unreal 4 – Automation Tool Platform Error

I am trying to use the automation tool according to the documentation.

To build an installed build:

Execute the installed build script by calling the AutomationTool with the
following command line, Replace [PLATFORM] with Win64 or Mac.

BuildGraph -target = "Build installed build [PLATFORM]"
-script = Engine / Build / InstalledEngineBuild.xml -clean

However, I am getting this error.
ERROR: The target & # 39; Build Installed Build [Win64] & # 39; is not shown in the graphic

I'm not sure what to use as a platform.
I searched the configuration file, but I don't see any specified platforms.
Can someone help? Thanks a lot.

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Javascript – online course platform

Four friends of mine (and I) are developing an online course platform (similar to coursera, udemy and edX, but only with our content).

There will be lots of media, interactive quizzes, tests and different levels of content access (depending on the user's plan).

I am responsible for the platform (since my friends are producing the content).

First of all, I would have to understand our technical requirements: back-end, front-end, security problems, server hosting, databases and payment control.

I would like to know which technologies are best for us (and where I can learn more about web course platforms).

(I know a little bit of Javascript, CSS, HTML and Python … and although it would be easier it doesn't have to be related)

C # platform or library that supports descriptive statistics (frequency, crosstabs) of survey data

I want to create a responsive web application that can query data from a city survey. The survey has a large number of questions and is required to perform descriptive statistics, e.g. Number of respondents who are male, number of respondents who live in an apartment, etc. In addition, it is necessary to cross-tabulate the questions. End users can select a survey question and then specify a geographic area for the query.

I could build it from scratch with ASP.NET and SQL Server. However, I'm interested to know if there are platforms or libraries that make this kind of task easier. I'm open to any programming language or framework, but would prefer C #