relational theory – same query, different result (depending on the permissions of the user)

A question about SQL in general:

If two users execute the same SQL statement, can User1 get different results than User2?

Imagine, User1 has more permissions than User2.

In other words, does User1 possibly receive 100 lines and User 2 only 80?

BTW: Which day fits this question?

Permissions – Check out and check in problems in SharePoint Online

A similar issue was found for someone in SharePoint 13 or 16, but not sure if the resolution applies to the online environment or if there is another option because I have limited control over the operating system, etc. for the company, for which I design.

A strange behavior occurs on a user's computers when they try to edit an Excel workbook in SharePoint. When the user clicks on the document link, the workbook opens in Excel Online and everything appears to be normal, except that it was not prompted to check out the document, according to the document library settings. Then you make several changes, click the Save button in Excel (which seems to do absolutely nothing, but is not really obvious to the user), close the workbook and lose all its work.

The version remaining in SharePoint is the original one that was opened before making any changes. This works if you select the ellipse next to the document in the document library, and then click the Advanced button on the Ribbon, and then click Check Out. To check in again, you must save, then continue with the ellipse to "Advanced" and "Check In". The problem seems to increase only if you click on the document link. And that only happens to selected users and has only been in the testing phase with Excel workbooks.

Permissions on post

If I have permission to share with only one other person (friends) from my friends list in a post, my entire post now only has that permission for certain friends until I manually change the permission before posting. Thank you very much

2013 – Inadequate SQL database permissions for user name: NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM SID: S-1-5-18 ImpersonationLevel: None & # 39; in the database SP_ConfigDB

I have this bug on every server of the SharePoint farm (APP, WFE, Search).

Full message:

Inadequate SQL database permissions for user: Name: NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM SID: S-1-5-18 ImpersonationLevel: None & # 39; in the database SP Config DB on SQL Server instance & # 39;XXX& # 39 ;. Additional error information from SQL Server can be found below.

The EXECUTE permission has been set for the object & # 39; proc_getObject & # 39; denied.
Database & # 39;SP Config DB& # 39 ;, Scheme & # 39; dbo & # 39;

I do not think it's a duplicate, because the following steps were not helpful.

Expand your SharePoint configuration database "SharePoint_Config" and navigate to "proc_getObject" under "Programmability" -> "Stored Procedures"
Right-click proc_proc_getObject and select Properties
Click Permission on the left side
Click the "Search" button and search for "WSS_Content_Application_Pools".
Enter the "Execute" permission for "WSS_Content_Application_Pools".
OK click

NT AUTHORITY SYSTEM SID: S-1-5-18 is the local system account.

The SPDataAccess and WSS_Content_Applications_Pools DB roles have the execute (dbo) permission on this stored procedure.

Any ideas?

When you use Ubuntu on USB, the disk permissions do not work

I recently tried to upgrade my PC from Windows7 to Windows10 Pro. It did not work. Every time crashed on the login screen. I gave up and received a refund. Now I'm stuck with a hard drive that does not boot. Can not be restored to Windows 7, no backups or images.

I've put Ubuntu 19.10 on a bootable USB flash drive, everything works fine, except that I can not rename folders or files on the hard drive.

If you right-click a folder or file in the window, the rename option is dimmed

Right-click the folder and go to Properties, even though the owner tells me. Change the permissions in Read and Write. They do not stay

Using the Root Terminal: chmod -R a + rwx / media / ubuntu / 121406171405FE8B
Cursor went down one line and is not preceded by Root @ Ubuntu, I can enter stuff, but I do not know what that is. Is it up to the end? 530 gbs permission changes?

Using the root terminal: mount -o remount, uid = 1000, gid = 1000, rw / dev / sda3
The window blinked. When I right-click Rename, I enter a new name, but the name of the file or folder is not changed. No mistakes. If you check the rights to right-click, they can only be read by anyone but the owner that I am

I am not sure if I should try an older version of Ubuntu or look for disk tools that are specific to this situation.

Thanks for any help!

spfx Web Parts – API permissions on the API management page can not be approved

I've created a custom web part that calls a web API I've created. While deploying the Web Part, I approved the required permissions and received the following errors:

[HTTP]: 500 – [CorrelationId]: 180c139f-a0f1-9000-115d-8cfb7dfd8498 [version]:
[HTTP]: 500 – [CorrelationId]: 1a0c139f-b052-9000-728d-d74eebad335c [version]:

See the following screenshot:

API maladministration

Why can not I approve the permissions?

Permissions for the SharePoint 2013 workflow

I have created a list workflow in Sharepoint 2013. The user I assigned for testing has the following permissions:

Site level: Read only

Edit list

She can send an item to the list, but the 2013 workflow will not run. It is set to start when a new item is created. This is the error that appears when I log in and look at the workflow status for the created item:

Workflow errors

I've read that the user who starts a workflow must have a minimum of Contribution permissions, but it is not determined if this is required at the site level.

I've set up my permissions the way I set them up to limit site editing to users. Allowing them access to the work may result in errors.

Is there a way to get around this?