I'm creating 20 high quality backlinks with Quora Answer Posting for $ 8

I create 20 high quality backlinks with Quora Answer Posting

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Write and guest on high authority blogs with do-follow backlinks

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FAQWhat are DA, DR and TF? These are key figures that are provided by various SEO tools. You can check the latest date metrics of my website in your preferred tool. Since the metrics are updated regularly, they may not exactly match the ones shown in the screenshots.
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10 niche-related forum posts backlinks top service for $ 3

10 niche-related forum posting backlinks top service

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Sell ​​- (OPEN) High quality forum posting! (PAYPAL) | Forum Promotion

I am currently offering a high quality posting service here at Forum Promotion!

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I'm going to make 10 guest posts for high authority traffic and DA blogs for $ 80

I'm going to write 10 guest posts on traffic from High Authority and DA blogs

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Posting phone # & # 39; s | Web hosting talk

Quote Quote by martin_r
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Well, it's not really the same thing, email spam is done by bots. You could use bots to call your business phone number, but they know that the agent just hangs up when he isn't talking to a real person. I see no interest in them having to do that.

You will surely receive calls from companies trying to sell their services safely.

I am working on an online business that will not go online until early next year. In the meantime, I wanted people to contact me (e.g. newspaper editors), so I created a quick splash page and wanted to add a phone number for them to call.

Is this worth the risk or do I have to go through a sophisticated security / coding scheme to protect my business phone number?

(Note: I've set up a VoIP phone tree so only people can call me, but I'm still paranoid that sending my phone number can do undue damage?!)

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