Home screen – How to close apps when I lock the phone

My problem: When I unlock my phone, the app I last used is open (I mean in the foreground). This is probably so intended. But I want to change that because I think it very often distracts me from what I wanted to do with my phone.

So I need a solution that basically opens the splash screen (and minimizes all apps) when I unlock the phone (or, ideally, when I lock it).

As an illustration, I do not want to stop apps running in the background, but I want to minimize all currently running apps.

How do I transfer standard ringtones from Samsung A3 to a new Android phone?

I have a new phone and want to use the old standard ringtones from my Samsung A3. Unfortunately, I do not know how to find it (not rooted phone).
I know that a similar question was asked here. Where is the default ringtone saved? but I can not access the folders described and the ringtone folder is empty (I have never used my own sounds)

6.0 Marshmallow – My phone continues to beep at random! Also in safe mode

It started about two days ago. It beeps randomly every two to three minutes. Sometimes it beeps more often, sometimes less. It has no pattern. I recently downloaded the reddit app and turbo VPN, so I thought it may have something to do with them, but that's safe mode, which means it has nothing to do with the apps I downloaded. There is also no notification in the notification bar and no indicator like a flickering light or something else, just that beep. I have this phone for several months now. I think this thing started two days ago.

Access channel impulse response of LTE signals on the mobile phone

Is there a way to access channel impulse response information on ios / android or any other mobile software? I've searched for features on the Android developer website that provide information about the signal strength of LTE signals. But I have to get the channel impulse response from a cellphone. Does anyone have an idea how to do that?

What is the SIM Toolkit and how can I prevent it from being automatically added to the homescreen each time my phone is restarted?

Each time the phone reboots, an app called SIM Toolkit will be displayed and added to the homescreen (in the upper-right corner of the bottom image).
How can you stop it?
Android 8.1, Sony Xperia XA1 plus, Microsoft Launcher
A https://imgur.com/gallery/hvPgc3p

Wireless Network – Dad's phone does not connect to specific websites, and certain apps do not log in to his home, they work for me

So I bought my dad a new Motorola G7 Power phone to replace his old phone. Since he does not want to pay for data – and the plan is mainly data – I disabled his data plan connection. Usually he receives the Internet via WLAN via his router. His old phone was configured the same way.

After about a week on the new phone, we noticed that some – but not all – websites seem inaccessible and some phone apps can not log in. His other phone had no such issues with the same apps and websites. My phone connects to seemingly blocked websites without any problems on its network. His Chromebook and his Windows 10 laptop do not have problems on the same websites.

I feared malware because I let Google restore the apps it used on its old phone. However, I brought his new phone to my home to connect to my Wi-Fi network, and now all blocked websites and apps are working properly.

This sounds like his router is blocking certain sites. However, no changes were made to his router (he would not know how and nobody else in the house knows anything about such things). I did not have time to go back and load the admin page of the router to look around, but I doubt very much that there is a blocking of web addresses, mainly because no other devices are blocked. Only this one.

That makes no sense. Any ideas out there?

As desired, we are located in the south of the USA. The odd selection of inaccessible locations are mainly:
* twitter.com
* kroger.com
* homedepot.com

Websites that can be accessed:
* Facebook
* Google
* Other

Who can remember days before the internet or in front of the mobile phone? | Forum Promotion

The early 90s were such a time. Then I went to high school. Everyone did it and we did not think much about it because it did not exist and we could not imagine it would exist in the future.

HA! I am 66 years old and remember black and white TV.

I grew up in the 70s and 80s and we were out all the time and came home when the street lights were on. I think at that time more neighbors took care of other children's children, and if something happened, they would take care of them. Cell phones were not really needed.

As a teenager, I rode a bicycle everywhere in my city and was never afraid to be alone. I could not even believe I had a phone! There were pay phones in town, and if you did not have a neighborhood, a stranger would gladly give you one to make a phone call.

Applications – Delete personal information from a phone that can not log in to Google

We have an old galaxy that grandchildren use to play. No SIM card, but over Wi-Fi. The previously used Google Account is outdated, so we can not log in. Without registration, we can not go to the list of apps in the "Play Store" to delete them. And some of them need root to delete, and I do not want it to be rooted.

We want to delete things like the entire contact list, the list of calls and transcribed voicemails, Facebook Messenger stuff, and so on. Nothing to hide, as the saying goes, but no need to have curious little ones who read about deceased relatives, others the telephone numbers of people, things that their parents did as children, or questions about parenting. :-]. Or, you accidentally type in a name and send an e-mail.

The method I used to delete messages in Moto X4 Spain a year ago does not work here.

If we restore the factory settings, all games disappear and we need to log in to a valid account to restore them.