tickets – How do I get a picture for a Navigo Découverte?

I bought a Navigo Découverte for 5 EUR (for the map) and 22.80 EUR for a week trip with Z1-5. It looks like a photo is required for this card to be used legally. However, the card was sold to me.

My questions are:

  1. How can I get a photo for this card? In the US, I would go to Walgreens or CVS and get a passport photo. Is this the same photo size I need for the Navigo Découverte? And if yes then Where would I go to Paris to get one? Walgreens / CVS in the US are basically pharmacies – could a pharmacy in Paris also take passport photos?

  2. How would anyone know if it had a photo ID or not? I imagine it should work like the London Oyster card, just tap the chip card reader on the turnstyle.

  3. The Navigo Découverte comes in a plastic holder, which makes it much thicker than a credit card / debit card. idk why it's in this plastic case, but I still do not know how to pull the Navigo Découverte out of the plastic case or how to put a passport photo in it.

  4. The Navigo Découverte I got looks different than the one pictured on I think it looks similar to the one on the right with the caveat that it does not have a microchip. The left also has "Ile de France mobilities" in the dark blue section, while mine does not. Maybe the version shown on the website is a newer one that takes up less space in my wallet?

facebook – How do I select a gallery album / folder when I select a picture to comment on?

If you want to publish a picture, you can select an album from your gallery.
Select the folder when posting

But when it comes to the comments, there is no option for it:
Comments Photo role

With Facebook Lite, you can choose which folder to open because the Gallery app opens directly.

Is there a way to do this, or am I stuck with this photo role in the comments?

To add data-pin-nopin = "true" to a picture with PHP

How can I add data-pin-nopin = "true" to a PHP (or other language) image? At the moment my site logo is fixable, and I do not want that, but I do not know how to do it.

There is a code that can not fix selected images of all posts with the attribute "data-pin-nopin".

add_filter( 'post_thumbnail_html', function( $html ){
// Something already has 'data-pin-nopin', so we don't need to modify.
if ( false !== stripos( $html, 'data-pin-nopin' ) ) {
return $html;
// Add 'data-pin-nopin' to the  HTML tag.
$html = str_replace( '

Can I do something similar to add data-pin-nopin = "true" to my logo image or any image? Maybe take the picture at the source and add the attribute data-pin-nopin = "true"?

Can you please help?

dnd 5e – Does the Silent Picture spell require the caster to actually have visual contact with the area he wants to apply the effect to?

Do it silent picture Should the caster actually have visual contact with the area he wants to apply the effect to? Or is the 60ft radius all that matters, even when it's behind a wall?

To be more specific, what if it's a 15-foot area in a location you've seen before, now out of sight? And what if you have visual contact with an enemy in a particular area during your turn, then go behind a cover and then place the illusion area around the enemy and within 60 feet?

I'm asking because I've seen descriptions of other illusion spells that indicate you need to see where to place your spell. Silent picture does not indicate if the vision component is required or not.

Troubleshooting – Why do I have to press the shutter button twice to take a picture with my Canon DSLR?

You have probably activated the mirror lock.

The purpose of the mirror lock is to release the slight vibrations caused by the movement of the mirror before the shutter is opened. This is usually a problem with shutter speeds between 1/100 second and 1 second. Shorter exposures are completed before the vibrations reach the parts of the camera that may cause motion blur by mirror movement. Longer exposures are so long that the vibrations make up only a very short percentage of the total exposure time. When using the mirror lock, usually either a cable release or a wireless remote control is used, so the camera does not need to be touched directly to trigger the shutter.

To disable the mirror lock, go to the 70D menu Recording 2 (the second red tab with the small camera icon). Scroll down and select Mirror Lockup, change the setting of activate to deactivateand press the to adjust Button to apply the change.