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The GO Unlimited service, which may be known by the name of many of you, is one of the oldest services that specialize in video hosting. The goal of the service has always been to ensure the provision of a secure and stable platform for its long-term partners and to provide functions and features that match their aspirations, and of course to innovate to keep pace with the needs of the industry.

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In 2020, we are trying to move traditional video hosting services to integrated solutions in this area by providing advanced tools, some of which have not previously been proposed or used in this area to keep up with the times Development in this industry and its requirements included.

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Our goal

Our primary goal is to ensure the long-term stability of the platform and the stability of the services that the tools provide to their partners. We work in GO Unlimited based on long-term, not short, plans to ensure the opportunity to work many years and to successfully meet our partners' aspirations and aspirations.

Our work since 2016 and our achievements are proof of this goal that we strive for. We will continue to work towards this goal.

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dnd 5e – Players are frustrated when they fail to solve a tough diplomatic problem of how to get them to think outside the box


Players got into a diplomatic problem that they know is likely to be above their salary level in terms of difficulty. They spent one session figuring out this problem by speaking to people and performing various charisma checks to convince people they were unlikely to have a business with (roles were average, arguments were not particularly convincing). The party had no big plans, no extraordinary strategies, no clever ideas on site, but tried a very simple head-first dialogue.

This has happened in the past in relation to the fight, and the party had to think outside the box on a recent fatal encounter (one player even said, "Guys, we have to plan more and think less about it, sometimes just hacking and to cut up. "") Now it's a more diplomatic problem that doesn't seem to be as easy as doing a single charisma check and hoping it works.

In the end, the party failed to solve the diplomatic problem (although there will be room to try again with the upper hand in the future), and one of the players said they had not enjoyed the session. Player enjoyment is my top priority. But I also think dnd is best when there is risk, when you can roll the dice, when the PCs don't always win (not that I am actively looking for it).

How can I get the party to act less linearly on dialog related issues?

An example problem:

P: When you try to make a bad person with a lot of influence in the city smart

ON: There are ways to accuse the person, bribe people, spot them to find their weakness, tarnish their reputation, prove their wrongdoing by looking for evidence, and a number of other ways.

I tried to have a short session 0 discussion again about whether they would like to have problems related to the dialogue and they didn't seem to accept it but felt like they tried everything and didn't know what else to do. I also post-mortemed this issue and tried to provide various options that they could have tried, but I feel that the players still feel they have tried and failed and the session was "a waste" (although they're still exp, I still have loot and more action.

A bit of a clue as to how to address this issue, not just "Watch some podcasts for ideas, or read the X, Y, and Z resources on the subject."

Java – How can I find the maximum possible winnings for 2 players with numbered cards?

I have the following situation:

  • There are 2 players
  • Every player has & # 39; X & # 39; cards
  • To find: Maximum number of victories for player 1 possible
             Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in);
            List cards1  = new ArrayList();
            List cards2  = new ArrayList();
            int setsize  = sc.nextInt();

            for(int i = 0 ; i

Can someone tell me how to do it?

dnd 5e – Can the undead heal other players with normal healing spells?

heal wounds Conditions:

A creature you touch receives a number of hit points equal to 1d8 +
Your spell modifier. This spell has no effect on the undead
or constructs.

Healing word Conditions:

Target creature you can see within range gets the hit back
Points equal to 1d4 + spell modifier. That magic
has no effect on the undead
or constructs.

Unless I missed something From the homebrew race you shared, you are indeed undead and can make your bard spells seem normal.

Being undead doesn't change the way the spells work, but of course it changes the way you work, since you're undead.

I was surprised to see that Influence spells do not heal the undead in 5e

How can I heal undead creatures? can help you.

In summary:

Yes, your bard spells will heal your living comrades, but you have to find other ways to heal yourself as they won't heal you.

dnd 5e – Can players revive their old, dead characters once they have reached a higher level?

Resurrection can revive someone who has been dead for less than a century. So let's say my level 5 druid dies and I make a barbarian to continue adventures with my group. A year later, when we're tall enough, our cleric wants to revive my druid from earlier (if he remembers where we buried the body).

That definitely seems to be happening, right? If so, can't most of the dead characters return at some point, especially at higher levels? It almost feels like death isn't as permanent as I thought it would be unless I miss something?

dnd 5e – Advice for DM / players for the first time with hero players who are trying out the lost mine of Phandelver for the first time with an under-sized group

After listening to and enjoying some podcasts, I will try DnD with my wife and children. None of us played before, so after doing some research, I decided on the official DnD 5e starter set.

Due to a slight misunderstanding, I thought the set for four players, including the DM, was fine. It seems that it is actually intended for a group of four or five people plus the DM.

Given that the group will consist of only three people, none of them have played before, and two of them are children. I would expect them not to be very effective from the start.

As a DM, I plan to help as much as possible with the rules and pointers about what they can do (initially they didn't read all the rules). But I'm worried that they could fight as a small party.

The kids have decided that they like the wizard and the villain, and my wife likes to play one of the remaining characters. From my research, I suggested the cleric for them to have someone with high alternating current and good healing.

Since I've never played before, I'm looking for suggestions on what else I can do to get off to a good start. Of course, I can reduce things like the number of enemies in fights, but I assume there are many other tricks that I am not aware of to help in such a situation.

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social – How do I deal with players who are not having fun and not playing role-playing games?

First post here, so I apologize for breaking some conventions that I don't know about.

I am currently guiding a group of six through Tomb of Annihilation (I will not take care to avoid spoilers, so you will be warned beyond this point). The campaign is decent. The group of players is a little rockier than I'm used to, but overall I'm pretty confident that all of my players can have fun.

My problem is with one person. My group of players is mostly a mix of nationalities, so we're playing on Roll20, but two of them are real friends of mine. One of these friends always told me that he likes the "game" part of D & D 5e more than role-playing, which is fair for me. Not everyone likes the same things about D&D and he happens to prefer mechanics and stuff. He knows that I include a healthy part of role-playing in my campaigns, but I also like to provide challenging and interesting content that does not involve role-playing.

My first alarm bell should have been ringing when he intentionally made a dumb character (An Aarakocra Monk) so that he didn't have to do that much RP. I didn't think about it much at the time because his character communicated in writing and he had agreed with another player to share a back story. While this player was actually taking a back seat to RP, he was still involved in the game. This has changed over the course of the game. As time went on and when everyone was chatting and having fun, he became more and more withdrawn, just not role-playing and just there to play. I have spoken to him several times during this time, but he assured me that he was enjoying himself, so I let him. This situation became devastating when the character he shared a background story with died and he did absolutely nothing in the character to respond to.

Over time, he also stopped talking less in our conversations outside of the characters and didn't just play role-playing games. He limited his in-game interactions to throwing only when I asked to declare his attacks and ask if he could craft items during the trip. At that time, he also unlocked "Stunning Strike" as a monk and used it constantly to gain an edge in combat. That's okay, of course, but his interactions were limited to just rolling his attacks and explaining that he used Stunning Strike.

Finally, the situation came to a head when the group took on Tzindelor, a young red dragon. The party was well prepared and had already caused massive damage. This player came and did the Stunning Strike as often as he could. Tzindelor passed most litters, but critically failed a check, which means she would be stunned and this epic fight everyone was thinking of (it had only taken a round or two at that time, her health melted ridiculously fast) ), would have been reduced to The group just hit a sandbag on HP. At that point, I made a quick DM-Fiat decision and said that Tzindelor had legendary resistance.

Now we can all discuss whether this was appropriate or not (please add a side note in your answer if you'd like, I'm interested in other opinions), but the point is that this player is also frustrated by this. Immediately after the event, he found the magic big ax in the dragon's hoard and refused to give it to the barbarian in the group, although he cannot effectively use it as his current character.

Other players asked in the character whether he wanted to give the barbarian (the other friend) the ax because he could actually use it. He didn't answer and just said he wanted to keep it out of the character.
I later talked to him about this special ax and just asked why he wanted to keep it. He said something about how he finally got loot. It is true that he did not have much magic items or upgrades, but on the other hand, there have only been two remarkable magic items in the group so far, an alchemy pitcher and the Ring of Winter. The ring in particular is incredibly powerful, but I'm slowly punishing the player for using it over time. (Further details on how the ring landed with the players are available on request). Finally, he gave the barbarian the ax because in real life the player of that character asked him.

Finally, I heard from another GM from another campaign that this player still brought up the incident with legendary opposition to him. I quote him completely useless. Although I can definitely understand the frustration in this particular case, I've never stopped him from using Stunning Strike, and I really believed that the fight was more fun. I would like to offer compensation, but I have no idea what to do as he doesn't play an RPG and spams only Stunning Strike. I will definitely make him whine about a boss someday, but somehow I don't think that really fixes that much (confirmation bias is a pain).

I have invited this player for a personal interview in the coming days. Can anyone give advice on how to talk to this player? Suggestions on how to better enjoy the game would also be appreciated. I will provide the desired details and will provide an update after the interview. Right now I'm thinking about just asking him what he wants and what I could do to help. If we can't find a solution, I carefully suggest that this game may not fit his style of play and offer him the option to exit the game. I'm not going to tell him to go. If he leaves, it will be because he agrees that it is the best.

I really hope to find a solution. The tension that caused this not only killed his enjoyment of the game, but also affects the atmosphere of the whole group, and nobody wants that.

unit – Unity3D: Create and share levels with players without updating the game

I use Unity. I am new to Unity but I have a strong C ++ Opengl background in game creation and I have also written my game engine. I want to share levels with players without updating the game. I want all levels to be part of a scene. There are two problems here …

  1. Create levels for once Scene 2. Share levels with players

For the first problem, I would have created a layer editor without a unit and placed some objects there and generated a JSON file that contains things like transform and asset that the object uses.

For the second problem, I looked at Firebase, which has a so-called real-time database that solves the problem

Can anyone give me an idea of ​​how I can have a solid, comfortable structure to create and share layers in the UNITY engine?

Thank you very much.