– Mail rules to play a sound only work for ‘apply rules

Running latest Catalina, Apple Mail, etc.

I have a rule that says if (conditions) Play Sound (custom sound).

It works fine if I highlight a message already downloaded and ‘apply rules’.
However, I never hear the sound when the message is first downloaded – even though there are subsequent moves of the message from a following rule with the same conditions, i.e., the message IS moved.

Is this a bug, or is there something I am not understanding?

Does play store filter out NFC apps for phones which do not have NFC?

That depends on the app. For using NFC in an app the developer has to declare that in the app’s AndroidManifest.xml that is contained it the app (and used by the PlayStore to detect if an app is compatible at all).

When using a feature you can declare if it is required=true or not, if it is not required it is considered optional:

<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.nfc" android:required="true"/>

Therefore for apps that declare the NFC feature as required=true PlayStore will not show you those apps on a non NFC phone. If it is set to optional (required=false) then you will be able to see this app.

See also

9.0 pie – Play Store not updating some apps

On Android the app developer can upload different app versions for different platforms.

Therefore it can happen that on your smartphone you have an Google Meet version from Dec. 2020 but on your tablet the latest version is still Aug. 2020.

This can even happen if both device are using the same Android versions. Just the fact that the one device is a tablet and the other a smartphone is enough so that they get different versions of an app.

If you open the page of an app in Google Play Store app and there is no “update” button then you already have installed the latest version that has been released for your current device.

Other criteria that may lead to a different version are:

  • Android version
  • Supported ABI of the CPU and OS (armv7 = 32bit and/or armv8 = 64bit)
  • Screen size
  • Country
  • Mobile network provider
  • Device name
  • Installed libraries (some manufacturer add special libraries that are required for certain apps)
  • Available hardware features such as NFC, fingerprint sensor, …

compatibility – Get app’s compatibilty matrix from Play Store

I am trying to figure out why Play Store claims that an app is incompatible with my device. Sideloading the app works fine, I’d just like to get it over the Play Store so that I don’t have to update manually.

I know that, as a developer, you can set criteria on what devices are compatible to your app.

Is there any way to get those criteria as a customer?

touchscreen – Motorola Z Play having unusable screen

I dropped by Moto Z play a few days ago, and when i dropped it, the touchscreen just stopped. I can see everything that is happening on the screen, like the time, notifications and other things on the lock screen, but the touchscreen, as well as the fingerprint reader, is dead. I have tried accessing my data in multiple ways, but nothing has worked.
If anyone can help, please i would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, and regards.

Windows sounds play from a selection at random

So I’m trying to figure out how to play from my selection of .wav files for a single notification on windows sounds.
Windows will only accept .wav but it needs to be at random from my folder.

I was thinking maybe I could use a dummy .wav file that runs a Self-extracting archive that contains a script for it.
But I have no idea on how to disguise the zip file as a wav file.

I’ve read there are different binder softwares but I’m trying to avoid them.

How to stop play store form auto updating itself & lucky patcher

My device:
Xiaomi S2
Android 10
EU ported MIUI12.0.8

This guide assumes you have a custom recovery & magisk installed. If not then do it first.
We’re gonna go in 4 step process:

1)Selinux permissive:

First go to magisk manager & flash Selinux module . Follow the flashing instructions & set Selinux to permissive .

  1. Uninstall the original play store:

Go to root >data>app> folder (your device might have some random string name , so find the folder where play store is it might be under the name base.apk/vending.apk/market.apk/ play store.apk) delete the folder using sd maid app.

(Note: I tried bunch of other file managers like fx file manager, xplorer, root browser but for some reason they did not work. )

  1. Delete the basic version of play store from system that automatically reinstalls:

Using sd maid go to system> product > priv-app> Phonesky this is the basic version. Delete it.

(Note: If for some reason you are having trouble with step 2 & 3 then go to your custom recovery mount system partition & follow these steps from custom recovery.)

  1. Now if you have a modded apk from Lucky patcher then place it in the Phonesky folder. If not then install the modded play store from Lucky patcher app. Take a backup of the modded play store using any backup app. Then place it in the Phonesky folder.

Go to app manager from settings see if it has installed as system app. If you can Uninstall from settings then do it. It will automatically reinstall the modded version .

  1. Flash Selinux magisk module & Set Selinux to Enforcing .

Play store will never auto update itself again & lucky patcher will start working on android 10. This trick can also be extended to android 9 & 11


google play store – Android Soft Keyboard Not Working

On some Android devices the soft keyboard does not appear when text input views are focused and the behavior is not easily replicated. It has not been observed in the emulator or when running the app locally. It’s observed immediately after downloading the app from the play store and users are unable to sign in to their accounts without a keyboard. The same devices have shown opposite behavior. The app was built with Expo and there are no issues in iOS. Only android customers have reported this issue.

I’m out of ideas as to what would cause this behavior. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.