Is it possible to develop topics and plugins locally while at the same time enabling content to be updated directly in the admin dashboard?

All of the similar questions I found have been asked specifically about setting up local environments and / or setting up version control. You never ask if it is possible to have a theme and plugin development workflow, while non-technical users can change content directly on a web server using the admin dashboard.

I am new to WordPress … is it possible to provide only the files necessary to update designs and plugins and not to overwrite new content on the server?

I believe that these large companies using WordPress must have found a way to enable both release management processes and quick content updates through the admin dashboard.

Thank you for any instructions!

Plugins – WordPress, search form with Ajax

I am completely new to WordPress and my maximum is to create a plug-in with a function that shows "Hello, I am working". I have a search form with first and last name and a working API that I wrote on another server on Laravel.

My job is to make sure that when the page loads, the first 20 records from this API are loaded into the search form and actually do their job. In theory, that shouldn't be difficult, but can anyone tell me how to do it right? Where to use the plugin and how to tap my API. I know Js / Ajax, but how to use them in a WordPress environment – no.

I would be most grateful for any tips

Plugins – add_action (& # 39; the_content & # 39 ;, & # 39; my_plugin_content & # 39;) is null

filter always return something, they are not actions, they take in something, change it and then return it, but your filter does neither.

As a result, PHP declares that it has been returned nulland the next filter gets along null as contribution content.

For example, this filter adds the word "Hey!" until the end of the content:

add_filter( 'the_content', function ( $content ) {
    return $content . 'Hey!';
} );

So here are things to consider:

  • Filters are often called, don't do heavy work in filters
  • Filters are used for filtering. They take the first parameter, do things with it, and then give it back
  • filter always bring something back
  • do not echo Stuff on a filter you should return The full value is applied with your changes

Plugins – How do I check the current user before all actions and filters?

I'm working on a plugin with more than 50 actions and filters. All actions and filters only apply to users with a certain user meta (b2b). I especially want to check this user meta. How can I do that? A simple check like get_current_user_id DOES NOT WORK before init.

I don't want to check this within a single action and filter function either, that seems very, very inefficient.

function __construct() {

        // This function user check will not work. What can I do?
        if ($this->is_user_b2b()){

            // Add conversations to My account WooCommerce user menu
            add_filter( 'woocommerce_account_menu_items', array($this, 'b2bking_my_account_add_conversations'), 10, 1 );
            // Add conversations endpoint
            add_action( 'init', array($this, 'b2bking_conversations_endpoint') );
            // Add content to endpoint
            add_action( 'woocommerce_account_conversations_endpoint', array($this, 'b2bking_conversations_endpoint_content') );
            // Add content to individual conversation endpoint
            add_action( 'woocommerce_account_conversation_endpoint', array($this, 'b2bking_conversation_endpoint_content') );

Plugins – Responsive Lightbox & Gallery – My photos all float to the left

I am a user of Responsive Lightbox & Gallery. I would like to get help on this.

I am developing a website for my company.
I'm not sure why I made the gallery settings, but all the photos are still floating to the left while I div the width: 100%; hired.

Can anyone please guess what to do?
Thanks in advance!

Here is the URL to the page where I have the gallery.
Link to my company website

Plugins – Add dynamically editable fields from the WordPress editor using elementor

I am a designer and work with the Elementor plugin. My goal is to be able to dynamically add as many fields of a certain element as I need in a page template created with elementor, and to make these fields editable individually.

For example, I have an accordion element and I want nested accordions with custom text in each nested accordion. I know I can add accordions in other accordions with templates and element or links, but I want this content to be edited individually… so if I add 3 of these nested accordions I want everyone to have their own content
I also want to know if there is a way to make adding this content dynamic.

Plugins – ACF says "Validation failed. 1 field requires attention" while everything seems to be OK

System status::
Advanced custom fields Version 5.8.7
WordPress Version 5.3.2
theme Kunco

I have too many fields on the product page, so I used ACF to create all fields and map them in the frontend. However, I cannot publish my product in one specific case in which the error occurs, but in another case in which the product is published. I attached screenshots to both cases.

Extremely long screenshots – links instead of posting pictures *

This is the case if it works very well:

This is another case where it will not be published:

Plugins – The best way to get the answers to a questionnaire / form and automatically add a product to a user membership profile?

I'm fairly new to WordPress, but I was looking for a way to create the title description.

If I had a question in a form:
What are your nutritional needs? and several choices. When this user selects vegetarian. How do I get only vegetarian recipes that are automatically sent to my membership account on my website when they sign up for monthly recipes?
Is there also a way that I can approve before having access to these recipes? so I can check that the correct package has been sent to them?

Recommendations? Best Form Plugin or Google Form? Are there any other plugins that could solve my problem? or any links to info / videos

Thank you very much.

How can I support plugins in a custom design?

I am a web developer who is new to WordPress. I was asked to write a custom theme for one of my clients, that is, from scratch. I used underscores as a basis and also mainly wrote custom styles.

You asked if it would be possible to implement infinite scrolling on the category landing pages. I looked at a couple of plugins like Ajax Load More to hopefully not have to write this functionality by hand.

I wonder if plugins like Ajax Load More work properly in the context of a custom theme. Based on what I know about plugins, I'm assuming that this works with filters, but I'm not sure what it hooks into or how I know if I will provide this hook in the topic.

I know this is a somewhat hazy question, but I'm mainly trying to understand what determines the compatibility between a particular plugin and a topic. Do all WordPress themes inherently have the same hooks? How do I know which hooks the plugin expects? Any insights or clarifying thoughts would be greatly appreciated.