Post-processing – Has anyone from Notre Dame made a complete picture of the Western Rose window?

I've tried to find a compilation of the Western Rose window that removes the towers obstructing the view, and contains the following details.

Enter the image description here

Is there a reason why a photographic reconstruction does not seem to exist (accessibility, etc.)?

If a picture exists, where would you look for it?

vb – Main picture of the message

I followed an example I found on the network with a sender from Gmail. When sending the e-mail, the image is displayed in the address it receives. The problem lies with the sender

SMTP.Host = ""
SMTP Port = "587"

The image will not be displayed in the email address it receives.

Dim SMTP As New System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient & # 39; Variable used to send the e-mail
Dim MAIL As New System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
CORREO.From = New System.Net.Mail.MailAddress ("", "Correo Electronico", System.Text.Encoding.UTF8)

                Dim body as a string
Body = "shipping
Dear customer.
If you have a problem
" Dim htmlView As AlternateView = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString (body, Nothing, "text / html") & # 39; Path of the picture Dim Logo as new LinkedResource ("C: add.png") logo.ContentId = "Company logo" & # 39; Add logo htmlView.LinkedResources.Add (Logo) CORREO.To.Add ("") & # 39; Add hidden copy CORREO.Bcc.Add ("") CORREO.IsBodyHtml = True CORREO.AlternateViews.Add (htmlView) CORREO.Subject = "Confirmation is loading - AutoMailer -" SMTP.Host = "" SMTP Port = "587" Try it SMTP.EnableSsl = True SMTP.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential ("", "hello.2019") SMTP.Send (MAIL) Capture Ex As System.Net.Mail.SmtpException MessageBox.Show ("I could not send:" & ex.Message) End experiment

Homepage – Heroes' picture tailored in different dimensions

I have a website with a hero banner.

This is how it looks on the desktop:

Enter the image description here

This is what it looks like on mobile devices (via Chrome Dev Tools):

Enter the image description here

As you can see, the picture on the phone is too narrow, I want it to look "bigger". Basically a different aspect ratio than the desktop.

There are several alternatives that I've tried and none worked, so I'm not sure what's the best approach. Some of my alternatives:

1) Crop the image for mobile devices to a different aspect ratio, from the center to the edges. That way, the core message (MEGA SALE) looks okay, and the rest will not look (and does not) on mobile devices. I do not know how to do that, and the problem is also that the image has srcset, which leads to more complexity.

2) Use the same large image for all devices, but use the minimum height and center the image so that only the middle part is displayed. The problem again is that srcset shows a smaller image, so this approach does not work so far.

What is the best practice for this? I've read MUCH on custom fields, the function add_image_size (), srcset, and so on, but so far I could not figure that out.

Help is appreciated. Many thanks!

TO EDIT: Seems like that Element is what I'm looking for, but now I'm busy integrating it with WP Upload Image and the clipping process.

7 – Should I use the same picture style as possible or create a different style for each size?

I have a picture box in slightly different sizes.

We say :

100px X 100px as the view field format
120px X 120px as another viewport format
150px X 150px as node view format

My question is :

Which is the best practice?

Create three different picture styles for each size.

Create and share only one image style (set size by CSS)
For example, just create the image style of 150px, then scale it down to 100px and 120px with CSS

Why am I asking myself

1 obviously makes more files, but 2 uses unnecessarily larger files for 120px and 150px

Applications – Change the WhatsApp contact picture

I linked an image to my friend number, which is stored in the contacts of my phone. This image was originally set on its Whatsapp account (which is linked) by default because it does not have a Whatsapp photo set.

One day, this suddenly disappeared and I do not seem to find out how to put it back.

I found a previous thread (Android enthusiasts: how can I change a person's profile picture in WhatsApp?), But I get an error message if I follow the solution.

In summary, it is necessary to rename the photo into the person's phone number and save this image file in the following location: / sdcard / WhatsApp / profile pictures, overwrites the existing file.

First, I do not have this location on my phone. Instead, I have the following location: InternalStorage / Media / WhatsApp profile photos,

Second, there are no files in this folder.

Third, nothing happens if I put this new file in this location.

Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

Text – In this design should the title precede the picture or vice versa?

I would make the following settings:

  • Make the title itself the link instead of using the text "more information". Thus, the original question is irrelevant. This is also better for SEO because your links do not contain any generic text like "Click Here" or "More Information".
  • The images are not informative – use a picture that makes a meaningful difference between "domestic" and "international". To verify that you have done a good job, hide the text and swap the images. Can the users find out which one is that?

To answer your specific question – assuming you choose to keep the "more information" URL, I see no difference whether you have it above or below the image, as long as you respect the design laws of proximity and the link nearby of the picture – so it is clear that they are connected.

Enter the image description here

magento2.3 – How do I import a picture from csv only with the first import order?

I have a problem when I import a picture from csv into magento 2.
After the first import job, the next import / update import (with the same image name in csv) will find an added image for each import

For example, if I make five import jobs, five images will be displayed.

How can I import the images only once?
Or how can I import only the image of the last import job?