What do you like about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez the least?

She is obviously just self-confident.

So I disagree with almost everything Bernie Sanders says. I'm pretty sure he and I could not agree on the color of the sky. However, I do not doubt that Bernie really believes the nonsense that comes out of his mouth. He is a true believer.

AOC is either so tragically uninformed and unrealistic that it's an order of magnitude more unrealistic than Sanders, or … more likely … she's just a shameless self-actress. I think the latter is more likely.

For example, check out her conversation with Pelosi recently. She was only a short step away from Pelosi as a racist. Pelosi did nothing wrong, and in fact she tries to keep her caucus from splintering and falling apart. AOC she follows clearly violates the agenda of AOC, as Pelosi is a spokesman and can shut down AOC on a whim.

So why Pelosi? The answer is obvious – because it makes NEWS. It keeps AOC in the spotlight of news and spreads the AOC brand.

Another example is the Green New Deal. The GND was the most ridiculous single I've ever heard of in American politics. It is an absurd laundry list with projects for pork and personal vanities that would destroy the economy. The global economic crisis would look like fun times. But because she knows that her followers are not interested in the reality or the results, but only in sprightly headlines, she suggested such a ridiculous article to promote herself.


Is Hillary Clinton the proof that moderates are no longer eligible?

I go back and forth to this question. On the one hand, we have people like Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton – all moderates who have lost. On the other hand, we have Obama, a moderate, whom many consider top 10 presidents.

The rights are less concerned about political centrism because they do not care about the will of the majority. They only care about voting. In fact, Republicans have won the referendum just once in the past 30 years – the re-election of Bush Jr. in 2004. The Democrats won it six times in the same period.

The trick for Democrats is not to play nice anymore. Stop pretending to compromise with the GOP. Stop trying to find the diplomatic solution. Stop taking the main road. It is time for the Democrats to adopt the same style of smashing policy that was so successful for the rights.

Democrats have the numbers. If they grow a thorn, they are unbeatable.


Do you think Trump was racist when he criticized the 4 congress women? (Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Omar and Pressley)?

Trump had the nerves to point out that the quartet (4 riders) stands up and hides with hatred of the Vitriol and behind their sheltered ethnicity as a cover for their hatred. AOC among the quartet is the least hateful, just more idiotic than the others. All 5 can have their say, but only one does not hide behind the victim.

Analysis of the Context: Make your country of origin prosperous and great, then come back and teach America how to do it. Even cities that represent them are in very poor condition and have been controlled by (D) for decades. But instead of focusing on their city, they act as if they are responsible for the Congress and the country. It was a challenge to the quartet's unruly arrogance (4 riders) to refer to their governmental competence as the only achievement they had was to be elected and to milk the taxpayers. The ideal and the governmental system they supported did not work in any version of socialism or were in dire straits.

Sweden turned to socialism in the 1960s, but gave up socialism after 1994, when Sweden suffered economically under socialism. PBS had a documentary about why Sweden is no longer a socialist country after 1994.

The end game of total socialism (theology, fascist, tribal, nationalist or communist) is ultimately the total authoritarian control by the government (monopoly) and the people at the top reap the benefits.

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Can we get commitments from leftists, dragonflies and democrats to leave America and never come back when Trump wins his second term?

I talked to my dad about this particular problem this morning. He said the current environment is similar to the Kennedy years when the country was divided over the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. We all know how that went, right? There was a national movement that dramatically changed culture in the United States.

Maybe it's time for another change. Maybe we have to shake up the system because nothing good is going on with the current administration.


[ Politics ] Open question: President Trump is not a racist. Why do the libraries try again and again to make this lie? Is that really all you have now, the racing card?

[ Politics ] Open question: President Trump is not a racist. Why do the libraries try again and again to make this lie? Is that really all you have now, the racing card? ,

Should they occupy Scarlett Johansson as the next black James Bond?


She is not black and she is not male. I agree with her statement that she should be able to play whoever when she is cast … but if she should get the role of James Bond or not is a very different question. I do not think they should fill most people in this role, not just Scarlett, because most actors and actresses are not fit, polite and attractive. Scarlett is a good actress, but obviously she's not nearly the best. Maybe I would support this 100% as a Kick @ -s-Bond Girl, as she undoubtedly deserves this casting.

To be fair, the next 007 could be a black woman, but they did not re-occupy James Bond. In the next movie, James retires as 007 and MI6 passed his code on to another person who is a black woman. The new version of James Bond after Daniel Craig will not be that of a black woman.


White Americans have finally found out that Democrats use them?

I'll NEVER understand how people can look at a narcissistic billionaire who has never done an honest job in his life and turned away from a military design and says, "Now there is a true man of the people Working class totally people "

And to answer your question: no. Because Democrats do not do that. I'm sorry, reality does not fit with your hateful narrative.


Why can non-whites not understand that the majority of whites hate them? We do not want blacks or Mexicans in America?

No, if you do not like her because of her race, it's because you're racist. There is no racist or not. And many Americans do not feel that way at all.

What if America somehow gets destroyed and you have to move to Africa or Mexico? And remember, our ancestors brought the ancestors of most American blacks to America. So blame your great-great-grandfather if you do not like it.