How to set a profile picture for the Google Groups Email Address in Google Workspace, so recipients can see the profile picture in their Gmail inbox

We are using Google Workspace together with Groups for Business as a shared email inbox. The given address is also used as the email sender.

When users receive emails from they only see the gray profile image only of a human.
We want to have our corporate logo to be visible and a looking for ways on how to set it.

What we tried:

  • BIMI: Is currently in closed beta, and need certs that one have to buy.
  • Creating a personal Gmail account with as the address is not possible. Gmail complains that the email is already in use.
  • Gravatar Icon does exist but is not picked up by Gmail.

Are there any other options?

Picture library slideshow webpart SharePoint 2019 On-Premise

I am using SharePoint 2019 On-Premise. I have created a new picture library. Add some pictures inside of it. After this, I add a picture slideshow webpart on my home page. I selected my picture library and the default view. I got this error:

This library either no longer exists or has no images in it. Please select a different library.

“Why do I got this error? I try also other views, but got the same error. I created a new view and selected it in my slideshow webpart, and got the same error.
In my virtual (VMWare server) workspace works great, but in test server environment i got described error.”

I found similar post here:
Picture library error: This library either no longer exists or has no images in it. Please select a different library
I cannot found any related information in event log.

FYI: I tried upgrade sharepoint to the newest version and not helped me…
I go step by step from this tutorial: and more others tutorials…
I just found only a small discrepancy in field preview picture(Field Internal Name= “PreviewOnForm”). This field not showing in server environment, it can be error, but I don’t know how to repair it…

javascript – Adding a 404 fallback for picture Tags in Angular

We are making heavy use of the HTML5-picture Tag in our Angular 9 Application. We now want to show a fallback image, when the actual src returns 404.

I created a directive that replaces the img src like this answer suggests:

  selector: '(fallbackSrc)',
export class FallbackImageDirective {
    @Attribute('fallbackSrc') public fallbackSrc: string,
    private renderer: Renderer2,
    private el: ElementRef
  ) {}

  @HostListener('error') onError() {
    this.renderer.setAttribute(this.el.nativeElement, 'src', this.fallbackSrc);

to work in picture tags:


However, when I open the application, the request to the wepP-Image is made over and over again. I suspect that the browser notices the change in <img src= and starts evaluating the <source> tags again, then fails and onError() is called again, resulting in an infinite loop.

Is there anything I can do to stop the browser from evaluating the source Tags again?

sharepoint online – JSON-code doesn’t show my picture in my list

I have added JSON-code to my list column “Person” which displays the persons name and profile picture. But it doesn’t show my profile picture. What do i do wrong?

 "$schema": "",
    "elmType": "div",
    "style": {
        "flex-direction": "column",
  "align-items": "flex-start",
  "margin-top": "6px",
  "padding-right": "8px",
  "width": "100%",
  "overflow": "hidden"
 "children": [{
  "forEach": "personIterator in @currentField",
  "elmType": "div",
  "attributes": {
   "class": "ms-bgColor-neutralLight ms-fontColor-neutralSecondary"
  "style": {
   "display": "inline-flex",
   "align-items": "center",
            "height": "28px",
            "overflow": "hidden",
   "border-radius": "12px",
   "padding-right": "8px",
   "margin": "2px"
  "children": [
    "elmType": "img",
    "attributes": {
     "src": "='/_layouts/15/userphoto.aspx?size=S&accountname=' + [$]",
     "title": "[$personIterator.title]"
    "style": {
     "width": "28px",
     "height": "28px",
     "display": "block",
     "border-radius": "50%"
                "elmType": "div",
                "txtContent": "[$personIterator.title]",
                "attributes": {
                    "title": "[$personIterator.title]",
                    "class": "nameplate-title"
                "style": {
                    "padding-left": "5px",
                    "white-space": "nowrap",
                    "font-size": "12px"
  "defaultHoverField": "[$personIterator]"

Gr. P

sharepoint online – I have put my profile picture in Delve but doesn’t show in List column Person

I have put my profile picture in Delve. And it shows in different applications on my computer (f.e: Teams, Skype). But it doesn’t show the picture in my list column Person that i have created. When i select another person it shows the picture only when i put my name it doesn’t show anything.

Does anyone know what i do wrong?
Gr. P

I need users of a list when creating a new entry to be asked to upload a picture from their desktop and have it linked with their entry

I have been trying through several version of SharePoint to create a User entered list that would go through different columns of data entry and dates and text with great success. Where I get stuck now with SharePoint Online is when I want the users to upload a picture from their desktop of the before condition and the after condition. The pictures are on their desktop not on a website.

I have tried using the column setup to be an “Image” Type – but the input is just a line with no upload features. Using the “Hyperlink or Picture” is successful if the picture has an URL and I set it to display Picture. My problem is that we do not have a website that I can have everyone store their pictures. and even if I did they would have to upload them – look up the URL – paste it into the LIST and do this successfully.

I thought about setting up a picture library in our SharePoint but you still have to get the full URL and use the Hyperlink – but this usually throws a too many character error (our sharepoint names and structure have so many characters that it exceeds the 255 characters that can be entered in the URL field with the picture names)

What I want if possible is just a way to have a user upload a picture within the custom list for a Before Picture and an After Picture from their desktop to show up and be attached to the site documents or library. Using whichever type works in that way or can have some added intelligence.

Column name: Before Picture

The type of information in this column is:  

Hyperlink or Picture