Fast or slow – Alternative website speed test tool to GTMetrix, Pingdom Tools

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Not sure if it is correct? Now WHT is 36 lol ….

Maybe they optimize things, and when you ran the test, cached content wasn't checked. Run it again

Lighthouse in the Google Chrome network tool is unbeatable as it is more accurate.

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Yes, PageSpeed ​​Insights is different, but I prefer to use Lighthouse in the Google Chrome network tool because it's more accurate.

Any website speed optimization for Gtmetrix, Google, Pingdom Tools for $ 99

Any website speed optimization for Gtmetrix, Google, Pingdom Tools

Hello dear customer,
This is my new account, but I'm not new to my workspace. I have a lot of experience in website development and website speed optimization. I will share my completed project meeting with you. This work will be done from another marketplace. You can check it by the following picture. First, check my working system and what I'm going to do for the optimization. See also video.

What I will fix –

1] Reduce the response time of the server
2] CDN setup
3] Eliminate JavaScript and CSS blocking rendering in content displayed above the fold
4] Use the browser caching
5] Minimize HTML
6] Optimize the pictures
7] Yslow improvements
8] Remove unnecessary code / scripts / CSS. Which should not be there.
9] Reset Java script
10] Reduce too many http requests
11] Fix

Why are the costs high?
Yes – that is a universal question. Just understand what I'm going to do, that has to be quality work.

Can you load my website permanently fast?
Yes, my work makes your website permanently faster.

How will you work to make my website faster?

I will fix this list below for shopify website
1. Image optimization
2. Java and Java code and file optimization.
3. CSS code and file optimization.
4. Move pasrsing js, css
5. Async js and css file
6. Move js and css files to the footer.
7. Remove unused js, css files. And many more .

My customer review:


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Performance – How can the load time be improved when Pingdom says that 80% of the load time on the web browser is waiting for data from the server?

I assume that the website you are testing is dynamic. It is probably written in PHP, ASP, or some other scripting language that produces output based on the execution of code (other than HTML) and the input passed in it (including the user IP, etc.).

If the script and server resources are badly used, long waiting times will result.

For example, suppose the site has a huge database of about 1 billion records in the background. If I see myself working with databases, it's very time-consuming to count a large number of records in milliseconds, and those milliseconds will add up, and if the script that generates the page you want to display ends when you trying to count billions of records several times over the script without buffering the results, the wait can be very long, and I would fire the company's programmer if I had the power.