Generate multiple public bitcoin receiving addresses (HD wallet) from seed phrase in nodejs

I want to generate a new receiving address for my bitcoin wallet for each new user. Bitcoin transferred to all these address should be received in my bitcoin wallet. I don’t want to expose my private key or seed on the server.I found that this is how HD wallets work so I tried this.

const bip39 = require('bip39')
const bitcoin = require('bitcoinjs-lib')   //ver 3.0.2

let phrase = 'width humor wheat sad obscure outer ancient grab edit labor record express devote humble recipe occur refuse tooth original fluid learn scheme fuel assault';
let seedBuffer = bip39.mnemonicToSeedSync(phrase)
// <Buffer 85 19 18 81 cf 0e cc f7 9c 5d 61 ......

let masterNode = bitcoin.HDNode.fromSeedBuffer(seedBuffer)
// Deriving the first account based on BIP44
let account0 = masterNode.derivePath("m/44'/0'/0'")

let xpubString = account0.neutered().toBase58()
let address0FromXpub = bitcoin.HDNode.fromBase58(xpubString)

let address0 = address0FromXpub.derivePath("0/0").keyPair.getAddress()
let address1 = address0FromXpub.derivePath("0/1").keyPair.getAddress()
let address2 = address0FromXpub.derivePath("0/2").keyPair.getAddress()
let address3 = address0FromXpub.derivePath("0/3").keyPair.getAddress()
// address0.toBase58()

but I tried sending bitcoin to the generated address and didn’t received any? If anyone could help.

language barrier – Planning to travel to South Korea for voice surgery, do you know of any good phrase cards?

So, once this COVID-19 situation dies down, I’m hoping to travel to South Korea to get voice surgery. Now, I remember hearing of these laminated cards that you could use to point to a phrase or something in order to help communicate. Do you know what these are called? (I called it a phrase card in the title of this post, but since NOTHING is coming up when I look for Korean phrase cards, I’m thinking it might be called something else). It might look something like this (but include a bit more information):

A picture of a page including phrases in English and Korean. On this particular page, it is a picture of phrases to use at restaurants and at the airport

regex – Notepad ++ How to delete sections of text that begin with a line that contains a specific phrase

I'm trying to edit some caliber files with tags attached, but the tag line isn't always formatted the same.


div class = "pcalibre1 pcalibre2 pcalibre tags-list"

div class = "pcalibre1 pcalibre2 tags-list pcalibre".

I want to delete everything, including and between the lines that contain the tag list and entry speaker.

Is there an easy way to do this with regex?

What is link phrase in Seo?

nt.number theory – How to phrase something

To let $ R $ be a number ring that is not generated by elementary matrices, and $ I subset J $ two ideals of $ R $.
Define $ G, H $ to be $ J $-Congruence subgroup and $ I $-Congruence subset of $ { rm SL} _2 (R) $, respectively. To let $ E_2 (R) $ the subset of $ G $ generated by elementary matrices. To let $ Y $ be a different group. There is a card $ phi: G rightarrow Y $, which is not a homomorphism and is not taken into account by $ G / H $;; however:

$ H $ is in the kernel of $ phi $and if two elements $ g, ​​h in G $ have the same picture under $ phi $, then the picture of $ g cdot f $ and $ h cdot f $ under $ phi $ coincide for all matrices $ f in E_2 (R) $.

Is there an easier way to formulate the paragraph above? Possibly with other reasonable assumptions.

8 – Search API manipulates phrase

I have a website with search API and views.
I have configured and created my search. (The page is in Hebrew), I noticed that when I search for a 4-letter word – let's say "was"; I get results with the words "reward" and Likewise "wad" (?!?) and for a 7-letter word like – I "discover" Not Get the results for "rediscovery".

I want my search to find the exact word. and of course I didn't configure the search for partial match.

What do i miss ?? Thanks for your help(

Wallet gone and lost recovery phrase, how do I get my bitcoins back?

You need your 12 words to get it back. Only that. There is no other way. No bank, no insurance company and no help desk to contact. No person or computer in the world can restore the same wallet without these 12 words. I hope you wrote the words down somewhere.

The relevant part of the answer for you in relation to the respective wallet ends here. Here comes more about these 12 words.

Always write the 12 words on paper and keep them safe.

They form a starting value that always generates the same addresses and private keys. There is no other way to generate one of the addresses that consist of the seed of your 12 words. No other combination of 12 words will (practically) ever generate one of the addresses that consist only of your 12 words.

Always write the 12 words on paper and keep them safe.

As I go overboard with my answer, I can also mention that if someone discovers your 12 words, you will likely find your wallet empty within an hour.