membership fees as they would be paying even though links are not being clicked. Yes I can just subscribe to AdSense and put banners all over the place, but that does not align with the goal of my blog to only show the best ones.

Does any one of you use or have a tool which could do something like this? Or do you have feedback why this will or will not work at all? Please feel free to share. Really appreciate all the feedback. Doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative.



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python – CodeChef showing wrong answer for my below submission, but my code is working perfect in VSCode

Lead Game Problem
The game of billiards involves two players knocking 3 balls around on a green baize table. Well, there is more to it, but for our purposes this is sufficient.

The game consists of several rounds and in each round both players obtain a score, based on how well they played. Once all the rounds have been played, the total score of each player is determined by adding up the scores in all the rounds and the player with the higher total score is declared the winner.

The Siruseri Sports Club organises an annual billiards game where the top two players of Siruseri play against each other. The Manager of Siruseri Sports Club decided to add his own twist to the game by changing the rules for determining the winner. In his version, at the end of each round the leader and her current lead are calculated. Once all the rounds are over the player who had the maximum lead at the end of any round in the game is declared the winner.

  • Input:
    The first line of the input will contain a single integer N (N≤10000) indicating the number of rounds in the game. Lines 2,3,…,N+1 describe the scores of the two players in the N rounds. Line i+1 contains two integer Si and Ti, the scores of the Player 1 and 2 respectively, in round i.

  • Output:
    Your output must consist of a single line containing two integers W and L, where W is 1 or 2 and indicates the winner and L is the maximum lead attained by the winner.

Consider the following score sheet for a game with 5 rounds:

  • Sample input:
  • 5
  • 140 82
  • 89 134
  • 90 110
  • 112 106
  • 88 90
  • Sample output:

1 58

import sys
scores = ()
winner = 0
noOfRounds = 0
compareCount = 0
noOfRounds = int(input())

if(noOfRounds < 1 or noOfRounds > 10000):

for i in range(noOfRounds):
    scores.append(list(map(int, input().split())))
    if(scores(i)(0) < 1 or scores(i)(0) > 1000 or scores(i)(1) > 1000 or scores(i)(1) < 1):

for j in range(noOfRounds):
    if(scores(j)(0) > scores(j)(1)):
        scores(j)(1) = scores(j)(0) - scores(j)(1)
        scores(j)(0) = 1
    elif(scores(j)(0) < scores(j)(1)):
        scores(j)(1) = scores(j)(1) - scores(j)(0)
        scores(j)(0) = 2

for z in range(1,noOfRounds):
    if(scores(k)(1) > scores(z)(1)):
        winner = scores(k)
    elif(scores(k)(1) < scores(z)(1)):
        winner = scores(z)

if(noOfRounds == 1):

nt.number theory – perfect fields in positive characteristic

Let $k$ be an infinite perfect field in positive characteristic $p$, i.e. every element of $k$ is a $p$th power. I am interested in properties of finite fields that can be extended to $k$. For example:

  1. Let $L$ be a finite Galois extension of $k$. Is $mathrm{Gal}(L/k)$ always cyclic?
  2. Let $L$ and $L’$ be two finite Galois extensions of $k$. Are $L$ and $L’$ always $k$-isomorphic fields?

The only example of such a field $k$ I have encountered is $mathbb{F}_{q}(x,x^{p^{-1}},x^{p^{-2}},x^{p^{-3}},ldots)$, where $q=p^d$ for some prime $p$, and the only finite Galois extensions I see are those of the form $mathbb{F}_{q^e}(x,x^{p^{-1}},x^{p^{-2}},x^{p^{-3}},ldots)$, which makes me expect a positive answer to both questions.

Basically, I want to know whether Galois theory over infinite perfect fields in positive characteristic is as ”easy” as over finite fields. In addition to an answer to the questions above, any properties supporting/contradicting this vague statement are apreciated.

graph theory – What is the number of perfect matchings on the one-dimensional skeleton of a $k$ dimensional cube?

Let $Q_k$ denote the one skeleton of the $k$-dimensional cube. How many perfect matchings are there in $Q_k$?

I honestly don’t even have a clue for this question. For $k=1$, there is trivially one, for $k=2$, there are two, for $k=3$, there are nine? Some people in my class have said that it should be $k^2$, but I have not seen any literature on this subject; wikipedia only gives a lower bound for this. It seems like if there were an answer, it would be provided somewhere on the internet. A sketch of a proof or a link would be great. Thanks.