Donald Trump says he is the least racist person on the planet. Do you believe him?

I do not know who the least racist person on the planet is, but I doubt anyone would call a Latina woman "Miss Housekeeping" or say a judge can not be impartial because "he's Mexican".

Donald Trump also said that nobody respects women more than he does. I also do not know who is # 1 among women, but I guess it's someone who * did * not say, "pack 'em" or "women": you have to treat them like that sh! t ".

Basically, the better Donald Trump claims to be able to do something, the worse he actually is. It is the law of inverse trumpability.


BlackHatKings: Crypto speculation and investment
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BlackHatKings: Proxies and VPN area
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Why do Republicans hate the environment? Do not you know that we only have one planet to live on?

Okay, the first thing to say. Climate change and the decline in living conditions are due to human overpopulation. The only reason we need insane amounts of energy and energy is because we have so many people. Unfortunately, it is not politically correct to say why Republicans pretend that the problem does not exist, and Democrats use the issue as a political point of discussion to get votes. Both parties refuse to acknowledge the one thing that will really change climate change. No amount of climate agreements or treaties will help the world if our human population continues to grow exponentially.

Second, it must be said. A lot of land has to be cleared and cut down if you want to supply America with solar energy. Solar panels are also expensive and harmful to the environment. The use of solar to protect the environment is self-destructive. And then it is the fact that it is unreliable. The same applies to hydropower. Hydropower flooded a lot of land, killing animals and disturbing fish farming. Although hydropower is the best in terms of reliability and convenience, it is still destructive.

I do not say that coal is good. Only that Republicans and Democrats should seek a productive technological and political solution rather than being in egotism (which is both parties).


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unity – How do I spawn trees so that they are perpendicular to a 3D planet?

I have a 3D tree that I want to clone to be perpendicular to a planetary object so that it looks upright as it emerges. I tried it by copying all the desired twists of the tree and adding them to a dictionary full of vector3s, so I can access one if necessary. However, when using Quaternion.Euler (), the coordinates are not copied exactly when I submit them. You are always wrong. Below is the code:

public void PlaceFauna (GameObject Precast, Vector3 Position, Vector3 Rotation, GameObject icosphere)
prefab.transform.position = position; // Move the finished part into the scene and set the position
prefab.transform.rotation = Quaternion.EulerAngles[rotation]; // Set the rotation to that of the dictionary
GameObject clone = instantiate (prefab) as GameObject; // Create a clone = clone.GetInstanceID (). ToString (); // Specifies a unique name
clone.transform.parent = icosphere.transform; // Put the clone under region
prefab.transform.position = new Vector3 (0, 0, 40); // Moves the finished part out of the scene

It takes the position and the rotation from the dictionary and applies .Euler () to the prefabricated house so that the tree (the position) should match the position. But it does not. Where do I go wrong?

If you are in a binary star system on a planet, would solar collect more energy?

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