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When it comes to ponzi schemes it can be especially hard to hold those that are responsible as they cannot be traced for various reasons such as the use of a vpn when they are creating the website. However, that does not mean that no one can be held responsible. According to a news article, five people are being held to account for the ponzi scheme that was BitConnect where people were scammed of 2 billion dollars. These five people are being held to account for simply promoting the website. Therefore it is important to know the legitimacy of a site before you promote it to avoid legal action being taken against you such as this.

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Yes , this is the main thing that need to be addressed because people get fooled easily by looking at the fake payment proofs on telegram channels of these ponzi sites , actually its the admin of the site and the group of people working for the admin of the ponzi site , creates these fake payment proofs , so newbies to crypto , its time to be aware of all these scams going on.

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Dear if you know binance you will find out that never bring a coin in it without being sure about the strategy and also the future program it is on the way to perform them, Shiba has been listed in binance. So never ever think its some thing like cryptonit… there are more than 1000 coins and tokens in the market, how many of them have been listed in the market… no need to be concern, buy shiba and take the advantage of it future progress

currencies – What is an «open Ponzi scheme»?

I recently read that Nassim N. Taleb thinks that Bitcoin is an open Ponzi scheme. An influental and intelligent person like him surely doesn’t say something without thinking about it first. Therefore I asked myself what he means with that term.

In my view the key ingredient of a Ponzi scheme is deception – deception of investors about the real source of their revenue. In order to keep this deception from becoming public knowledge, a Ponzi scheme must remain «closed» in that regard. An «open Ponzi scheme» would mean that there is no deception because «the secret» of the revenue is known to everyone. Isn’t «openness» exactly the necessary ingredient which would legitimize even a Ponzi scheme by making it possible to investors to «add» fair value to it, which would most possibly be Zero?

Wouldn’t any asset be an open Ponzi scheme by Nassim N. Talebs logic?
I mean every investor tries to make money by selling his investment to others for a higher price at some point.
I feel that following his Logic even gold, diamonds, company shares, etc. are «open Ponzi schemes» – our whole economy would be an «open Ponzi scheme».

If my logic would be right, this term has no meaning and someone just added a total useless term to the vocabulary.
(I don’t ask if Bitcoin is a Ponzi-Scheme – I’m interested in the logic behind the idea of «open ponzi sheme»)

Leader of the Million Dollar Ponzi Scheme Arrested in the USA

Jeremy Spence was sued by the crypto-focused law firm Silver Miller for "running a fake cryptocurrency hedge fund" in December 2018.
In a written statement from the US Department of Justice, it was announced that the leader of the ponzi shaman, "Coin Signals", Jeremy Spence was arrested in Rhode Island.
Do you think such scams are still happening?

$25 Million Crypto Coin Ponzi Scheme Exposed by US Authorities – Forex News & Analysis


The US Securities and Exchange Commission frozen the assets of one Jose Arman, founder of Argyle Coin, and has charged him with fraud. According to the agency, the company, which is based in Florida, has been running a Ponzi scheme. It has allegedly misappropriated 10 million USD that the abovementioned individual has used for his personal expenses, as well as paying investors in other companies owned by him. He would ensure future investors in Argyle Coin that their money would remain available and would promise them an increase of revenue if they invested more.

The company behind the scam was founded with the supposed purpose of developing a Blockchain platform for trading diamonds and precious metals and the value of the coin would be guaranteed by diamonds worth over 25 million USD, rather unheard of in the industry.

Investigation against the company started back in May 2019 .


This was a typical Ponzi scheme but sadly people don’t seem how to recognize the red flags indicating such a scam.

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Ponzi system is a great system to make money and can be very profitable, if you know how and get experience. Best Ponzi system is the world is called social security and uses young people’s money to fund old people’s retirement.

In my experience, it is easier and safer to invest in Ponzi systems, than in investment systems where a trader really trades. I have had traders and brokers, and PAM accounts, and none of them can match the performance of a good Ponzi system.

When you invest in a ponzi, you always win! If you make money and profit you win. If you lose your investment, you also win! Because you have more experience and knowledge. Knowledge is power and you can use that knowledge to turn your temporary monetary loss, into bigger wins in the future. ;]

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I like that and I qoute”cash flow distribution”.Basically people have taken it to extremities but yes the ponzi scheme started a long time ago.What brought the idea at first was to try and level the economic situation between Those who were too financially stable and those too poor.It was a way to drain the wealth in a fast way and try to distribute evenly,kind of like the robinhood theory.But now people see this as a business and sadly even the poor are robed now.DICRETION:this is a personal view.

Currencies – What happens to bitcoins that are in a Ponzi wallet?

I bought bitcoins stored in the cloud token wallet. I later found out that this cryptocurrency was part of a Ponzi scheme (shame on me). I was struggling to withdraw my coins at the moment and their support has undoubtedly disappeared.

I would like to know if there is a way to recover these coins or if they just disappear. And is this also the case for all wrong cryptocurrencies?