How can I post exactly the same post, but with a few changes? (with some kind of automation)

I would like to duplicate some of my posts but would like to change some variables. For example, in my posts, I'd like to set only a few variables that change each time I submit input. These may be links or changes to a word in the title of the post or elsewhere in the post. How can I do it? (See an example below where XXXX and Y are variables.)

Post Title: Hello this is a sample contribution with XXXX – Read now!

Text of my contribution:

Hey this is my post Welcome, this is post with XXXX, Lorem ipsum dolor sits amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras dui mi, facilisis quis consequat id, blandit et enim. Nulla viverra tellus elementum ligula vulpatat, vel venenatis nisi facilisis. Vivamus in mi eu ipsum molestie bibendum a sed purus. Read more here Y (link),

Poor Quality in Facebook 600×315 Image from WordPress Blog Post Link

I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this question.

I have a WordPress blog. Some posts contain only one photo in a few words.
The pictures are uploaded with a width of 1280 pixels (only landscapes).

They are customized to fit in the 625-pixel blog post frame (ImageMagick plug-in is used).

If I share the post link on Facebook, the picture loses a noticeable quality.
Facebook crops the image to 600 x 315 pixels.

I made this harvest myself, uploaded it to my WP Media Gallery, and used it as Featured Image in WP.

According to "Featured Image: If an image presented for a post / page has been uploaded, we recommend that Facebook use this image as the first priority."

Nothing has changed. It appears that Facebook Featured Image does not take into account if the blog post contains a picture.

I also tried the blog post just with text and the 600×315 as featured picture.
It looks very compressed, not as blurry as if Facebook shrunk and cropped the original image.

I use the WPSSO plugin to see how Facebook displays the link output.
Is this possible to get a better image output on Facebook when a WP URL is posted?

seo – My page title or blog post title, which should be h1?

The title of the blog post should be H1, as this is the most important text on the page. You usually want people to find you about this one title.

Of course, you can add your name as author to the blog post yourself. However, I would not make an H2 of it, because you want to be found mainly on the content of this blog post, rather than in your name. Make sure you add the rel = "author" with your name so it can be found on your own name.

If you need more help, just answer that answer.

Custom Post Types – Error on the page of a CPT file in WordPress

I have a CPT implemented by podcast type in my WordPress. I had to do a type 301 redirect because the plug-in managing the podcasts (Seriously Simple Podcasting) did not change the appearance of the archive. So I've created a custom plug-in and made the podcast to podcast redirection mentioned above.

The code that saves the published podcasts is:

    $ args = array (
& # 39; # 39 & post_type; => & # 39; podcast & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & orderby; => & # 39; date & # 39 ;,
& # 39; order & # 39; => & # 39; DESC & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & posts_per_page; => & # 39 ;, 1 & # 39 ;,
& # 39; # 39 & paged; => get_query_var (& # 39; paged & # 39;),
$ loop = new WP_Query ($ args);
if ($ loop-> have_posts ()):

while ($ loop-> have_posts ()): $ loop-> the_post (); global $ post;
echo & # 39;& # 39 ;;

The End;

next_posts_link (& # 39; older entries & # 39 ;, $ loop-> max_num_pages);
previous_posts_link (& # 39; newer entries & # 39;);

I've published two chapters at the moment, and to prove it, I have provided each episode with just one episode.

The problem is when I give Older entries He gives me a 404 error. The URL he's trying to get me out of is,

How could I fix this error while paging? I do not want all episodes to be loaded on the same page.

Caching on site with ACF Custom Post Type Relationships

I have a small niche WordPress site where registered users enter data through forms on the site (or the WP Rest API through a mobile app). Currently I do not have a caching plugin. On the site, the user creates custom post types through these front-end forms. You create a "series" of tournaments, "tournaments" and "entries" in these tournaments. There are ACF relationship fields between tournaments with a serial ID and entries with a tournament ID. In other words, a series is a collection of tournaments and a tournament is a collection of entries.

Each tournament has a page with a template that displays all the tournament information and each entry in a list. When a user adds an entry to a tournament (creates a CPT for the entry relating to that tournament), he has not really changed the tournament.

How does a caching plugin know it invalidates the cached page for this tournament? Maybe not, but doable? The number of entries and details of the entries displayed on the tournament page must be updated.

What options do I have to enable a kind of caching here? This seems to be something that has to appear often, but I can not find much discussion and have never dealt with it on a dynamic page.

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