adb – How can I restore personal information on an Android phone that is in a bootloop?

Is there a way to restore the internal memory (pictures, videos, photos, notes, app data, music, etc.) of an Android phone? for now in a bootloop?

Additional information:

  1. Deleting the cache partition in recovery mode does not solve the bootloop problem.
  2. The phone is not rooted.
  3. USB debugging was (hopefully) enabled before soft bricking.
  4. The bootloop appeared after the battery was dead.
  5. The phone is SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 4

System agnostic – play around with the phone during D & D sessions

On this website there are many questions about players who use their phones (the phone is a symbol of do not focus their eyes on the game – It could be a magazine, a television or the birdhouse by the window – any distraction, basically). However, they all come with the restriction that the use of the phone Distracts attention from the game and slows it down,

I am in a different situation. I use my phone at the same time and I'm probably the most attentive player at the table in most cases. During the fight, I am the regular person in turn. If another person does not notice their I notice it immediately, and if the pregnant break lasts too long, I am the knack that points out this fact.

I've never been called on my cell phone (probably because it's so obvious that I'm engaged when I need to do something), but As a player and GM, do you think using the phone is "bad" during the game, even if it does not affect the flow of the game?

Here are some additional details why I use the phone:

  1. There is inherent downtime in the game. I'm in combat when it's not my turn waiting so that it is my turn. Outside of the fight, generally speaking, less of a problem is for me – I do not play in heavy role-playing groups, so there are no real immersion concerns in this regard. Outside the fight, my eyes and hands are never needed so they can engage on my phone without affecting the session.
  2. I have diligent fingers. When I concentrate, I like having things to do with my hands. I often make origami (or it's a more primitive cousin who folds paper into a grid pattern until it decays) or obviously play games on my phone when I do something my eyes / hands do not require.

5.0 lollipop – How do I find the sim slot based on the entered phone number?

In my app, the user enters his / her phone number. Each time the user receives an incoming or missed call, or makes an outgoing call, he wants to trigger an automatic answer with the same number. I'm trying to get the sim slot index, so if the user enters his mobile number, the associated slot index will be used in an integer variable used instead of the parameter (Sim-ID) below the code.


 public static boolean sendSMS(Context ctx, int Sim_Id, String toNum, String centerNum, String smsText,
   PendingIntent sentIntent, PendingIntent deliveryIntent) {


Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", int.class);

            Method method = Class.forName("android.telephony.SubscriptionManager").getDeclaredMethod("getSubId", String.class);

            int simID = 1;
             while simID is the slot number of your second simCard

            String inst = (String) method.invoke(null, centerNum);
           SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(Integer.valueOf (inst));
           smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);

            int() param = (int()) method.invoke(null, new Integer (Sim_Id));
            int inst =  param(0);

SmsManager smsMan = SmsManager.getSmsManagerForSubscriptionId(inst);
            smsMan.sendTextMessage(toNum, null, smsText, null, null);

Authentication, sign in mobile phone

I'm new to mobile development.

I understand that the best way to authenticate / authorize a user is to use OAuth2.0 with social providers such as Facebook, Google, etc. When we enter the credentials, the server returns an access token stored on the device. You do not have to reenter the credentials each time, and it grants them the rights.

However, I want to use my own user login in my own database. I do not know where to look, because everything I read asks me not to save the username / password. What do I save (the token?) And how?

ios – iPad as a mobile phone possible?

Is it theoretically possible that with the hardware available in a cellular iPad model, the software for the device will allow it to become a big iPhone (telephoning + sending and receiving text through the cellular system)? or is there a hardware limitation that would prevent this. Answer a GSM network operator (ie T-Mobile) and an iPad Air with mobile phone for this question

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Authentication – Is it safe to help a stranger sign in to Gmail with my phone number?

I helped a man in the public library who could not log in to his Gmail account. He typed in his password and was asked for a phone number, presumably so that a code could be sent, which then had to be entered to continue the login.

He said he did not have a phone and he borrowed someone else's phone when he set up the account, whatever that means. Anyway, he kindly asked me if I could borrow the use of my phone number for this one-time registration purpose. I said no.

Would it have worked if I had agreed and had it had any effect?

6.0 Marshmallow Data Recovery of Encrypted Phone Based on Errors in Encryption?

To make it short, I had to root my phone and did not notice that unlocking the boot loader erased all memory.

I contacted a data recovery company and told them that the storage is encrypted and the phone is using Android 6. In response I was told that there is a, albeit small, chance to recover data. However, they were unsuccessful and blamed cryptography in their report.

This made me very angry because the encryption was the first thing I mentioned in my contact with them. When I called and complained about it, I received the very "interesting" answer: sometimes there is an error in enabling encryption, which leaves some of the memory unencrypted, and we may be able to recover it.

Is that really true ??? It sounds completely absurd that this happens often enough so that they can build their business model on it. In my ears, it sounds like a bad excuse to charge me for something that "never" could work.

4.4 kitkat – My Android phone is often infected by viruses

Many malware writers make malware to make money, so developing a virus would be of no use to them. Better ways to make money are to force the installation of some apps that load ads for you or collect and sell your personal information to third parties, or simply demand ransom for your personal information. This list tells you which categories of Android malware are affected.

Whenever you encounter a problem repeatedly, you should ask yourself why that is? In that case, the biggest problem is that you (the user) are using an archaic version of Android that started in 2013 (6 years ago!). Neither Google nor your OEM would support the device that long. In the meantime, the operating system is software that consists of codes. Because codes can be flawed, some malware developers exploit the bugs and the result is what you experience with your device.

I see that the only solution is to constantly check the code for vulnerabilities and fix them. This is as good as impossible for users. We therefore expect operating system developers or OEMs to do this for us. Some OEMs support the device for some time, others do not. In this case, the user can go elsewhere and check if this job is being executed by a third party (custom ROM developers). If this does not work, you should either stop using the device with new apps or updates, connect to the Internet, or port a custom ROM created with secure and new OS code, or simply switch to a device that uses the latest Android version and would be supported for a while.

In summary, it does not make sense to fix this problem technically as your device sooner or later tries to endanger itself again. Switch to a newer version of Android.

Write it down can It is possible to prevent the exploitation of some vulnerabilities in an older version of Android using SELinux or any other security framework, but I am not aware of any attempt in this direction.