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LIVE | | 0.912 | SOCKS5 | Lower Silesia | 55-040 | | Poland | Checked at
LIVE | | 4.043 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.247 | SOCKS5 | England | SW3 | | United Kingdom | Checked at
LIVE | | 0.464 | SOCKS5 | Louisiana | 70119 | | United States | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.003 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 6.303 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.622 | SOCKS5 | Greater Poland | 64-930 | | Poland | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.105 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.05 | SOCKS5 | California | 92821 | | United States | Checked at
LIVE | | 0.57 | SOCKS5 | California | 92395 | | United States | Checked at
LIVE | | 1.612 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 3.916 | SOCKS5 | East Java | Unknow | PT Telkom Indonesia | Indonesia | Checked at
LIVE | | 2.001 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | Unknow | Checked at
LIVE | | 0.423 | SOCKS5 | Indiana | 46804 | | United States | Checked at
LIVE | | 3.051 | SOCKS5 | Unknow | Unknow | | United States | Checked at

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SOCKS Proxy List by
If you Need Socks5 , Please visit service and add fund via PM , BTC WMZ . Thanks all!!
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LIVE | | 1.482 | SOCKS5 | California | 90017 | | United States | Checked at
LIVE | | 0.912 | SOCKS5 | Lower Silesia | 55-040 | | Poland | Checked at

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driving – Can I own a German car, when residing in the Netherlands while being from Poland

Firstly, could I buy a car in Poland, pay Polish insurance, and Polish road tax while living in the Netherlands?

No. You can buy the car in Poland, you will need some insurance to drive it to the Nederlands, but you will have to register it again in the Netherlands.

The issue of the insurance may be more tricky, I do know of some people in Spain using an UK insurer but I do not know if it would be appliable to any EU insurer, or just for some of them that do offer this service.

And of course, maybe the Polish insurers may object to covering you if you reside at the Netherlands (with presumibly more expensive garage shops); check the insurance policy.

If so, how long could I do this before having to drive it back now and then.

It does not work like “visa runs”. The “counter” does not reset just because you move the vehicle out of the Netherlands. It is your status as resident what matters.

On the other hand, can I do this with a car from any EU country?

The same rules apply for any EU car.

The EU common markets leaves outside some excise taxes (as it does for tobacco and alcohol duties) that are to be paid to each country. If you become a resident of the Netherlands, you can bring your car but that will be an import; you will have to register the vehicle in the Netherlands and pay whatever taxes the Dutch government decides to apply.

This pdf explains that you qualify as a Dutch resident if you have lived there for more than 4 months during the last 6 months. At that time, you no longer are a visitor and you must register your car.

You can read more here:

❓ASK – What’s the best way to earn 5$ daily in Poland? | Proxies-free

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borders – Can you walk from Lithuania to Poland through Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast)?

Those 3 checkpoints do not allow to cross the border on foot.

Mamonovo/Gronowo and Nida/Morskoe have bus options.

Mamonovo – it’s better to take a bus in Elblag or Gdansk, could be too tricky to try and catch it near the border.

Morskoe – you can try to catch a bus there, but still – Zelenogradsk or Kaliningrad is a recommended starting point to avoid the risk of missing a bus.

There are on-foot options on other, less popular crossings.

I will be happy to assist you with that trip, need more details on your travel plan.


#stayhome now and #welcometokalininigrad later


  • Goldap is the on foot option for Poland
  • Sovetsk and Kibartay – for Lithuania

or hitchhiking to cross the border at any point

Turkey, Poland, German Netherlands, Canada, France, Great Britain, USA VDS server – Reinstall panel + KVM access

Hi there,

We would like to introduce our new Discounted VDS server packages.

No contract.
No setup fee.
No additional fees.
Extended VDS management window.

General functions of the VDS panel

————————————————– – –
Restart server
Switch on the server
Switch off server
RDNS and IP management
7/24 KVM access
Automatic reinstallation

Sample server

2 core CPU
30 GB pure SSD hard drive
1 Gbit / s full duplex connection
2 Free IP address
Locations in Turkey, France, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany

Extended VDS management window.
VMware ESX-i infrastructure.
2 hours delivery
Free setup
Fixed price
You can find prices on our website.

