Messages app on MacBook Pro stopped sending messages to Android phones

Messages app on MacBook Pro stopped sending messages to Android phones – Ask Different

Phones with notification LED and Call number filter?

There’s any cellphone with notification LED?
I don’t want apps; I want something working from factory.

Any model does have a customizable calling numbers filter?

For example, to block numbers starting with 12345 you can create a rule “12345*”?

The old LG G2 can do that.
Currently there’s no phones with RGB notification LED?

I think I will buy something from 2017.

I saw the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Any other model/brand?

file transfer – Unable to restore backup of Whatsapp (switching phones only)

I’m following the tips, that are on a WhatsApp website, on what to do when upgrading phone.

I’m moving from Samsung S7 to Asus Zenfone 8. Asus provides app for that, but WhatsApp is notably missing the chats. The way it’s now it contains only contacts.

Old phone app had no backup whatsoever, so created one on Google drive for gmail account, which is main account on both phones. It took 12 hrs, but it’s done.

Unfortunately new phone app says there’s no backup available on that account.

I verified it’s the same account. Have both old and new phones, SIM is in new one.

What am I doing wrong?

Samsung won’t let me send MMS to non-Samsung phones

My Samsung Galaxy A10e (SM-S102DL) running on Android 11 (One UI 3.1) was updated yesterday and now it won’t send MMS to non-Samsung phones. Instead, it uses a link even after I’ve disabled the Samsung link.

I saw Cannot disable MMS link sharing without creating Samsung account, and the answer said to Connections > More connections > Rich messages, but my phone doesn’t have any message-related settings following that path.

Samsung wont let me send mms to non samgsung phones

My samgsung phone updated yesterday and now it won’t me send mms to non samgsung phones instead it uses a link even after I’ve disabled samgsung link. I saw a post similar to this and the answer said yo to connections>more connections >rich messages but my phone doesn’t have any message related settings following that path. I’ll add my phones details below:
enter image description hereenter image description here

screenshots – How can Xiaomi phones do screen recordings without glitches?

The Xiaomi’s phones seem to do everything well except screen recordings. It can do screen recording, but it has glitches every 1 or 2 seconds or slowed down video (already using the latest MIUI 12.5.x), even for near flagship models such as Xiaomi 11i or Poco F3. (I am just recording Pokemon Go, which is not so graphics intensive.)

The other apps such as AZ Recorder or Mobizen seem to always impose a watermark on the video. Google Play Games is hard to set up. It actually needs to first start the app and then find the app and start it and need to turn off the camera for narrator recording (Facecam). Also, if the app is a downloaded app such as from apkmirror or PGSharp (for Pokemon Go), then Google Play Games cannot find the app.

Any solution?

What are the best camera phones?

The only really important aspect of a phone, for me, is its camera (for pictures, not even videos). I would love buying a cheap (or mid-range) smartphone but all the best phones seem to be on the flagship phones of each company.

Are there any mid range price phones with high end cameras?

How to use pixel navigation gestures on non-pixel android phones?

I have a pixel 4 I’m very fond of which I’ve recently damaged beyond the point of affordable repair.

I’m looking at non-pixel models like the Galaxy and others and what I’m wondering is whether there’s a way to use pixel’s particular gesture system on those phones. I’ve gotten quite used to the swipe gestures for navigation and am wondering whether there’s a way to enable them on other Android phones.

To be clear, the pixel 4 has no home button or back button or menu button, only a swipe system for all that. That’s what I’m seeking.

windows – Can I use my phone’s internet to download files in a Win95 VM in Limbo emulator?

I don’t think Limbo supports this. Limbo’s networking support uses user-mode support inside the guest operating system, and since Windows 95 is not an OS they have explicit support for, they won’t provide drivers for it.

Instead, download the songs you want from your phone or another computer, and copy them into the .img before starting the VM.

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