Can Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash possibly have the same address?

For sure.

Addresses are not a big deal for blockchains – they usually only take care of the keys involved (or on Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based networks, the lockout script, which locks an output so that it can only be issued by a specific user). [set of] key[s]).

Since the key generation process is based on entropy rather than on the network you are building the key for, it is highly unlikely that two people could create an identical key.

It is unlikely that any wallet I know will check the target chain for key reuse. It's just something that's unlikely to occur, provided you have a sufficient source of entropy.

Note that even if you generate (or manually copy) a key across networks, the actual "address" may still be different because Bitcoin uses base58 / bech32 addresses while BCH uses base58 / cashaddr addresses. However, this is just a coding and does not change the underlying key needed to output the output.

3W INFRA | Reseller offerings for 2 Gbps servers without counters / unlimited bandwidth – possibly free

We are proud of the fact that all dedicated 3W Infra servers have some indispensable features in common. They all meet your highest expectations in terms of Flexibility, security, reliability, scalability (high-volume options) and highest performance at prices that will surprise you, 3W Infra is housed in Amsterdam Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange (IBX) Data center.


• Monthly period
• Monthly payments
• No setup fee
• Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD and ESXi
• Tier 1 transit provider + exchanges (no traffic technology)
• No FBD or restrictions on uplink port usage (eg streaming and CDN allowed)
• Located in the Equinix AM11 International Business Exchange (IBX) data center

1) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32GB RAM / 2x240GB SSD / Software RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 150.00 / month
2) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA / Software RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 150.00 / month
3) Single Intel E3-1230 v2 CPU / 32 GB RAM / 4 x 4 TB SATA / Software RAID / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 170.00 / month
4) Dual Intel E5620 CPU / 24 GB RAM / 8 x 1.5 TB SATA / Hardware RAID / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 170.00 / month
5) Dual Intel E5-2603 CPU / 32GB RAM / 8x 2TB SATA / Hardware RAID / 2GigE uplink port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 200.00 / month
6) Dual Intel E5-2603 CPU / 64GB RAM / 2x2TB SATA (Enterprise) / Hardware RAID / 2GigE Uplink Port / 2Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 200.00 / month
7) Dual Intel E5-2603 v2 CPU / 32 GB RAM / 36 x 2 TB SATA / Hardware RAID (LSI) / 2 Gigabit Uplink Port / 2 Gbps, Unmeasured Bandwidth / IPMI / 1xIPv4: EUR 250,00 / month

IPv4: 1: EUR 1.00
IPv6: / 64: Free
IP Announcement: Free


• Offer valid until: 29th May 2019 (subject to availability)
• Prices are exclusive of VAT.
• The prices are without payment provider (gateway) or transaction fees.
• Pay by PayPal, bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard or iDEAL (prepaid).
• Prepayment June 2019, and the active service period until June 1, 2019 is free.

Information and ordering at Customization, so more server configurations are available. Just drop us an email to discuss the setup you need.


3W Infra was founded in 2014 by some veterans of the internet and hosting industry Pure-play infrastructure as a service (IaaS) Hosting provider with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The corporate quality of the company, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified hosting solutions Tailored to the specific needs of each customer, they are designed for scalability and cost-effectiveness, and offer cloud-enabled services such as colocation, dedicated servers, IP connectivity, and comprehensive customer support. These solutions ship with 3W Infra's remote hands engineering services to the world's major Internet hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London.

As a fast-growing company committed to sustainable growth, 3W Infra serves a dynamic range of different customer types with different needs. The company has a significant number of colocation customers and more than 4,000 physical servers under management, while its global network is now passing 250 Gigabit / s (Gbps) the available bandwidth. 3W Infra's customer base includes some of the largest Internet, broadcast and cloud service providers in Europe and beyond.

More about 3W Infra
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ASN 60144
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Do you need a managed Windows hosting or expert support, possibly on my own VPS


We're almost done developing a custom + sql web application and are now facing the challenge of delivering it properly.

I've been working on a much larger application that we hosted at a company called TierPoint, using about 9 VMWare VPS (on our own machines), encryption devices, load balancers, and failover sites. This architecture was developed and maintained by TierPoint for us, including an Oracle database.

For this new application I do not need this level and do not want to spend near it. We plan to manage the app for our client as well as the hosting, but I'd like to have something that is either partially managed or something like Vultr or AWS that I can only manage minimally.

