Azure vs AWS vs Google Cloud Platform

I’m planning to learn one of them and start deploying my freelance clients web apps to the one i will go with.

However, I don’t want to learn all of them and then find out pros and cons..

  • How was your experience with AWS, Azure and GCP?
  • How is the job market for them?
  • How easy to learn?
  • How easy to deploy a project?

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Cross Browser Test Platform that supports pay-as-you-go Model?


Currently I am using BrowserStack to perform cross browser test for my website. However, every month, I will only test my website for less than 10 times, so it is not afforable to pay in a monthly plan while actually I use the service rarely. Therefore, I want to know if there are other similar services that provides a pay-as-you-go model so that I can purchase some credits(or some minutes) and then use the credits/minutes when I need, instead of subscirbing a montly plan?

platformer – Unity 3D platform spawning problems

I’m making an infinite runner game in Unity 3D. I have it so that platforms spawn and move backwards toward the player and they are destroyed once past the player. Over time when the platforms are spawned, the position they’re spawned at gets more and more inaccurate. Sometimes they over lap slightly and sometimes there are small gaps in between them. And as the game is continuously played, it gets worse and worse. You can watch the video below to see what I mean. This is the script I use to spawn the object

 public GameObject() objectSpawned;

 public PlatformKiller myPlatformKiller;

 void Start()
     myPlatformKiller = GameObject.Find("PlatformKiller").GetComponent<PlatformKiller>();

 private void Update()
     if (myPlatformKiller.readyForSpawn)
         int rand = Random.Range(0, objectSpawned.Length);
         Instantiate(objectSpawned(rand), transform.position, transform.rotation * Quaternion.Euler (-90f, 0f, 0f));

Here is a video so you can see what I’m talking about:

Also, I know the exact unit size for each platform is 11.92. I know this because I added a c# script to each one that shows me the vector3 values. There are originally 20 platforms. And to know exactly where to spawn the object I did 11.92*20 = 238.4. And the first platform is at -4.78. So I subtracted that from 238.4 and got 233.62. So a z position of 233.62 is the correct place to spawn the object. I just wanted to include that in there so you know that the spawner gameobject is in the right place. Please let me know if there is any additional information about this that I can give you. Everything should theoretically work I think, so I seriously have no idea what to do. Thanks for your help!

exchanges – Does anyone know a good cryptocurrency trading platform?

please advise cryptocurrency trading platform. In particular, we need a platform that combines the marketplace and investment in one place. I am particularly interested in LTC with a desirable minimum execution period. Thanks.

google cloud platform – GKE master node upgrade constantly failing

I upgraded google cloud kubernetes cluster from 1.16.9-gke.2 to 1.16.9-gke.6 and it failed.

All cluster resources were brought up, but: component “kube-apiserver” from endpoint “gke-3a1fa906f95b728d035e-59bc” is unhealthy.

I’m having this issue constantly. My production server is completely inaccessible.
No way to roll back.
I had this issue before during the previous update. It resolved after 3-4 times. This time I update 6-7 times. No luck.

E-learning platform: plugins to perform desired functions

I need your help identifying the right plugins to achieve my desired functions on an e-learning platform that I’m developing for a client. The platform is to be like

Below are the functions desired to be implemented on the platform

  1. An e-learning platform whereby languages professionals can register as tutors;
  2. Students can register and choose a tutor to learn from based on their language of choice;
  3. Students can purchase credits which will be used to book their tutors;
  4. 15% commission is deducted from each course session fee as service fee, and 85% goes to the tutor;
  5. Tutors can withdraw their money once their wallet is up to $100.

please developers, help out

Which is the best IoT platform? – Cryptocurrencies Corner

I feel this is a great IoT platform form as they distribute $10 million worth of JASMY COIN as a free airdrop campaign.

Jasmy’s mission is to create an IoT platform that customers can use worldwide while maintaining control of their data.

On the other hand, as a company with many networks around the world, They considered what they could do and decided to run this special airdrop free of charge in all accessible countries.

In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, they have decided to distribute $10M worth of JASMY COIN as a free airdrop campaign scheduled to take place in July, 2020. This Offer ends June 31, 2020

How to Adopt Internet of Things (IoT) ?

IoT plays a different role in each sector; the only common thing is that it enables to the connect the physical devices to the Cloud.

Healthcare System

Ø  In Healthcare, IoT can be used to monitor a patient’s heart rate or blood pressure. It can generate an alert to notify the doctor, so that doctor can guide to take the immediate decisions.

Ø  In hospitals, it can also help in Assets Management and configuring or tuning of any device from a remote location.


Ø  Industrial IoT can be used to monitor the assets in the industrial sector. It can help in implementing Predictive Maintenance to minimize the loss in case of any failure.

Ø  IoT could help to trigger the alert if any of the machine parts serviced in Real-Time which can be replaced and prevent the massive loss.

Home Automation

Ø  There are lots of IoT devices available which used in Home Automation/Security. IoT used for smart monitoring of the home appliances which includes door sensors, cameras, smoke or fire detector, smart electric devices.

Environmental Monitoring

Ø  When it comes to monitoring of the environment, IoT devices can be used to collect the data in Real-Time from the sensors and that data can be used for the forecasting.


Ø  In the Retail sector, IoT can help the retailers to upgrade the stores which can provide a better experience the customers and also helps in theft prevention and analytics on the based of sales.

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