Updates – How can I safely update an unlocked phone?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 from Virgin Mobile with the SIM card unlocked and am now using Mint. I was asked for an update by Samsung and my phone was locked again. I had to contact Virgin Mobile to unlock the update again. This took several days.

I am now prompted for another update. How can I install without locking my phone again? I also have this permanent notification that my phone cannot connect to the Sprint OMADM network ("Configuration not completed"). Can I just install a new Android image?

adb – fastboot recognizes the phone in Fastboot mode, but not when the phone is switched on

Fastboot images must be saved on the PC where you run the fastboot command, not on the device.

Therefore, the usual process is:

  1. PC: Download the image to be flashed
  2. Start the device in bootloader / fastboot mode
  3. Connect the device to the PC via USB
  4. Run on the PC fastboot flash

Flashing firmware images stored on the device as an image file is usually a task for a recovery ROM such as TWRP.

Website design – nested cards on the phone

I came across a lot of good nested / hierarchical data on mobile devices. The problem is that they often only contain one line of information.

I want more information than just a map title, so I'm having a hard time visualizing a decent design.

First of all, this is the desktop design:

Enter the image description here

Now I know that I can't expect the user to have the same experience as on the desktop on mobile devices, but at least I want to guarantee that the user can see 3 levels down without scrolling horizontally (there are no level limits)

It is important to note that I am not looking for a sliding board or a modal that shows the internal tasks. It is important for the user to see the entire tree. I also avoid using connecting lines to show the hierarchy as they have to be animated

This is more or less what I came up with on the phone. That is 320px:
I think it looks like shit, I tried to stuff all the information on the card, but it got too full.

Enter the image description here

Any ideas on how to display the first table on the phone?

How to add my input text when I enter a phone number in Angular

Good morning, I'm trying to type in Angular 8. When I add a phone number (example: 5544332211), "55 44 33 22 11" is automatically added to the input fields. I don't have to format the value, just that the format is visual. I looked in the Angular documentation to see if there was a pipe or something, but I didn't find anything to use.
It would be very helpful if you could help me since I am new to Angular.

external sd – Windows can access the internal memory of the phone via USB, but not via the micro SD card

My Samsung Galaxy A8 + (A730F) had a faulty USB connection due to water damage and could not be connected via USB for a very long time. Nevertheless everything went well.

I recently had this part replaced by a technician and it seems to be fine, but I just noticed that under Windows my 128 GB micro SD card next to my internal storage is empty and 128 MB in size is shown.

I can interact with the internal storage normally. When I insert the micro SD card into a card adapter and connect it to my PC, everything works fine.

I am using an original USB cable, my micro SD card is legitimate (confirmed on the SanDisk website) and there are no further problems. I also have root access.

I tried to clear the cache / data in media storage and external storage, but was not lucky.

I know if nothing helps, I have to contact the technician, but I want to discard other options first.

Any tips?

Thank you so much!