google cloud platform – Writing a Zero Byte File Before Total File Is Written to the Mounted Bucket

I have a mounted bucket using gcsfuse version 0.28. I have a file, say 200MB or greater that I am copying over to the mounted directory/bucket. GCSFUSE first writes a zero byte file, removes it in the target directory, and then writes the full file to the directory.

When the receiving application is listening for messages on this mounted bucket, they receive the zero byte message and not the fully written file.

My question is this: if upgrading to gcsfuse 0.31, will this handle this functionality and resolve this issue or do I need to manually fix this myself and control how the app listens to and processes the incoming data on the target mounted bucket?

What is the best web designing apps or plugins/APIs I can use for my platform? Is there something allready built for my purpose?

I want my platform to gather professionals and amateurs to build Artistically Techy 3D printed Interiors and Buildings.

What’s the best Designing App?

Is it Sketch, Zeplin or InVision? Is there some other laid out website for all my purposes?

I need to Design a platform website for PC first to gather:

  1. Clients – to input the specifics of the house plan
  2. 3D modelers Worldstars – that are going to apply for Real-life
    building contests with Magic Guidelines.
  3. Spacial VR Testers- can vote for contest winners (along everybody)
    and can test them in VR (?)
  4. Building professionals and Electrotecnic professionals – with a link
    for Discord and slack to actually build something from the 3D models
    and apply all sorts of Tech to it.
  5. Investors and passive and active partners- To state what they can
    offer and their demands and to keep in touch.
  6. Curators- to gather inspirational 2d and 3D images and to gather
    images about finishing textures and techniques. They can collaborate
    on a pinterest folder.
  7. Ideators – to submit crazy ideas on a mind map ,it can be MindMeister.

It would be very cool to make an automatized and personalized Karma level for curators and ideators and the professionals that would extract the information that they uploaded trough the other platforms together with upvotes.

What’s the simplest and most effective way to Design this website, ready for investors to see it and for programmers to pick it up?

PS:Also If you know of good APIs, other platforms or plugins that I could use for the project, it will be great!

google cloud platform – Something is making API calls to my GCP project

I started using Google Cloud Platform for a couple of months, however, yesterday the billing price started to grow, even though it is very little, it does it constantly and I have noticed that the API calls have also remained, Even though I have not been using the service, it is worth mentioning that I only have a virtual machine that I turn on sporadically.

The “Storage PD Capacity” criterion in billing is growing, apparently I exceeded the free storage limit, but the VM remains at 5GB of use.

Yesterday, I accidentally pressed a Compute Engine monitoring button and apparently a log service was activated, which I deactivated from the API’s panel, but what was explained above remains.

API calls since yesterday

blockchain – Are there smart contracts on Ripple platform?

Let’s say I want to create my own digital bank. I would like to build some custom logic for every transaction into the protocol. For instance, the Central Authority takes custom fees. It also has the ability to issue and burn tokens. In Ethereum this is done with smart contracts.

How can this be done in Ripple?

I was able to find some information regarding the Codius project, which was halted in 2015. Seems like Ripple launches Ethereum smart contracts on the Flare network now. Will this work like a second layer network? Can this be considered real smart contracts? How to test this out?

c++ – What is a good platform to handle Game Subscription (SaaS) sales?

I’m looking to add subscription licensing to a long running Windows PC game with regular updates.

Ideally the provider would handle payments/licenses/downloads/updates as part of the arrangement.

I’d like a solution that is considerably cheaper than Steam – perhaps 5-10% of sales. Although I accept that if an initial sale is made through Steam, they should get their normal cut of the ongoing license fee.

Easy integration into C++ with sample code would be helpful too.

I have looked at:

  • xsolla: Currently the top runner, has auto-updates.
  • gumroad: Just handles the license & initial download.
  • mycommerce: Like gumroad, but more business feel.
  • patreon: Don’t know if this is suitable.

Are there any other providers I should research before I invest the time integrating one?


google cloud platform – What is the best practice for managing Application Specific Users in GCP

Is there a “best practice” for managing application specific users for VMs in Google Cloud Platform? For example, in the old server world, you might have a “syslog” user for the syslog daemon, or an “nginx” user for nginx. In that world I would have created a “myapp” user for my application and then run the service under that user.

In the GCP world where we create VMs from stock images, the “myapp” user won’t exist. Of course, I could create one and make a custom image, but I’m curious if there’s a better (canonical GCP) way to do this.

This service does not need access to any Cloud APIs so service accounts don’t immediately make sense to me. Plus, I’m not sure I could specify a service account as the user in my systemd unit file.

google cloud platform – How to Lift and Shift from OpenStack to GCP?

I have previously had an OpenStack based cloud environmnent in which I had virtual servers. I have migrated to GCP and while I’ve refactored everything to be cloud native (and especially k8s), I’d like to move the disk images to GCP for archival purposes and so that I can access them by starting an instance in GCE.

I’ve made a snapshot of a server and downloaded it with glance cli tool, but I have hard time getting it work in GCP (If that’s even possible?). I’ve tried importing it as an image both on GUI and CLI. If I denote the OS (Centos 7), the import process does seem to find it in the raw disk image, but the import process ends with

(import-image): 2020-09-23T08:22:48.732Z step "translate-disk" run error: step "wait-for-translator" run error: WaitForInstancesSignal FailureMatch found for "inst-translator-import-image-translate-disk-1zq15": "TranslateFailed: error: Verify that you have specified the correct operating system in the `--os` flag. If you are bringing your own license (BYOL), also verify that your subscription is eligible to be run on GCP."

If I don’t denote the OS, the import succeeds but the instance is not bootable from the image.

So my questions are: Is what I’m trying to do actually possible and if so, how? What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this?

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