amazon web services – CLoud gaming on AWS platform

So I’ve been trying to launch a cloud gaming platform in India,
when I started researching about cloud gaming and how can we build one as a service I got in touch with this guy who has already created one using AWS service (service name- as their cloud provider,
he told me that its quite easy to build one using infrastructure as code as the core of the service and to automate we need to learn about cloud formation

I am a frontend developer and Now I am learning backend stuff, so I don’t have a good knowledge of cloud computing field

I wanted to know a workflow of How can we build one and what should I learn to set up the platform

please do share your knowledge it would be a great help to me
or if anyone is interested to do this as a job please let me know

Selling – – blogging platform for Twitter users

This project has great potential to be a source of high traffic from Google and Twitter and user-written content on various topics in many languages

What is this project about?
With Twittext you can publish text, write your blog, or just read texts from people you follow on Twitter. In just three clicks (login, new text, publish), you can publish your text on the web and share it on Twitter. Screenshots from the application can be seen at this link
This project has great potential to be a source of high traffic from Google and Twitter and you get user-written content on various topics in many languages. Will have to work on it, especially on promotion. Today there are 40 registred users (total 29 texts were written, mostly tests, about 12 real texts (real articles).

The application itself recognizes the language of the text and sets the correct html lang of page (for example this text in german…el-bei-corona-verrechnet-swr-spatschicht-uqdd ), the user does not have to set in which language he writes.

There is no administration, you can view/edit users and texts via adminer.php (or PhpMyAdmin).

The whole site can be easily localized into other languages by translating a single text file, which contains all texts, button labels, etc.

How does your business make money?Website is currently not monetized. The possibilities are AdSense, affiliate, create premium services like Tweet scheduler etc.

Who would this business be perfect for?Who would like to focus on this product and create a high traffic website.

What is included in the sale?

  • domain (I think Twittext is a very nice brand…Twitter+Text =
  • application and database (php framework Laravel 8.0 + MySQL)
  • VPS (6xCPU, 16GB RAM, 10 usd/m paid by 18.5.2021), but you can use classic web hosting, the application is not resource intensive, if you want I’ll help with transfer)
  • 3x Twitter accounts (62 followers), (194 followers), (150 followers)
    You can tweet links to new interesting texts (as I did), some promo, etc.
  • Google account with Google analytics

Post sale supportIncluded.

As a programmer, if you would like, I can help implement your ideas in the future.

I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application

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DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application – DeepSound Android- Mobile Sound & Music Sharing Platform Mobile Android Application

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DeepSound Android is a social Sharing music & sound…

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☑️NEW – [Airdrop] Free distribution of tokens by new trading platform MGTC! | Proxies-free

Airdrop in progress!

I‘m sharing with you a FREE DISTRIBUTION OF TOKENS (airdrop)! A new trading platform called MGTC offers a bonus of about 220$ in TRT (True Rapid Token) for being one of the first to register and with NO DEPOSIT REQUIREMENT!
After signing up, go to “account” and then “basic verification” to put your ID number to enjoy the following rewards:

– Registration: 138 TRT (220 USDT)
– Login: 3.5 TRT after 7 consecutive days of login
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o 1st level: 138 TRT (220$)
o 2nd level: 69 TRT (110$)

Here is the sign up link:

DeepSound – The Ultimate PHP Music Sharing Platform

DeepSound is a music sharing script, DeepSound is the best way to start your own music website!
DeepSound is fast, rich, secured, and it will be regularly updated.
Do you have any questions? please read our FAQs.
Check out the Demo

User Features…

. – Download & Streaming Platform – Up to $70/10k DLs+Views – Fast & Stable – PPD/PPV/PPS – API + Fast Support

Hi WJ’s
We Are Hexupload, We are happy to introduce Hexupload to Uploaders, Webmasters, Content creators and Publishers.

Why Hexupload?

  • Fast, stable, Really Flexible
  • Unlimited Download & Upload Speed.
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth.
  • Legal Adult Content is Allowed.
  • WEB, REMOTE, API uploads is supported
  • Video Player & Stream is supported
  • Embed codes & embed links is supported
  • Custom ads mode…

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cryptography – best platform to invest bitcoin

-Trade Spot Market is an investment banking boutique dedicated to serving innovative media companies worldwide whose head office is based in the Canada.

It offers a wide range of services, designed to help both traders and Bitcoin miners invest their funds / Bitcoins at great interest rates. It is based in Canada and have investment professionals from advanced computer technology to engineering. Join the platform and start getting profit with professionals in just 168 hours!.

The option for the SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform is not available in SharePoint Online

One of our users reported an issue in a specific SharePoint Online classic Team site. On this site, SharePoint Designer 2013 does not allow us to create Workflows 2013. I checked and confirm that I also can’t create 2013 Workflows.

Does anyone know how is this possible allow/disallow or enable/disable workflow 2013 engine for a specific site?

enter image description here

Message from SharePoint Designer

The option for the SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform is not available
because the workflow service is not configured on the server. Please
contact your server administrator.

Addition info

  • All other sites allow us to create 2013 workflows with no issues.
  • I am a site collection administrator.
  • Custom scripts are allowed at the site.

Tenant settings
enter image description here

Update – found a solution

I have also activated the Workflow feature under the Workflow settings > Workflow Health

enter image description here

enter image description here

Result: Still no Workflow 2013 option listed. It worked after a 10-min delay.

Dimilancer – New Freelancer Platform | Proxies-free

Dimilancer – Freelancer Platformu
Dimilancer freelance iş yapan kişiler ve şirketler ile iş yaptırmak isteyen kişileri buluşturan komisyonsuz bir freelancer sitesidir. Kategorilere uygun iş ilanlarınızı ücretsiz yayımlayabilir ve/veya yayımlanan ilanlardan dimilancer platformuna ek ücret ödemeden satın alabilirsiniz. Dimilancer 20.04.2021 tarihinde açılan ve tamamen komisyonsuz satış üzerine freelancer ve müşterileri buluşturan ücretsiz bir platformdur. Dimilancer Freelancer Platformu sitesine katılmak ve ilan yayınlamak tamamen ücretsizdir. Bu web sitesine şirketler dahil olmak üzere iş ilanlarını yayınlayabilirler. Yayınladıkları ilanlar 90 gün ile sınırlıdır ve 90 günün sonunda yayından otomatik olarak kaldırılır, tekrar yayına almak için İlanı Güncelle butonu ile ilanı tekrar yayına alabilirsiniz.

İşlerinizi Freelancer Arkadaşlarımıza Bırakın, Zamandan Tasarruf Edin!
Tüm grafik, web, editörlük, asistanlık, danışmanlık, yazarlık, yazılım v.b. işlerinizi web sitesinde ilanları bulunan alanlarında uzman arkadaşlarımıza/işletmelere bırakın zamandan tasarruf etmenin keyfini çıkarın.

dimiblog nedir?
Dimiblog, dimilancer sitesinin alt etki alan adıdır. Bu blog da genel konular paylaşılmaktadır. Dimiblog şuanda geliştirilme aşamasındadır ve geliştirildiğinde dimiblog’a yazmak isteyen kişiler de kendi makalelerini ekleyebilecek.