Google Photos – Why are not my videos showing up in my gallery?

I have a Galaxy Note 9 and record pokemon go videos for YouTube. When I was recording my last video, my phone (no SD card) was full and my phone asked me if I wanted to back up and remove it from the device. It is recommended to do this only over Wi-Fi, but I said stupid, yes, even though I was not home and only with data. Now all the videos I worked on before I took my last one are gone … somehow. The videos I need still appear in my photo app, but not in my gallery, and my computer basically behaves as if they did not exist at all when I try to remove them from my phone. My computer usually reads things that are in my gallery or in my files, without much difficulty. So how can I transfer all my videos from my photo app to my gallery app? I prefer not to delete files because I'm afraid of messing up something else. Help!

Use Google Photos in the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera app

Is it possible to get the default camera app on the Galaxy S7 to use Google Photos instead of Samsung Gallery?

I like the preinstalled camera app, but pressing the Thumbnail icon in the UI always opens the Samsung Gallery, even though I've set Google Photos as the default photo viewer app.

For newer devices, it was recommended to create an "app link" in various articles and discussion forums (eg on However, this does not seem to be available on the Galaxy S7.

Corresponding LUT or default to fantastic photojournalist photos?

Well, I need help with something I've been looking for for years.

It's strange, but photos published by some photojournalists or certain news sources give me a different feeling. Sources like NYTimes and The Guardian and photographers like Callie Shell.

I'm trying to find a preset or LUT that looks like the one above. Does somebody has any idea?


Enter image description hereEnter image description here

And my favorite
Enter image description here

Scanning – What can lead to vertical lines on scanned photos?

I also suspect that there is something Scans interfere with your scanner.

Since the error follows the scan direction, the problem is probably the scan unit (not the glass).

Scanners using CIS (Contact Image Sensor) can be located on the "light guide" that is in close contact with the scan surface. For scanners with CCDs, the problem may be with a number of mirrors or the lens in front of the sensor.

If you ever loosened the glass from the scanner body, you may have reset it to the sensor with the wrong side. The glass could have coatings on one side which are required to prevent reflections from interfering with the scan. The same applies to all other components between sensor and target.

canon – stain on photos – can not figure out how to clean

I bought a Canon eos 6d about 10 months ago and all my pictures are stained at the top center of each photo. I looked back at a picture the salesman had shown me before I bought the camera, and that was in his picture as well, but I never noticed it zoomed out that way.

In any case, I noticed that the stain is NOT present when I make a video with the camera.

I tried cleaning the sensor with Amazon sensor cleaning strips, and that did not help. I just do not understand how the stain can be there. It does not matter which lens I use, but not here on videos (taken with a bright background to see them).

Suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,