php – wp_nav_menu does not work

I'm trying to do a WordPress theme. But I have a bug in using wp_nav_menu. For the exam;

 wp_nav_menu(array('theme_location' => 'header','menu_class'=>'hor-menu'));

and my functions.php

function technologynews_setup() {

    register_nav_menu('header',__('Header Menu','Technologynews'));
    register_nav_menu('footer',__('Footer Menu','Technologynews'));


add_action ('after_setup_theme','technologynews_setup');

I can't use the menu class in the WordPress menu. Please help me

php – How can you bypass the original CSR protection?

I'm trying to run a CSRF attack test on a site.

I found that the site protects itself from csrf by checking the http origin header.

But I think maybe I can bypass protection under certain circumstances. The website only checks whether the request has it Origin: Header set to – –

Is it possible to set a custom origin header in the browser using PHP code?

PHP file takes data and creates a table, but I can't put it in the register

I am creating a registration form. Next to it is a table in which all existing and saved data records are displayed in the database. Registration in the database works.
To create the table, I have a file & # 39; listar_usuario.php & # 39; created in which I use my & # 39; server.php & # 39; connect (connects to the database). This file retrieves the data from the database and creates a table. because when I type it in, I can see the table, but when I call it for my registration form it doesn't come, the space it should take is just empty.

I have no idea what it could be, could someone help me?


Insert picture description here

(The warning disappears and does not create the table.)

Insert picture description here

However, the table is created
Insert picture description here


Customer registration

Customer registration