Air travel – Is there a service that informs me when a new direct connection is planned from a certain airport?

On the weekends, I like to book cheap direct flights and visit a new city. However, the number of direct connections from my airport is not that great and I am always looking for new destinations that I can call for booking.

Is there a website that can automate this for me and send a notification when new direct flights are made from my local airport?

dnd 5e – How can I decide which benefits I should choose for my planned multi-class champion fighter and thief villain?

I plan to create a multi-blooded Yuan-Ti Pure Blood champion fighter / thief character in a soon-to-be-launched campaign. The theater is a non-magical illusionment magician with daggers and tricks up his sleeve. You will be a dagger and an improvised weapon thrower. I plan to start with the first 4 levels Rogue, then 8 Fighters, followed by Rogue for a total of 12 Rogue / 8 Fighters with a total of 7 ASIs.

Dual Wielder performance is a must for the first or second ASI. But what would be good afterwards?

Secondly. At what point is it better to take the Tavern Brawler talent than to bump Dex? Or should I first bring Dex to 20?

The plan is to use my bonus action on most moves to throw a bottle of oil or something similar.

My concern is that I will feel like a burden to the party in the fight because I use daggers rather than something that uses the Sharpshooter talent. So, would it be better to use darts in close combat as improvised daggers and take the Sharpshooter when thrown?

Planned posts are displayed in the frontend as clickable

My wordpress gives me the strangest mistakes. When I schedule a post, it is published, but when you visit the post and click on a paragraph as a visitor, it becomes "editable".

After the click, a blue border will appear surrounding the paragraph, and you can write and change things, even though you can not save them if you are not admin (or at least I hope so).

If the post is published immediately, the behavior is completely normal. You can not click and edit anything. The pages are also normal.

I disabled each plugin and tested other themes, but the error is always displayed.

My host provider said that it could be due to the PHP version, so they were downgraded from 7.1 to 5.6, but the bug persists.

If someone has a tip, it would be very grateful. If I find the solution, I will edit it because I can not find anything on the web.

Thank you and best regards.

Need help with the planned posting

I use the GSA SER repeat posting and it is very important that you do not create spam content.

Here is my setup:

Despite the attitudes SER publishes again and again the same / more threads on some forum platforms.

I'm curious if anyone had a similar problem and found a solution.