digital – Should I convert my family pictures from JPEG to PNG?

I saved many family pictures in Google Drive as JPEGs – not as JPEG 2000 – as they were originally taken.

I thought the problem with JPEGs was an artifact on sharp edges, which is not too much of a problem with landscape and family pictures, but I've been worried lately that I am progressively losing each time I open it.

Should I save each of them as a PNG (or TIFF)? Space is not an issue.

Should I use SVG or PNG in Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android? [closed]

If we use PNG – for iOS we use the size @ x1 @ x2 @ x3 per image (which is just a click in Zeplin / Sketch). For Android approx. 5 image sizes, which means we have to maintain 8 PNG images per graphic element.

SVG – works for iOS and Android, but there are technical limitations. For example, the SVGs are distorted when rendering. We may be able to fix the problem by taking a closer look at the individual elements / levels of the SVG using Sketch.

I hope someone can help us find the best format for our app.

Video – PNG sequence. Camp. Windows. Which archiving and archiving format should be used?

I thought. What is the best way to save videos? I have decided. I will save it as a PNG sequence (PNG image sequence, image sequence). I am working in Windows 10 Home 64-bit.

The next moment came. I save the PNG sequence in a folder. I want to back up. I want to back up to another computer over the network. It also has Windows 10 Home 64-bit. Copying many small PNG files over the network is irrational. I want to archive the PNG sequence. Then I will copy a file over the network. It is enough for me to archive without compression.

Ask. Which archiver should I apply for? Which archive format should be used? Maybe there are nuances, attitudes? What is good to know. Are there any special options when creating the archive? Perhaps it is more rational to create an archive while working with the archiver from the command line? Perhaps it is important to provide keys when working with the archiver from the command line?

I want it to be reliable and safe. So that I can unpack it safely at the right time. Please help me with advice

I will convert any file to high quality vector ai, psd, png for $ 3

I will convert any file to high quality vector ai, psd, png

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ubuntu – linux converts PNG files of the directory with ffmpeg

I have a directory with folders (a-z) and subfolders in it (1-10)

Here is a sample directory tree

—– 1
—– | ——
—– | —— artist.song2.mp4
—– | —— artist.song3.mp4
—– 2
—– 3
—– 4


I use the following command to convert PNG images of the files – even though only single files are running.

How can I convert the directory and leave the converted file in the same directory as the source file?

Here is the command I use:

ffmpeg -i /mnt/blockstorage/html/media/songvideos/h/1/ -r 0.0033 -vr scale=-1:1024 vcodec png capture.png

I found the following link – although I don't know if it's helpful: