Regex – Search for a phrase I know only with Google operators

I'm looking for a specific combination of Google hacking commands to find a sentence.
For example, I'm looking for "where dare eagles"
In this case I have no part of a sentence like the following example:

where to dare xxx

I'm sure about the first and last word, but I do not know what's in the middle.
I use

"Where" and "dare"

But it did not work right.

Ranking on Google for specific phrase


I have a new company and website (created under WIX). I want my site to appear on a Google search when people search for "spaghetti bridge". It's a pretty specific phrase, but I know these people would be interested in my product. I have a lot of content on my website that contains the phrase Spaghetti Bridge, but I can not get my website to appear. Google only returns 17 result pages, so I think it should not be too difficult to organize organically. But my website does not appear on these 17 pages. Some of the links that appear are not even better than mine.

Any suggestions? I'm still pretty new to SEO, so maybe I'm missing something.

Any help would be really grateful.

Many Thanks,

bip32 – Why seed of BIP39 mnemonic phrase is much longer than entropy?

This is stated in GDP 39 itself:

To create a mnemonics binary kernel, we use the PBKDF2 function with a mnemonics clause (in UTF-8 NFKD) as the password and the string "mnemonic" + passphrase (again in UTF-8 NFKD) as a salt. The iteration counter is set to 2048 and HMAC-SHA512 is used as a pseudorandom function. The length of the derived key is 512 bits (= 64 bytes).

The seed used is essentially a 512-bit hash of mnemonics, which explains why it is 512 bits long (= 128 nibbles).

The GDP does not explain why they do that, but I would assume that it is useful to know that the seed always has a certain size, no matter how much entropy is actually produced. This means, for example, that the key generation code can be written to always work with 512-bit seeds.

How to advertise in the United Arab Emirates for the search term of Payment Gateway in the United Arab Emirates

This is a discussion about How to advertise in the United Arab Emirates for the search term of Payment Gateway in the United Arab Emirates within the Advertising & Marketing Forums, part of the Internet Marketing category; Hello

I need to know how to promote the search term of the payment gateway in the United Arab Emirates in the United Arab Emirates …


ag.algebraic geometry – Non-compact example in which Putinar's positivity phrase fails

Putinar's positives can be described as follows: A compact set of polynomial inequalities $ mathcal {P} = {P_1 (x) geq 0, ldots, P_m (x) geq 0 } $ is unsatisfactory only if the sum of the polynomials of the squares exists $ Q_0 (x), ldots, Q_m (x) in Sigma ^ 2 $ so that $ -1 = Q_0 + sum_ {i in [m]} Q_i (x) P_i (x) $,
I wondered if an explicit, non-compact set of polynomial inequalities is known, where it is known that the generalization of the Putivi positive-theorem where we drop the compactness requirement fails.
Thanks for your help.

Machine Learning – What does this phrase mean: "Train a political network"

I am familiar with the basics (and possibly a considerable number of fundamentals) of imitative learning and reinforcement learning. In IL (imitation), we accept demonstrations from a suspected expert, whom we also believe to be the most efficient policy.

What does this statement mean: Train a policy network based on the expert record and save the results.

Question: Why do I have to train a policy network? What is it for?
Are there any algorithms that include a policy with this training?

Many Thanks

Wallet – I have my 12-word Bip39 phrase, but not in the right order

I suspect that the words are in the correct order because BIP39 contains a checksum word. If they were not in the right order, it would be unlikely that the wallet would have accepted them for even a recovery.

It's more likely that the two wallets you used used different derivation paths and / or address types.

A seed set can lead to many different addresses, e.g. Regular addresses, P2SH P2PKH addresses and native Segwit P2PKH addresses. Nowadays, many wallets support multiple types of addresses, and you need to focus your wallet on the correct derivation path when restoring a seed.

In addition, wallets such as electrum use their own seed semantics and must be instructed to explicitly use BIP39, which may lead to different addresses being derived.

Your best bet would be to look up the original purse and find out what kind of addresses it derived from, and the derivation path. Then use another wallet to restore the same path and address type.