Disable email notification for group members from SharePoint if you grant permission

We use SharePoint online. We have a group where a lot of users are added. When I try to give permission to a list by sharing the list with this group (example shown in the figure below), an email is sent to all users in this group. We do not want these emails to be sent. I know there is a checkbox in the Approved To dialog box (see the figure below) that can be used to disable notification.

A perfect solution, however, would be to disable any notification when the permission for a list or group is changed, as the administrator sometimes forgets to clear the notification check box. Is there a setting that can be turned on or off to achieve this?

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Thank you very much

Microsoft Graph API for checking Active Directory member or group permission on a SharePoint site

I'm looking for a Microsoft Graph API to determine if there is an Active Directory group (not an SP group) that a user belongs to that gives the user the appropriate rights to access a specific SharePoint site.

Is there a direct way to search for this information? I am trying to find this information through the Microsoft Graph API, but I am not getting this information.

Can you determine whether an Active Directory user or group can access a SharePoint site?

Permissions – Permission denied when Openstack with Devstack is installed on the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop

After I run the ./stack.sh command, I get the following error.

env: "/opt/stack/requirements/.venv/bin/pip": Authorization denied

+ inc / python: pip_install: 1 exit_trap

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:536 local r = 126

++. / stack.sh:exit_trap:537 jobs -p

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:537 jobs =

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:540 [[-n & # 39; & # 39;]]

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:546 & # 39; [& # 39; -f & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;] & # 39;

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:551 kill_spinner

+. / stack.sh:kill_spinner:446 & # 39; [& # 39; & # 39;! & # 39; -z & # 39; & # 39; & # 39;] & # 39;

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:553 [[126 -ne 0]]

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:554 echo & # 39; Error on exit & # 39;

Exit failed

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:556 Type -p generate-subunit

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:557 generate-subunit 1582312305 167 fails

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:559 [[-z / opt / stack / logs]]

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:562 /opt/stack/devstack/tools/worlddump.py -d / opt / stack / logs

+. / stack.sh:exit_trap:571 exit 126

stack @ devika: ~ / devstack $

Please fix the problem as soon as possible …
Thank you in advance!

Why can't I give Whatsapp the "Always allow" location permission?

I have a Pixel 4 with official ROM (Android 10) and the system only offers me the following options for the location authorization of this app:

  • Allow only while the app is in use
  • Deny

But there is no "always allow".

I want to share my location with a friend for a few hours using WhatsApp, and I'm afraid this won't work without this permission.

I think Google removed this option for this particular application, other apps have enabled it. Is that correct?

PS: I am aware of who owns Whatsapp and its problems.

adb – / storage / emulated / 10: Permission denied

I have configured two Android system users.

$ pm list users
    UserInfo{0:Owner:13} running
    UserInfo{10:security space:13} running
    UserInfo{999:XSpace:800010} running

If the phone is running Android 8.1, I can access the secondary user's storage space /storage/emulated/10 easy in adb shell,

But after upgrading Android to Android 9, I can't do it anymore:

$ ls /storage/emulated/10
ls: /storage/emulated/10: Permission denied

Any ideas on how to access my second user's space in the AdB shell? Many thanks.