samsung – Return to Google Play Services

I own a Samsung Galaxy A50, which is my professional smartphone. I use it for work and it is funded by my company. In Knox professional software such as encrypted emails etc. is installed.

I'm seeing a problem with the Google Play Services app / service. From time to time I have a message with the words:

Device Health Services
Enable Google Play Services
Device Health Services app won't work if you do not enable Google Play Services

I tried to disable this message by disabling notifications from three apps:

  1. Google Play Service
  2. Device integrity services
  3. FAMOC

That did not help. Nevertheless, I get the same message between a few minutes and a few hours.

When I click this message, I get the ability to enable or stop Google Play Services, but the enable button does not work – nothing happens or is sometimes disabled. From this screen, it can be seen that the app has stopped. However, when I enter the settings menu and below, I get the information that the app is enabled and working.

Stopping the app also brings almost nothing. Deleting data and / or cache does not help. A downgrade of this app is not possible. Deactivation is also not possible.

The app version is 19.2.75 (100400-269183835). It's the newest one since I have another phone and the version is the same on it.

The app does not cause any problems, there are no mistakes.

How can I get rid of this message from time to time?

Webapp to connect iOS and Google Play Analytics

I am developing a mobile app that has become popular (about 100,000 downloads), and I find myself navigating too much between the Google Console dashboard and the iOS dashboard.

Is there an online tool that lets you connect to these two dashboards, import data regularly, and get a nice summary of some of my mobile app's KPIs?

Thank you very much.

Play with pictures 1.1.12 Build 17091 – NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 37.46 MB

Play With Pictures is an extremely entertaining imager. Play With Pictures ™ does not require any photo editing skills and does all the hard work for you. Amazingly simple and intuitive interface – in minutes! Easy to use – 3 simple steps. The number of images you can use is not limited. Cut out people and objects in seconds. Add effects, speech bubbles and text. Combine pictures and effects to create fantastic pictures! Share with friends and family. With Play With Pictures ™ you can: create pictures of holidays and special events; Cards and invitations; School tasks come to life; to share funny pictures with friends and family. Share or print via email, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and Flickr.
In case you do not want to get any further

Have fun. Mix photos. Add effects. Create great pictures.

• Easily add parts of other photos
• Easy to use – 3 quick steps
• Share with friends and family
• Drag and drop pictures
Play With Pictures ™ lets you create the following:
• Picture memories on holidays and special occasions
• Cards & Invitations
• Funny sharing pictures with friends and family on sites like Flickr and Facebook
• Schoolwork that comes to life

1. Amazingly simple and intuitive interface – in minutes!
2. Drag pictures from anywhere to Play With Pictures ™
3. Immediately cut out people and other objects from different images and add them to your composition
4. No photo editing skills required, Play With Pictures ™ does all the hard work for you
5. The number of pictures you can use is not limited
6. Add effects, speech bubbles, and text
7. Share or print via email, Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and Flickr
8. Watch our videos and see how fast and easy Play With Pictures ™ really is

• The official site does not provide information about changes in this release.


Downloading UploadGig

Download RapidgatorDownload of Nitroflare

google play store – Pushing apps for Wear OS (Ticwatch E)


I'm a Wear OS user and I want to transfer Google Voice to my watch. (I have a Ticwatch E, if that helps.) I connected my watch to my computer via ADB and ran the steps at -android-wear-3673967 / and when I get to the point where I need to type adb push apps / yayeet.apk / sdcard / (yayeet is the name of the apk file), the following will be displayed: Error: more than one Device / emulator. I do not know what to do.

UPDATE: I've overcome that, but now when I'm on the
Install the app on your watch
The final step is to install the APK file, which is now on your watch. Enter adb -e install apps / (APK filename).

It looks like this: adb -e install apps / tinycam.apk
Section on the site, and there was a mistake. And now it does not work anymore after I accidentally pressed Undo debugging authorization
please help

c ++ – How best to implement the story functionality (dialog and cutscene management, etc.) in a role play?

I would like to know how to best implement the story functionality of a roleplaying game. I'm writing the game in C ++ using the SFML graphics library, and I've implemented drawing tiles, layer loading, and moving players. However, I am not sure how to implement the story exactly. How would I implement when to create cut-scenes, what to do in cut-scenes, change in dialogue and dialogue options affect the game? I plan to have the dialog in JSON files in a similar format

"dialogue" :[
        {"type" : "dialogue", "character" : "player", "text" : "dialogue here", "result" : "next"},
        {"type" : "dialogue", "character" : "character", "text" : "more dialogue", "result" : "next"},
        {"type" : "option", "options" : [{"text" : "option 1", "result" : "goto 4"}, {"text" : "option2", "result" : "goto 5"}]},
        {"type" : "dialogue", "character" : "character", "text" : "from option 1", "result" : "next"},
        {"type" : "dialogue", "character" : "character", "text" : "from option 2", "result" : "next"}

Is this a good way to do this?
Should I also consider embedding a scripting language like Lua for cutscenes and other superordinate tasks?

android – When should AdMob ads appear in a staggered Google Play post?

I'm about to publish my first app on Google Play. It will contain Admob advertising and I'm confused about the moment when this company's ads should change from the ID that Admob offers to the world for development to the unique ID offered for the app.

I understand that you need to use the development ID in the app's internal testing, and I do, but I have no idea if using the application ID on the open app is practical the beta testers you would see the "real" advertising, or it is necessary to implement the unique ID only at the start of production.

It may be a very basic question, even a bit silly, but it is the first time and it would not be good for me to close accounts.

Google Play Services has stopped displaying messages on my Samsung phone

Solution 1 – Update Google Play Services to the latest version. You can download from here. You may receive an error message because you have a very outdated version or a conflict / error with the current version of Android on your phone.

Solution 2 – Empty the Google Play Services cache. The Google Play Services app on your phone acts as a framework for all Google and Google Play apps installed on your phone. You can try to clean up the cache and see if the problem is resolved. This worked with one of our team members! Read these quick and easy steps:

Go to Settings> Apps.
Scroll down to All Apps and then down to the Google Play Services app.
Open the app details and tap the Force Stop button.
Then tap the "Clear cache" button.

Solution 3 – Empty the Google Services Framework cache. The Google Services Framework System app on your Android device stores information and helps your phone sync with Google servers – and keeps your Google Play services up and running. This may be one of the reasons why you can not connect to Google servers with the app and the error message persists. Read these quick and easy steps:

Go to Settings> Apps.
Scroll down to All Apps and then scroll down to the Google Services Framework app.
Open the app details and tap the Force Stop button.
Then tap the "Clear cache" button.

Solution 4 – Check your internet connection. Your WiFi network may be blocking one of Google's IP addresses. You can also try turning Wi-Fi on or off on your phone – just like mobile data.

Solution 5 – It goes without saying, but it can be fixed by simply restarting your Android phone / tablet.

Solution 6 – I hate to say that, but in the end you might just want to install a custom ROM that is stable without error.