Is it a political lesson for my English teacher to get students to read Michelle Obama's book Becoming?

I do not really see the problem. "1984" is a very political book and yet most people do not complain about it. As long as the focus is on critical thinking and analyzing and not on "YOU MUST AGREE", I think that's fine.

I did not read the book, but I understand it's more of a treatise than a political treatise anyway.

Why is Trump still attacking Hillary after nearly 1000 days after the end of her political career?

The only thing you ever need to know about Donald Trump to understand the motivation behind each of his words, actions, and deeds:

He is a pathological narcissist, and pathological narcissists need constant attention to survive.

His campaign has never stopped because he is in front of an audience and has to absorb his admiration (however bad they may be) and worship (how out of place). He will not let that sit behind closed doors in the White House, which is why he is constantly holding rallies and happily preaching the same philanthropic hatred of the same happy hateful crowd over the last two and a half years.

Beware: If he loses the next election – and he will indeed lose – he will first accuse Dems of manipulating the election. Then he can go to Fox News and preach to the rafter about how he got a rough deal. Being a narcissist, he can not understand that The Great Donald Trump loses in any other way than if someone has cheated. And with the tongue of Fox News sitting firmly on his butt, he knows at least that he'll be on TV every day.


Online Political Voting System – Information Security Stack Exchange

What are the security deficiencies of this voting system?

Assuming one month before the elections, an offline machine automatically generates sealed envelopes for each voter, containing three unique GUID codes. The envelopes will be mailed to the voters.

If a voter registers to receive the envelope, they can only participate in the online poll. If this is not the case, he can only participate in the offline voting.

The machine deletes the codes for the unsigned people and releases their voter identities for offline voting. At this point, the machine clears the voter identity to ensure the voting secrecy. The only place that still associates the identity of voters with the codes is the envelope owned by the voter.

On election day, the user enters code 1 and the site responds with code 2 to prove that it is not hacked. Then the user enters the code 3, which proves to the site that the user is legitimate. Then the user can vote. The vote is linked to code 3, NOT the voter's identity, which does not even exist on the server.

The user can check at any time if the voting is correct. If this is not the case (for whatever reason), with the envelope (which is hard to reproduce like money with safety signs) it can go to a regular voting venue where its electronic codes are canceled and it can perform a normal vote ,

When the voting is completed, the machine publishes the complete list of codes (the third) and also the complete list of all the codes that have voted. In this way, anyone who has some knowledge of Excel / data analysis can check if there are no additional codes and count the results like an observer.

PS. Of course, all other security measures continue to apply: A VPN room for each city, voters receive a CD / DVD with a dedicated secure virtual machine with the preconfigured VPN, etc

Why is a political opponent following me in Twitter?

Why should I have an influential political figure in Twitter if I'm a nobody and everything I've done so far is against his party's philosophy? He follows some 100,000 people with a similar number of followers.

I am almost certain that it benefits his party, his policy and his own interests, and not mine! But what does that really do for him?

Surely it would be better if you would follow people of a coordinated ideology! Otherwise, he would have 100,000 people filling his food with hatred. (Actually he probably does)

Bill Cosby claims he is a political prisoner like Mandela. Was Cosby wrongly abused by feminists as unapologetically astute?

Bill Cosby is an old pervert. Think of him as a black Donald Trump, who loses brain cells faster and faster until reality becomes meaningless.

Cosby can no longer accept that he is a rapist, as Trump, that he is a racist. The difference is that we managed to bring Cosby to justice, and Trump has managed to avoid direct questioning and the rules of discovery. So far. I predict that if he ever gets around, he will suddenly become mentally unfit to support his defense.


[ Politics ] Open question: What do you think about my political platform?

1. Nuke this polar vortex until it starts to generate heat.

2. To impose a lump-sum tax on women with small buttocks / breasts.

4. Replace our current national anthem with Bite It, You Scum by GG Allin.

5. Increase the speed limit in school zones to 120 km / h in the wrong direction.

6. Build a wall around Trump and let Putin pay for it.

6. Allow e-mail transfers to offer miscarriage on request.

7. Kill the Kardashians.

8. Name EA (Electronic Arts) as a terrorist organization.

9. Nuke the Vatican.

10. Allow illegal aliens to become US citizens only if you override their advanced technology.

11. Stop stop lights.

12. Legalize prostitution, tax hell and distribute this money to support Big Phrama. Legalize also opioid epidemics.

13. Cure the Missing White Women's Syndrome by forcing the media to focus only on missing African American men.

14. Imposition of a travel ban for Justin Bieber.

15. Explain that the 2nd Amendment makes it unconstitutional to keep rocket launchers, mini-nuclear weapons and fighter jets away from private persons. These weapons are considered weapons and we have the right to carry them.

16. Stop the mass shootings by hiring government-paid sex workers for forced laborers and the disabled as part of the stimulus package.

17. All voters must be very intoxicated before taking part in elections.

18. Germany can not go to the poles. We do not need a repeat of 1939.

19. Increase taxes on hipsters, douchebags, gucci girls and basic itching.

20. Lawful man in male testicular examinations.