I'm looking for some advice on where to start, either to find a resource that helps to architect the system, or a managed host that can help architect and set up the system and scale as needed.

I'm familiar with cloud-based systems, but my experience is limited when it comes to 1) designing the right architecture and 2) windows server.

Many thanks…

mac pro – Something, possibly a server app that blocks the shutdown of my MacPro # 39;

I have a 13 MacPro and it will not shut down. All screens are off, but it works for hours, I always have to close it by force.

But if I do not log in as a user and shut down on the sign-in page, it works.

Therefore, a program / app prevents the macOS from shutting down properly. This is my conclusion.

I have tried PRAM and SMC reset without success. So any suggestions to find out what prevents the shutdown?

Many Thanks.

Is this interaction between the spell and the object as infinite (and possibly deadly) as I think it is?

The Level 12 Destruction Spell sphere requires 30 Zeon to cast an effect that deals 30 base damage (+5 per effect added).

The Prometheum Exxet introduces an effect, Power Boost, which "increases the number of Zeon Points that drive the spell's spells (the amount given is added to the total Zeon at no cost to the character)."

If I have an item with Power Boost 30 or 40 (which is strangely achievable in my party …), then I can throw a bullet of destruction (or in the case of my magical projection role not fumbling, etc.) Did any number of other spells cost 40 or less)?

Is this particularly effective in the case of Sphere of Destruction as I think (especially in the 40-Zeon variant)?

The wording of the Power Boost Bonus is repeated below.

Zeon + X: The amount of Zeon added to the spell when the wearer throws it. For example, a spell that normally costs 50 Zeon points would only be worth 30 points if used with an item with a + 20 Zeon boost. This power does not work for spells with high magic or divine magic.

Record the surface of the dependencies: possibly via Apply or Map Collapse over a list of equations

I have a function f (A, B, C) where for specific ON and B Values ​​for which I can use Reduce to set the restriction C for my problem with a restriction on f, I want to draw the resulting surface.

For illustration, see

f = A ^ 5 + B ^ 3 + C ^ 2

If ON and B vary between 1 and 3, then I get the list of restrictions (with f <20)

Limitations = {{1,1, C <18}, {2, 1, C <-13}, {3, 1, C <-224}, {1, 2, C <11}, {2, 2, C <-20}, {3, 2, C <-231}, {1, 3, C <-8}, {2, 3, C <-39}, {3, 3, C <-250}}

I would like to draw then the surface, which is given by

surf = {{1, 1, 18}, {2, 1, -13}, {3, 1, -224}, {1, 2,
11}, {2, 2, -20}, {3, 2, -231}, {1, 3, -8}, {2, 3,
-39}, {3, 3, -250}}


I can create the list of restrictions with For loops

Restrictions = {};
To the[B = 1, B <= 3, B++,
 For[A = 1, A <= 3, A++,
  f = (A)^5 + B^3 + p;
  sol  = Reduce[f < 20, p];
constraints = attach[constraints, {A, B, sol}]

However, I am not sure how to change from the list of restrictions to the maximum allowed value for C and thus to the surf expression.

I also expect that For loops are not an ideal approach and that I can create lists of them ON and B Values ​​and use a different approach (Map, Thread or Apply) with Reduce. However, I find these methods confusing and do not really understand anything other than the simplest examples (similar questions may not have helped me figure this out).

Malware – Strange PC Behavior What should I do? (possibly urgent)

After installing the app (Could not be related, but could also be related) and running for the first time, there was a file called "DESKTAAAAAAAA" on my desktop for a few short moments. AAA ", it had an indefinite amount of" A "in capital letters in the name. I did not manage to check the contents of the file because it disappeared after a few seconds.

I did not pay much attention to the strange event. About 5 minutes later, Windows accidentally initiated a shutdown (which I could stop in time), without me initiating a shutdown.

I am using Windows 7.

Is there a good chance I got infected? Are there any other possible explanations or should I immediately assume that I have found malware on my device?

I should note that I never had to do a Windows Shutdown without chance, without doing anything.

I would really appreciate any help I can get. Where can I first check by which process the shutdown was triggered? I'm worried about shutting down my PC until I can make sure it's either clean or fixed, because it's a cause of malware.