I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more for $10

I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more

I can do photo editing. I have a one year experience. I can do remove background and retouching face Image. Teeth whitening, remove pimples of Image and I can create a logos. Poster making, banner making. 


macro – Difference between photo mode vs video mode on iPhone

I take 2 images with the same position.

Photo mode:

Video mode with the flash is on:

Why the image that I get from the video frame is more narrow and not blur than photo mode?

And can I take the image like the Video mode with Photo mode? I tried and I cannot take the image like that in Photo mode, if I move the iPhone closer, it cannot focus on the subject.

sunlight – Can it damage eyes and camera when taking photo from Nikon Coolpix B500 during 90-95% solar eclipse?

This previous answer should answer most of your questions. Regarding your comment:

It’s just a display and not an optical viewfinder so it can’t damage your eyes. LCDs don’t get bright enough to cause damage.

Coolpix B500 is a mirrorless camera, so this sentence from the linked answer applies:

For mirrorless cameras, though, the sensor is almost always exposed just as it would be for a very long exposure and more care must be taken with regard to the sun.

The linked answer also mentions that it’s preferable to shoot wide-angle when photographing the sun to avoid overheating the sensor.

mysql – Question on datatypes for photo app

I am working on a relational database design for a photo organising app, and as I have mentioned before, am very new to databases. I need to include exposure, aperture value and focal length. The values I have been provided are:

Exposure: typically represented in seconds, using, e.g. 1/1000 for fast exposure and 20 for very slow;

Aperture: ranging from e.g. 1.1 up to values such as 45;

Focal Length (mm): ranges from about 8 to 1200.

Would you recommend representing these as enums with a range of values, or rather, for example varchar for exposure, text for aperture and int for focal length (I am using MySQL)?

I still am not 100% clear on why you would use which datatypes.

Thanks again for your insight and advice.

architecture – Photo Library Service: What should be right way of photo library using AWS S3 and Java

I want to make a service that is supposed to upload Photos in S3 and make them available using a link.

I have few design plans for my service.


Upload photo to my REST API which will update details like id, size, type, etc in a db table and upload file in S3 before updating in db. The db table will have s3 link to file. I am using a table for more requirements like attaching thumbnails which are processed and updated after the photo is uploaded, asynchronously.

Get Photo API will provide s3 bucket file link in response.

Plan 2:

Upload photo directly to S3 bucket and then make a rest API call to update db with photo details.

Get Photo API will provide s3 bucket file link in response.

What should be a suitable approach? Suggestion are welcome even if it doesn’t belong to either of the above two but totally new idea.

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