I will do photo background removal by photoshop professionally for $2

I will do photo background removal by photoshop professionally


Are you looking for a remove background, clipping path, cutout, or deep etching service provider? No problem!!

I will do Background removal in Adobe Photoshop CC. Unlimited revision and 100% satisfaction. Project delivery within 24 hours from order.

Background removal and more editing task for this GIG

  • Clipping Path
  • Background Removal
  • Background Replacement
  • Cut Out Images
  • Photo Enhancing
  • Removing Dust /Scratch
  • Image Resizing / Crop
  • Natural Shadow / Mirror Shadow
  • Photo Retouching
  • White Background
  • Transparent Background
  • Hair Masking For Model/Animal Images
  • Image Editing
  • Face Swap
  • Headshot Edit
  • Superimposing

This gig includes some core features.

  1. Unlimited Revisions
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  3. Superfast Delivery
  4. Money-Back Guarantee ( if you are not satisfied with my work)

Note: For jewelry, net image, cycle image, tree, please contact me before place the order.



Photoshop Image Resize Query – Photography Stack Exchange

I have a flyer in MS Word format which I need to finalize in Jpeg format image with the 1920 pixel width x 700 pixel height. I have converted the file contents from MS Word to an image png file. However, I could not set the image size as mentioned above in photoshop. If I set the image width to 1920 pixels then the height is automatically adjusted to some other value, and vice-versa. Please guide me on how to perform image resize in photoshop. I am new to photoshop, detailed guidance will be highly appreciated. Thank you

enter image description here

photoshop – Color profiles in export as and automated batch export are different


I’m trying to export images in batch with a color profile but they aren’t exporting with the same color profiles. While this looks OK in most places on Instagram for example the colors are completely washed due to the color profile issue.

What I’ve Done

I set the color profile to be ProPhoto RGBcolor settings window

The Export > Export As Window does embed the profile. This is quite painful though as I need to go one by one and I am doing 100s of photos every other day. It also requires me to click the checkbox “Embed Color Profile” so I can’t even quickly get through the windows.

I can validate that viewing the EXIF data as well that ProPhoto RGB profile is embedded.

Export As window

EXIF Data on Good Export

But the issue is I can’t export in batch. When I do the Automate > Batch flow it doesn’t save the profile.

EXIF Data on Bad Export


How can I export in bulk and also keep the color profile I want? Or, less ideally but better than what I have, how do I set it to generic sRGB and have it look correct across Photoshop and Lightroom? I didn’t see the generic sRGB profile as an option that I see in the 2nd EXIF data dump.

I will do any photoshop, illustrator, indesign and coreldraw job for $45

I will do any photoshop, illustrator, indesign and coreldraw job

About This Gig

==== Note: Please discuss before placing the order. Thanks =====

Hi There,

I Can do any job related to Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDraw & indesign. I have 5 years experience in graphic designing, i am innovative, creative, and professional. I provide top notch designing services with quality work to my customers. Your satisfaction is my priority.


I will photoshop editing and photo retouching for $1


General Image Enhancements (Lighting, Color, Contrast, Sharpen, Cropping) Color Correction Color Grading Simple Background Removal (one colored backgrounds without different structures/textures) STANDARD

Adding/Removing objects/persons Product Retouching Skin Retouching (Evening Skin Tone, Improving Skin Texture) Beauty Retouching Fashion Retouching Hair Retouching Body Shaping Complex Background Removal PREMIUM

High Resolution Retouching High End Retouching Advanced Skin Retouching (Frequency Separation, Dodging & Burning) Creating Makeup From Scratch Composite & Manipulation (use of multiple images) Old Photo Retouch & Restoration Colorization of Black & White photos Changing Facial Features(like a Photoshop Surgeon. I use a “golden ratio mask”. You can see an example retouch of this in the following artice, where I did the editing for Germany: https://www.boredpanda.com/how-countries-define-fashion-style-groomandstyle/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=organic

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photoshop – How do I change the background layer default color to white?

I’m looking for a similar resolution, but with mine any new document I open, opens with a transparent background as default… but I’ve followed the answer above and checked the background contents settings and thats set to white…

also as well… for example I’ve created a shape (triangle) and in the layers panel for that triangle layer the thumbnail is showing a transparent checkered pattern across the whole thumbnail not showing the shape at all because it thinks the background is transparent.

I’m sure there’s a setting somewhere in the preferences perhaps (unable to locate it – hence why I’m asking) where you can set the defaults and tell photoshop every new document or new layer default to white, black or black background.

if you can help
Many Thanks


photoshop – Wthat is the importance of background color when removing the background?

We are looking to make product images like this: https://prnt.sc/1067x5x . This is one of the best results that we have achieved with smartphone camera. Our process:

  1. Place an item on a grey background (works slightly better than white)
  2. Remove background automatically with Adobe PS + go through some spots manually to fix wrong cuts

My question is: what is the difference in backround colors, when it comes to automatic background removal? Like for example green being used in videography, will changing background to some specific color help automate background removal?

P.S. Any suggestion for software is much appreciated.

automation – Manually add dimensions (for select tool) in a photoshop script

I have a question, can you manually add the dimensions you want to perform an action on in a script?
So of course to work on all 4 edges I can choose 4 different selects, but what I want to do is just enter the data (similar to what you would do with (for example) image size.

To the following

Set Selection

To: rectangle
Top: 11 pixels
Left 5 pixels
Bottom 679 pixels
Right 499 pixels

Then select the inverse (I have a 510 x 690 image, perhaps there is a way to do an offset with the inverse even, I don’t know)

If it was just once I had to do this, it is no problems I would then just select those pixels manually when I was recording and live with it, but I am more interested for my own education where this is possible or you need to drag the select tool, because with an image my size it is not such an issue, but with an image of say 5000 x 6000 it is just a little frustrating

Any help is much appreciated..

Also one other thing, in a script can I chose to ‘brush’ certain pixels by their address?
When I do the “record” tool, it just records as I press, but I am looking to manually add these also, but again it is just for my own education I would like to know this

Thanks very much in advance