Pagination – Finds the number of posts displayed on the current page

I am currently trying to implement a function for loading additional functions, which is described in this stackoverflow article. To do this, it must be known how many posts have already been loaded. So I try to return the number of current posts on a particular page.

The code in question is as follows:

0, 'posts_per_page' => 6 )); while ($posts->have_posts()) { $posts->the_post(); ?>
max_num_pages > 1) echo '
More posts
'; // you can use as well ?>

Although the WP_Query only returns 6 posts, the functions work get_query_var('posts_per_page') and $wp_query->post_countIf you get a call, return 10. Any ideas what I'm missing here?

Thank you in advance.

Individual posts for a CPT UI post type are 404s

I have an instance of WordPress with several custom post types created with the CPT UI plugin.

The posts for one of the custom post types are displayed on the frontend as 404s. The other custom post types are fine.

I tried to delete permalinks, delete and re-create the post type, deactivate all plugins and change my topic.

I'm not quite sure what else to check.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions,


php – Redirects links in posts automatically

I found a solution to change links in my WordPress theme, but not the links in the content. How is it possible to get the url in the content so that i can change it too?

Maybe someone can help me find a solution where I can add more stores with less code. Each shop should check the domain and add the correct business ID from the array.

$array= (
    "" => "1234",
    "" => "5678",
    "" => "9876",   

My function looks like this:

function link_change_custom($offer_post_url){
        if (!empty($offer_post_url) && strpos($offer_post_url, '') !== false) :
            $apple = '';           
            $offer_post_url = $apple .rawurlencode($offer_post_url); 
        if (!empty($offer_post_url) && strpos($offer_post_url, '') !== false) :      
            $offer_post_url = ''.rawurlencode($offer_post_url); 
        if (!empty($offer_post_url) && strpos($offer_post_url, '') !== false) :         
            $offer_post_url = ''.rawurlencode($offer_post_url); 
        return $offer_post_url; 

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WordPress – Posts tagged noindex How do I remove it?

I have a blog with WordPress that I added to the sitemap in the Google search console in the Google search console section more than a month ago Tracking error veo many of these types

Coverage: The submitted URL contains the tag "noindex".

Last: Persecution March 6, 2020 6:04:30 p.m.

Tracker: Google robot for smartphones

Tracking allowed? : Yes

Indexing allowed? No: The tag "noindex" was recognized in the meta tag "robots"

I checked the output of the entry and see no tag of "noindex". Then I looked at the source code of the web (questionable link) and I don't see anything in the "head" that says "noindex".

I add a screenshot of how I configured the entry

Enter the image description here

Update all posts – a total of 25,000 posts

I have over 25,000 posts and need to update all of them.

The main question is whether this causes the server / hosting to fail or something to break.

I found this code, which is in functions.php and works, but another problem here is that it sets the same date and time for all posts to be published

function update_all_posts() {
$args = array(
    'post_type' => 'post',
    'numberposts' => -1
$all_posts = get_posts($args);
foreach ($all_posts as $single_post){
    $single_post->post_title = $single_post->post_title.'';
    wp_update_post( $single_post );

add_action (& # 39; wp_loaded & # 39 ;, & # 39; update_all_posts & # 39;);

Automate the generation of multilingual posts (Polylang plugin in use) via PHP

Whadup brothers and sisters!

So I'm programming a multilingual website while using the Polylang plugin (normal free version). I am currently thinking about creating an admin menu page via PHP, on which I will program an automated method to automatically generate and save a particular post in, for example, six different languages. Just to be a lot faster than writing and saving them all separately. The idea is to create six different input fields on the PHP administration page, each of which represents the content of each contribution (in HTML structure). The content is then accessed with a simple push of a button, and the six articles are saved and linked with one another using their respective languages.

What I wanted to ask in this community; to make sure you can program this correctly:

According to what I've checked so far, the plugin (in phpMyAdmin) uses:

a) the table wp_term_taxonomy to match taxonomy and term IDs with the taxonomy & # 39; language & # 39; to link, where an array identifies the characteristics of a particular language as a value. As I understand it, shouldn't this step be necessary for the above automation?

b) the table wp_term_taxonomy to provide taxonomy and term IDs with the taxonomy & # 39; post_translation & # 39; to link, using an array of the IDs and languages ​​of the assigned / translated posts as a value. For each translated ensemble of posts, I would therefore have to create a record in this structure and insert it into the wp_term_taxonomy table.

c) the wp_term_relationships for assigning taxonomy IDs to WordPress object IDs (such as the ID of a WordPress post) for assigning the respective translations. For each individual contribution of each translated ensemble of contributions, I would therefore have to create a data record in the corresponding structure and insert it into the wp_term_relationships table.

And before these two steps (b and c) I would of course first create a new post using the wp_insert_post method.

So two questions to make sure that I automate everything correctly and that no database material is missing if I do it like this:

1) Do you know of any other database tables that the Polylang plugin uses / on which its functionality is based?

2) What do you think of the idea of ​​automating the generation of multilingual posts in this way? Perhaps you know something about the regularity of the structure of the databases that polylang uses? Just to avoid programming automation that won't work with the next Polylang update.

Bottom up!

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February 2020 was a busy month for low end box and low end talk. It was the first full month of active community improvement efforts after the websites were no longer owned by ColoCrossing and Deluxe. As part of our efforts to create new and engaging content, we will from time to time publish summaries of what has been published on Low End Box and Low End Talk in the past weeks and months!

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