Chrome for Android – How can I prevent a website from pointing to its app / play store?

I am trying to use Prime Video as a desktop website on Chrome (Galaxy S9 +). With the PrimeVideo app, I can't display better than 720p, which is ridiculous. However, the website always refers me to the app or the download page of the Play Store.

Is there any way to get around this or another way to display at least 1080p on my S9 +?

Google Play Services – Install TWRP and Magisk Manager on Moto G5 Plus without rooting

I want to install Google Play Services for AR (ARCore) on my Moto G5 Plus that is running Oreo 8.1. This device is not on the official list of devices supported by Google. I believe that this is possible with TWRP and Magisk Manager. I installed the Android SDK and all necessary USB drivers. I can load .apk & # 39; s with adb.
However, I want to install TWRP without unlocking the boot loader or rooting the phone.
First question: is that even possible? or do I have to root the phone?

I tried to follow the instructions to install TWRP without rooting, but when I try to flash the latest version of the Potter image twrp-3.3.1-0-potter.img, the error "Preflash validation failed" displayed:

androidSdkplatform-tools> .fastboot.exe flash recovery twrp.img
(bootloader) is-logical:recovery: not found
Sending 'recovery' (16342 KB)                      OKAY (  0.710s)
Writing 'recovery'                                 (bootloader) Image recovery failed validation
(bootloader) Preflash validation failed
FAILED (remote: '')
fastboot: error: Command failed

After this answer, Moto devices do not support downgrading the boot loader. However, I found that the recovery image (3.3.1-0) was the most current and suitable for Oreo 8.1. Is there a way to check the boot loader versions of the image on my phone?

Thank you in advance for any insight!

Role-playing game – How can I play a confident character when I am not one?

I'm not a super confident person, IRL, but I wanted to create a soldier character that doesn't get confident, a bit childish, and mature when it rises. I wondered how I rp the completely confident part of him. For example, other characters who are able to charge at each other and ask for information from them, as well as people who can speak and are not worried about the consequences or can blame people.

Unity – snake tail in snake play is not working properly

I'm doing a simple snake game in Unity 2D. And the snake tail doesn't follow directly behind the snake's head as it is intended.

The following happens:

This is my code:

using System.Collections;

using System.Collections.Generic;
with UnityEngine;
using System.Linq;

public class SnakeMovement: MonoBehaviour

private Vector3 fp;   //First touch position
private Vector3 lp;   //Last touch position

private float dragDistance;  //minimum distance for a swipe to be registered
private float speed = 13f;

private Rigidbody2D rb;
private Vector2 moveVelocity;

public GameObject tail;

public List tailPositions;

void Start() {
    dragDistance = Screen.height * 5 / 100; //dragDistance is 5% height of the screen
    rb = GetComponent();

void Update() {

    if (Input.touchCount == 1) // user is touching the screen with a single touch
        Touch touch = Input.GetTouch(0); // get the touch
        if (touch.phase == TouchPhase.Began) //check for the first touch
            fp = touch.position;
            lp = touch.position;
        else if (touch.phase == TouchPhase.Moved) // update the last position based on where they moved
            lp = touch.position;
        else if (touch.phase == TouchPhase.Ended) //check if the finger is removed from the screen
            lp = touch.position;  //last touch position. Ommitted if you use list

            //Check if drag distance is greater than ?% of the screen height
            if (Mathf.Abs(lp.x - fp.x) > dragDistance || Mathf.Abs(lp.y - fp.y) > dragDistance)
            {//It's a drag
             //check if the drag is vertical or horizontal

                if (Mathf.Abs(lp.x - fp.x) > Mathf.Abs(lp.y - fp.y)) {   //If the horizontal movement is greater than the vertical movement...
                    if ((lp.x > fp.x)) {   //Right swipe
                        if(moveVelocity != Vector2.left) {
                            moveVelocity = Vector2.right;
                    else {   //Left swipe
                        if(moveVelocity != Vector2.right) {
                            moveVelocity = Vector2.left;
                else {   //the vertical movement is greater than the horizontal movement
                    if (lp.y > fp.y) {   //Up swipe
                        if(moveVelocity != Vector2.down) {
                            moveVelocity = Vector2.up;
                    else {   //Down swipe
                        if(moveVelocity != Vector2.up) {
                            moveVelocity = Vector2.down;



void FixedUpdate() {
    Vector3 lastPos = transform.position;

    rb.MovePosition(rb.position + moveVelocity * speed * Time.deltaTime);

    if (tailPositions.Count >= 1) {
        tailPositions.Last().position = lastPos;
        tailPositions.Insert(0, tailPositions.Last ());
        tailPositions.RemoveAt(tailPositions.Count - 1);

void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D trigger) {
    Vector2 spawnPos = new Vector2(5, 5);

    if (trigger.tag == "Food") {
        GameObject newTail = Instantiate(tail, spawnPos, Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
        newTail.transform.parent = GameObject.Find("Tail Holder").transform;


Thank you for taking the time to help me.

Firebase push notification on devices without Google Play service


What is the alternative service for the Firebase push notification service on devices without a Google Play service?

Some brands publish devices that don't have a Google Play service. For example Honor new mate series.

Consequently, Fire base Services based on Google Play will not work.

My question is, are there alternatives to Google Play Service tools (like Firebase push notification service).

Firebase uses a constantly running socket, which is supported by the Google Play Service app. Which service does the same on these devices?

Google Play Store – Apps will not download / update after factory reset

I have a problem with my Pixel 3. I had a problem with Google Play not updating any of my apps in the past few days. After trying different things, including:

  • Clear cache and data
  • Stop stopping Google Play
  • Disable Google Play updates

None of these solutions worked. I decided to reset my phone to factory settings. After restarting the phone, however, the Play Store got stuck in "Complete setup". An attempt was made to install an app, but it said "Waiting for Wi-Fi". However, the phone was definitely connected to my WiFi and I have a strong and stable connection. I decided to cancel all pending downloads and updates, but that didn't seem to help as I still can't install or update apps if I try one at a time. I get either the message "Waiting for WiFi" or "Download …" for the app and nothing else happens. I have no idea what to do next. Does anyone know of possible solutions? My phone is not rooted and I would prefer solutions that do not require it, if at all possible.

I will help you get the Gun Master title and play Pro Pubg Mobile for $ 10

I will help you get the Gun Master title and play Pro Pubg Mobile

You may be wondering how you can easily get gunsmiths in Pubg Mobile. I can help you achieve this title easily. I have already achieved this title and I know how to easily get gun master tags in Pubg Mobile

I can offer two things

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Drupal 7, views, organic groups, creating a view of groups to which the user belongs and what role they play

I have created a view that follows this link
Using Views to List a Member's Organic Groups (7.x-2.3)

It lists the groups that the current user has subscribed to.

I also tried to add a field that shows the user role within the group and whether they are group managers. I can't find either of these two fields.

I tried to add the "OG Membership: OG Membership Roles" relationship, but there is no field available to display the membership role. The only similar field is "OG membership: OG user roles in group", but that shows the roles of the group, not the role of the user.

Is it possible to view the current user roles in each group using views?

Thank you for any help