graphviz – I have a problem creating a PNG image from Java using Grahviz's point command

Java will issue the following error when it reaches the line where it should generate the file. I use the following line of code to generate the image:

Runtime.getRuntime (). Exec ("dot -Tpng" + System.getProperty ("user.dir") + "\ Tree" + Correlated + ". Dot -o" + System.getProperty ("user.dir") + "\ Tree" + correlative + ". png");

However, I get the following error: Can not execute program "dot": CreateProcess error = 2, The system can not find the specified file
at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start (unknown source)

Look for the error, but the answer I found was that I had to create an environment variable for Windows to detect the "dot" command. It's really the first time I've had this error with the Graphviz tool.

jpeg – Is not it ideal to save a picture for printing as PNG?

You can not simply export a RAW to TIFF, PNG, or JPEG, but you need to perform some treatments for several reasons. However, they seem to be more interested in the differences between the different file formats.

I would stay away from TIFF as there are too many & # 39; dialects & # 39; there are no advantages over the other formats.

For the choice between png and jpeg it is less clear.
Although PNG is lossless (and can be 16 bits / channel), it is not really a problem for printing, because a high-quality JPEG is visually indistinguishable from a PNG (high quality: 90%, no problems with the highest settings) , , At the same time, the JPEG becomes much smaller (10x is not uncommon). For my device, 16-bit / channel PNG would require about 110 MB, 8-bit / channel PNG 42 MB, and JPEG 7.5 MB.

The difference only becomes visible when you need to recode a JPEG several times. or if you go to lower quality levels.

However, you should discuss with your printer how to prepare your file. If you indeed want to order a multiple meter deduction, they should be able and willing to help you (if not, I would look for another printer given the price of such prints). There are other aspects that you should consider, such as: Which color space you should use, how you want to sharpen for such sizes, etc.

wallpaper – How to get a .png of the desktop background "color"

In the Ubuntu 16.04 settings, you can select a normal color as the desktop background under Appearance> Colors & Gradients>. I like the color selection from 16.04 and want to use the same color on the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop background, but 18.04 does not offer the same color.

Is there a way to save a Ubuntu Desktop color background .png file at 16.04 so I can use a .png file of that color for 18.04?

How can I reduce the size of a PNG in unity while maintaining image quality?

I am new to Unity. I use Unity 2019.1.3f1 staff.

My problem is that I have created images (PNG) of a character in Photoshop. The margins look clean in Photoshop and look fine when pasted into Unity, not the best. The original image is too big, but when I reduce it, the image quality suffers.

I understand that I can downsize the image in Photoshop, but is that the most efficient way? If not, how can I resize images in Unity and maintain image quality?

Below is a comparison of the image side by side after I resized (left) and before resizing (right). Suggestions is much appreciated; Thanks for your time,

Enter image description here

Should I use SVG or PNG for Xamarin Forms for iOS and Android?

If we use PNG – for iOS we use @ x1 @ x2 @ x3 size per image (which in Zeplin / Sketch is just a click). Android – about 5 image sizes, so we need to manage 8 PNG images per graphic element.

while SVG – will work for iOS and Android, but there are technical limitations. For example, the SVGs are distorted during rendering. We may be able to fix the problem by sketching the individual SVG elements / layers.

I hope someone can help us find the best format for our app.

Many Thanks!

Changes from svg to png do not apply

I had an SVG, I changed it and created a gradient.

Then I converted it to a PNG, but the gradient is not in the new PNG.

I tried to convert the SVG to PNG with an internet converter, but the gradient is still not forwarded.

When I open SVG with Illustrator, I can not see the gradient. In the preview of the SVG I can see the color gradient.

I get the following error: org.apache.batik.bridge.BridgeException The attribute & # 39; d & # 39; of the element is invalid.

My question is:

If someone has found this or similar error or has an idea how to fix it, can you give me some advice on how to fix it?

My converter:

public void svgToPng () throws MalformedURLException {

String svg = "/ Users / userName / svg /";
File Folder = New File (svg);

for (file fileEntry: folder.listFiles ()) {

string[] codeAux = fileEntry.getName (). split ("\.");

if (codeAux[0].isEmpty ()) {

LOGGER.debug ("name of file is empty");

} else {
tries {

PNG Transcoder Transcoder = new PNG Transcoder ();

String svgURI = fileEntry.toURI (). ToURL (). ToString ();
Transcoder input input = new transcoder input (svgURI);

String outputPath = "/ Users / userName / png /";

OutputStream ostream = new FileOutputStream (outputPath + codigoAux[0] + ".png");
TranscoderOutput output = new TranscoderOutput (ostream);

transcoder.transcode (input, output);

ostream.flush ();
ostream.close ();

} catch (TranscoderException ex) {

LOGGER.error (ex);

} catch (IOException ex) {

LOGGER.error (ex);





And here is my path element:

The expected result is a PNG with the gradient.

Running the script from & # 39; * .js & # 39; was rejected because the MIME type (& # 39; image / png & # 39;) is not executable.


The website worked fine. It often does not work properly in the last month.
However, the script loads properly into the Hawkhost support team. They sent me a picture of the script as a screenshot.

But for me it is displayed as a picture. A green shield with a check mark.

The website will not load because it was created with "reacts".

How do I solve the problem? What is the reason for that?
Why is the mime type image / png?

1. No problem with Hawkhost
2. I have not changed anything in the script

What is the cause of the problem then?

Please tell me how to track down the problem.

About the PNG vulnerability in Android – Information Security Stack Exchange

The file may be specially designed to trigger the malicious code when the user opens it (viewed locally) on its device (locally or through a received link).

The vulnerability associated with the PNG bug can be traced as CVE-2019-1986, CVE-2019-1987, CVE-2019-1988.

CVE-2019-1986 – Uninitialized errors in SkPngCodec

CVE-2019-1987 – heap buffer overflow

CVE-2019-1988 – Error decoding JCS_RGB JPEG files

WPF Path Markup Syntax vs. Png XAML benefits?

I have made some WPF Xaml designs. The current workflow is that our designer sends a design file containing all PNG assets and embeds the PNGs into the application.

But I found a XAML with the tool I use to display the design <Path ... is also generated, which I can copy and paste directly into the XAML.

I could not find any articles about these types of best practices, but is there a compelling reason to do that Path markup syntax instead of embedding PNGs directly (is this a better practice than using PNGs)?