Total duration of the playlist in the progress display of the audio player

A huge playlist consisting of tiny and large audio files. In a startup for language learning, I give it to customers as an audio lesson. I need customers who can see the percentage of the lesson in the progress bar (elapsed / total playlist time).
No such audio player could be found. Does anyone know of such a player?

New Genius playlist in the Catalina Music app?

Switch from Spotify to Apple Music on a new Catalina computer. I'm looking for something like the "recommended songs" for a specific playlist. I found hidden in the File>New menu the New Genius Playlist Option that only seems to activate when I have selected one or more songs.

If I select only one song and call this option, I will be informed

The song "Fundamentum" does not have enough related songs to create one
Ingenious playlist.

So I choose that Update Genius Button, but nothing really changes. Calling up the menu again does nothing.

IF I have selected several songs – like the content of my (ingenious) playlist – then it does nothing. No request. No new playlist. Nothing.

How is this option supposed to work?

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Algorithms – Imperfection of randomness in the VLC shuffle playlist – why?

This is just a speculation, but VLC may try to simulate … perfect randomness. That is, each song is equally randomly selected independently from earlier songs. According to the coupon collector problem, if you have $ n $ Songs in your list and you want to hear them all, you have to wait about $ n ln n $ Songs are played. At this time, the average song will have been heard $ ln n $ times.

The problem does not seem to be in VLC, but in the random experiment that VLC tries to simulate. VLC does not try to mix and play your playlist. Rather, it seems like every time a new random song is selected, regardless of the past.

iphone – Play all playlists in the playlist folder using the Apple Music App (iOS) as well as iTunes

In iTunes, we can create a playlist folder (playlist folder) and add regular playlists:

Enter image description here

Then we can play the entire folder (two playlists will play from the screenshot as one), but in the Apple Music App for iOS we can only open that playlist folder and then play only a separate regular playlist. We Can not Play All Playlists in This Folder In this playlist folder, it only seems possible with iTunes.

iphone – Sort tracks in an Apple Music playlist – by artist, track name, etc

There was a post about sorting songs in a playlist in the Apple Music app for iOS on reddit, but it seems that this method (at least for me) is not working anymore. Https:// 7yk20q / i_figured_out_how_to_sort_songs_within_an_apple /

When I delete songs with iTunes or add them to playlists, they are automatically synced to my iPhone (Apple Music App), but sorting seems to be ignored. The sort order / order I set in iTunes is not reflected in the Apple Music app.

How can I solve this problem?

I just want to sort my track Release date

Enter image description here

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