What is your current forecast for the 2020 election?

I know it's a little bit far away, and almost every prediction will have some flaws in the long term, but this is my current prediction, and I'm curious to hear yours.

I think Joe Biden is narrowly nominated for uniting many nostalgics of the Obama era, moderate Democrats, Generation X and Boomer primary voters. I think that after receiving the nomination, he will select Kamala Harris (a branch, a female minority) as his VP choice and then win with a small margin over Trump.

Trump barely won in 2020, that was due to Hillary's unimaginative campaign and all her mistakes, but I do not think Joe Biden has so many mistakes, though he is unimaginative and well-established. I think he will win, and this is the prediction of the electoral card that I created, and I think he would win in less than a landslide as Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, or Bernie Sanders (populists).


What do you think of illegal immigrants entering and closing Charles GeGaulle Airport?

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