Turkey SSD VDS Server:
Dutch SSD VDS server:…ps-vds-servers
British SSD VDS server:…ps-vds-servers
France SSD VDS Server:
SSD VDS server in Canada:
USA SSD VDS Server:…ps-vds-servers
Poland SSD VDS Server:
Germany SSD VDS Server:

Supported operating systems (automatic installation)

————————————————– — —.
Centos 6 – (32 bit)
Centos 6 – (64 bit)
Centos 7 – (64 bit)
Centos 7 – (64 bit) + Cpanel
Centos 7 – (64 bit) + Plesk Onyx Panel
Fedora 29 – (64 bit)
openSUSE-Leap-15.0 – (64 bit)
Scientific Linux 7.5 – (64 bit)
Debian 9 – (32 bit)
Debian 9 – (64 bit)
Ubuntu Server 17 LTS – (64 bit)
Ubuntu Server 17 LTS – (32 bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2 standard (64 bit)
Windows Server 2012 R2 standard (64 bit) + Plesk Onyx Panel


————————————————– – –

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit card and PayPal

Is there a test IP?

Turkey – (Radore Datacenter)

Test IP:

France – (Ovh Datacenter)

Test IP:

Great Britain – (Redstation Datacenter)

Test IP:

Canada – (OVH Datacenter)

Test IP:

USA – (Subrigo Datacenter)

Test IP:

Netherlands – (Serverius Datacenter)

Test IP:

Poland – (Ovh Datacenter)

Test IP:

Germany – (Ovh Datacenter)

Test IP:

How soon is my account ready?

All new orders must be approved by our billing department and may require additional details to process your order.
Accounts are ready within 2 hours once approved by the accounting department.

Any content restrictions?

You can find detailed information in our terms of use at:
No mass email services, no proxies, no warez / linking. Legal content for adults is only allowed on dedicated servers.

Where are the servers located?

These offers are available in our data center in Turkey, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France and the USA.

Information about ALTINSOFT

ALTINSOFT hosting services started in 2006. There are approximately 5700 servers in 4 different locations.
Understanding of quality service, an experienced team, a reliable company. Turkey is the Turkish telecommunications license.

Turkish website:
English website:

Terms of use:
Data protection declaration:
Refund Policy:
Contact us:

Thank you for reading and let us know if you have any questions:

Thank you for your cooperation.

ALTINSOFT information technology,

The Telecommunications Department (YS-388) is authorized by. Location is a certified provider.

ALTINSOFT information technologies

Air Travel – I've been told that Americans can reset their 90-day Schengen border in Poland by e.g. Ukraine for at least 24 hours. Is that true?

I heard this from two different people in two different situations during my stay here in Poland. I actually didn't ask any of them about it. They told me alone on several occasions. These people don't know each other either and both said they know Americans who do this all the time. I have no reason to believe that they would mislead me, but I am curious where exactly I can find more information.

Does anyone know exactly what he is referring to?

And what could be the consequence if you then travel to other Schengen countries?

Travel from India but visa issued to Qatar for single entry Schengen Poland

No, it shouldn't be a problem, countries don't care where you come from.

The important things are:

  • They remain within the validity period of the visa
  • The duration of your stay corresponds to the one you originally specified and is of course within the limits specified by the visa
  • The reason for your stay remains the same, at least remains within the scope of the visa.
  • You have booked a flight from the Schengen area

Do I have to present the original letter of invitation from Poland at the airport after arriving in the Schengen area?

As a rule, letters of invitation are not required. If immigration officials doubt your stated purpose, they will likely want to call your friend to confirm it. If the officials believe you, they will not ask for any evidence to support your claim.

Invitation letters are easy to forge, so they have little evidence. A copy of an invitation letter may have a slightly lower value than an original, but "less than not much" is still "not much".