What’s a fair way to share fees in a group road trip with a personal and a rental car?

I’m planning vacations with a group of friends (12 people), and it involves a ~1200km return trip by car. Only one of us owns a suitable car (4 pax), so we’ve rented a minivan to transport the other 8, and we’re debating on how best to share the costs.

Normally, if none of the cars were rentals, each car owner would just divide the price of fuel and tolls over their passengers, themselves included.

Logically, we could do the same with the rental fees. But as a passenger who could either be in the personal car or in the rented minivan, their share of the cost will be vastly different depending on which car they end up in, for the same trip. That would be unfair to the passengers of the rental car.

We could also share the sum of all fees of both cars across all of us. But that would be unfair to the car owner, who ends up paying a higher trip cost than if it were just his car and passengers sharing the cost, despite owning a car and enduring the associated hassles and yearly expenses.

If we calculate it that way, we need to include the full, actual cost to him of using his car for the trip, including maintenance, amortization, and insurance.

What would be the best way to share these costs?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why did a white liberal get upset when I as Black man asked them when will they give me a personal check as reparation payment?

I’m am a black man. Your belief is not required. Because I see in the mirror every morning. This is why I considered liberals more racist than conservatives. just because I questioned the system they automatically assume I’m white.

Just a paradox: A personal blog | Forum Promotion

Site Name: Just a paradox
Type: Personal blog.
Site Info: A online blog where I will journal about the mysteries and unexplained answers in my life. A timeline of my life where I can open up and talk about my struggles and experiences with my life. The topics will be diverse ranging from my thoughts and opinions, my hobbies, and whatever I feel like journaling about.
I have an introduction post and an about me page to find more about me.

archive.org – Is it possible to request to remove page snapshots from a personal social media profile from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine?

My understanding is that if it is your domain, and you add a robots.txt, then you can exclude it from the web archive.

And this unofficial page suggests that if you forgot to add a robots.txt, but manage to retroactively prove that you owned the domain at a given date, then they might also remove it: https://www.joshualowcock.com/tips-tricks/how-to-delete-your-site-from-the-internet-archive-wayback-machine-archive-org/ and this is also suggested at https://help.archive.org/hc/en-us/articles/360004651732-Using-The-Wayback-Machine:

How can I exclude or remove my site’s pages from the Wayback Machine?

You can send an email request for us to review to info@archive.org with the URL (web address) in the text of your message.

But what if you have a personal profile on a social media website such as Twitter, Facebook, Stack Exchange, etc. which has a robots.txt that allows archiving?

Do they remove archives of your profile upon request?

applications – Fitness health/apps: Export personal data from phone (i.e Dafit)

Many apps used by smartbands/watches have no option to export your personal data, so you can’t process/visualize, store, or migrate to other app.

Also I know that some fitness apps for android apps allow the data export to external files as excel, such as Withings healthmate can sync data with its “cloud/server” and from their webpage you can export data to excel.

For Dafit and other fitness apps with export/import :

Do you know apps/options/methods to extract its data?

Do you know apps to process/convert data from different apps ?
/convert this

safari – App for macOS to add words to personal vocabulary list?

I search for a way to add unknown words in a personal dictionary or vocabulary list only by right-clicking the word and choosing the add option (in macOS). It would be very helpful for me to add the words directly to a vocabulary list, without breaking my workflow. I already found an addon for chrome which resolves my problem (you can see it on the attached screenshot). But I need a similar (overarching) solution that works with various apps (like PDF reader (Preview in macOS), other web browsers (safari)..). If there isn’t any app for this “issue”, would it be difficult for somebody without specific Swift (or macOS development) knowledge but expertise in other languages to write a small (background) APP in swift for helping me out?enter image description here