[ Politics ] Open question: The Chinese virus looks exaggerated. Is this an attempt to distract while doing something else?

Lolly, more like a baby, died of X, but since it tested positive for Ching Chong, it killed him. You are another stupid woman. LOL Humpty the blocker, I don't even know anyone who has died NM died. I know a man who does a show on JudenTube that says he knows a man who has it. LOL !! 4.7% mortality rate my ***. We won't even reach 100,000 at this rate, the deaths were lower today than yesterday. LOL !! I don't want to be in New York with some dirty non-whites.

[ Politics ] Open question: Why doesn't Times Up Tara Reade invest in Joe Biden's sexual assault?

Even if you love Joe Biden. We should all be able to examine the claims and determine if they are true. Because if this is true and I am not saying that it is 100% true, powerful people should not get away with sexual insults, and if Joe Biden did. It is very disgusting. I will add a link to the story and encourage people to share it as much as possible and listen to Reade.