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If you are talking about recovering files that are deleted from your computer and unable to find them in the Recycle Bin also, then you can use a recovery software to recover those permanently deleted files. The files once saved on your hard drive never get erased off the disk, and they are kept hidden to a particular hidden partition of your hard drive. There are lots of recover softwares that will help you recover all kinds of files that are permanently deleted from your recycle bin also.


Permanently disable syntax highlighting in Notepad++ for all file types

I am trying to persistently turn off all syntax highlighting for all document types at all times. I understand that I can go to the menu and select "Language > None (Normal Text)" each time I open a file but that is a pain to do every time since it is not remembered. I have disabled all languages in the preference window (Settings > Preferences > Languages) but it still continues to recognize and highlight the syntax for my files. I don’t think this has always been the behavior but I don’t know how to stop it. Thanks for any help.

Notepad++ preferences window showing no languages selected

Notepad++ .ps1 document open showing PowerShell syntax highlighting despite disabling all languages

wsl2 – Adding ssh key in WSL permanently

I am relatively new to Linux. Using Ubuntu on WSL2. I added a private key for github with no passphrase using ssh-add. I used it a few times throughout the session but the next day I couldn’t connect. When I list all keys using ssh-add -l there aren’t any.

Am I supposed to add the key for every session or create an automation for it? Or is this a normal (lack of) persistence behaviour with WSL?

dnd 5e – If I alter my Spined Devil permanently, can they still use their old features?

Ambiguous homebrew features require the DM to make a ruling.

The Ring of Alter Self is a homebrew item from dandwiki, a site notorious for uncurated homebrew content. The page has in the header:

This page was created by a user of D&D Wiki, and is not official content. Talk to your Dungeon Master before you use it.

The actual feature description is poorly written and ambiguous:

Alter Self. An attuned wearer’s body gradually changes to an altered version of their body. If the wearer removes the ring, their body returns to its original state. After 30 consecutive days of wearing the ring, an attuned wearer’s body permanently becomes the altered version.

You’re going to have to ask your DM before you use this at all, and your DM is going to have to decide how it works, since the feature description doesn’t actually tell us how it would interact with your devil.

windows 10 – Microphone permanently disabled on MSI Prestige 15

A friend of mine has a very specific problem. She muted her laptop with the built-in mute button on her laptop’s keyboard which has since broken. She is now using an external keyboard that has no such button. Is there a way to unmute the microphone? I’m thinking it is either some mute functionality already built into Windows, in which case, how does she access that functionality without the keyboard? Or it is a hardware thing, in which case, is there any way to unmute it?

windows – Permanently changing affinity

This question was asked years ago but doesn’t seem to be the same issue I am having. So, I downloaded the game Control and ran into a strange issue where the game seemed to be CPU bottlenecked very badly. The problem is that I’m running an i9 10900f and an RTX 3080 so I shouldn’t be having these issues with this specific title. After hours of fiddling around, I checked the affinity and sure enough, it’s only using the first two cores. My question then is this, is there an easy way to change the affinity permanently without having to run a program in the background and without having to run it through a shortcut using a cmd line, or am I doomed to have to always manually change the affinity at launch? THANKS

pathfinder 2e – Is there a way to carry dim light/darkness around with me permanently?

In Pathfinder 1e, there were options (ex) to provide a long-term/permanent reduction of light in your vicinity.

My 2nd edition Shadowdancer would love some portable darkness that is action efficient; always on (at least for an adventuring day) would be best, but fewer actions (Reaction > 1 Action > 2 Actions > 3 Actions), including retrieval is preferred if there is no permanent option. If there are hands-free options, those are preferred but not necessary.

This is for a current character, so details:

  • Half-Orc Human Rogue 15
  • Currently has a fair amount of liquid money and the ability to shop
    • Current settlement has 15th level items, but I can save up if there is something coming up
  • Limited flexibility remaining with Feats; further Dedications are infeasible

I’d be interested to hear if there was an option for other characters to accomplish this as well, but that would essentially be above and beyond.