Machine Learning – What does this phrase mean: "Train a political network"

I am familiar with the basics (and possibly a considerable number of fundamentals) of imitative learning and reinforcement learning. In IL (imitation), we accept demonstrations from a suspected expert, whom we also believe to be the most efficient policy.

What does this statement mean: Train a policy network based on the expert record and save the results.

Question: Why do I have to train a policy network? What is it for?
Are there any algorithms that include a policy with this training?

Many Thanks

Wallet – I have my 12-word Bip39 phrase, but not in the right order

I suspect that the words are in the correct order because BIP39 contains a checksum word. If they were not in the right order, it would be unlikely that the wallet would have accepted them for even a recovery.

It's more likely that the two wallets you used used different derivation paths and / or address types.

A seed set can lead to many different addresses, e.g. Regular addresses, P2SH P2PKH addresses and native Segwit P2PKH addresses. Nowadays, many wallets support multiple types of addresses, and you need to focus your wallet on the correct derivation path when restoring a seed.

In addition, wallets such as electrum use their own seed semantics and must be instructed to explicitly use BIP39, which may lead to different addresses being derived.

Your best bet would be to look up the original purse and find out what kind of addresses it derived from, and the derivation path. Then use another wallet to restore the same path and address type.

php – Send phrase with JSON to the web service

I have a small problem sending a phrase with JSON to a web service. If I send a string without spaces like String name = "Jose", this is not a problem. However, if you try to send a whole sentence, the query will not be displayed. How would you send a phrase with spaces?
String Phrase = "The House of the Mountain";

String Phrase = "Martin's house is red";

String url = "" + frase.trim ();

jsonRequest = new JsonObjectRequest (Request.Method.GET, url, null, this, this);
requestQueue.add (jsonRequest);

I receive the data in a PHP file.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

apache2 – OpenSL always requests a phrase during key generation

I follow the instructions published on the Ubuntu site. First you will be asked to create a secure key, and then you will be prompted to enter the key openssl rsa -in server.key -out server.key.insecure to create the unsafe key.

My problem occurs when creating the insecure key and still insists that I choose a passphrase.

My very limited understanding is that I need an insecure key to work with apache2.

I looked at the man page and do not see the -in the Command-line option documented. Is this the right switch to generate an insecure key?

Should I be sudo if I create these keys?

Thank you in advance.

Google search syntax for phrase matching while excluding search result domains

I'm trying to search Google:

"Alba Beta" + "Charlie Delta" Exclusive (, Exclusive (

What I want to achieve here is finding results that contain the expression "Alpha Beta" and separated the phrase "Charlie Delta"and want to exclude the desired results and,

What would be the correct syntax for this?

Brute Force – Is a phrase from a book as a password such a bad idea

Yes, that's a bad idea. The number of books in the world is fairly limited, and efficient password cracking software can make billions of estimates per second against an offline password hash. It is not at all difficult to try every single possible combination of phrases in every single digitized book in the world.

The length of the sentence itself also does not matter. This is because an attacker picks up and hashes whole sentences and sentences at once. They will not try to force it from scratch.