Lenovo power supply data pin and + pin sorted

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I have the same rectangular charging port in my Lenovo laptop. It was loosened for a long time ..

One day I inserted a tiny copper wire into the connector so that the 20 V pin can be connected properly. It worked for a while.

However, I fear that I have sorted the data pin and the + 20V inner surface. Since then, the laptop has not started.

Because of Corona Virus Lockdown, I can't go to repair either.

Please help me understand how to check if I accidentally shorted the data pin and + 20V.

Or if it happened, what happens when data pin and + pin are sorted.

Even if someone can explain the role of the data pin in the power plug.

Thanks in advance

Statistics – Number of classes of the $ D $ th power of the transition matrix of an irreducible Markov chain with the period $ D $

Suppose a Markov chain has a transition matrix $ P $is irreducible and recurs positively with the period $ D $ (greater than $ 1 $). Consider a new Markov chain with a transition matrix $ P ^ D $. Can't that be reduced?

I think there will be exactly that $ D $ Classes communicate so that it is not irreducible. We can split up our original Markov chain $ D $ puts, $ T_i $ to the $ i = 0, 1, 2, …, D – 1 $ so every state in $ T_i $ must go to $ T_ {i + 1} $ and $ T_D = T_0 $. For our new Markov chain, these are our classes (not sure how to prove it). But at least $ T_0 $ and $ T_1 $ are not in the same class because things are in $ T_0 $ can only go in to things $ T_0 $ in a multiple of $ D $ Steps. Is that correct? How is it that we don't use the positive recurring criterion?

I also forgot the construction needed for this cyclical disassembly. So it would be nice if someone could link a proof.

ssis – Install Oracle 32 or 64 bit on Windows Server 2019 to import data into SQL Server and use with Power BI

Good afternoon everyone

Post for the first time, so excuse me if I make mistakes.

I'm a newbie to oracle and I'm really struggling with this concept of 32 and 64 bit oracle business.

All I really want to do is import data from an Oracle 12c DW into a local 2019 SQL Server daily and then connect Power BI over it.

The reason for this is that we are trying to switch from Oracle to SQL Server and I have to PoC.

So far I've looked up and down and can't figure out WHAT to install to access WHAT in Oracle.

All I really need, if I understand it correctly, is to install an Oracle CLIENT so that I can use SSIS to create my ETL routines. BUT when I install a 32-bit client it says that a 64-bit client is needed and when I install a 64-bit client it means that an ODAC is needed. I installed that too and still have no success.

I also have problems understanding which folder level is included in the PATH in the system environment variables.
It's so complicated compared to SQL Server – so I could really use your help in the following questions.

  1. Given that SSMS is 32-bit – Can I only install 32-bit Oracle client and ODAC – If so, what software do I download and install from Oracle – Can't tell the difference between xcopy and other versions ( and can you tell me how the path is updated)?

  2. Do I have to install x64-bit at all since I am on a 64-bit workstation? If so, what software do I download?

My ultimate goal is to be able to
– Connect to ORACLE with SQL SERVER SSIS and import data daily via ETL routines
– As a temporary backup, also establish a connection to ORACLE via Power BI.

Any help and advice much appreciated.

Many thanks

wifi – How can the personal hotspot for iOS 13 be prevented from failing after 3 minutes, even if it is connected to the power supply?

The Personal Hotspot on iOS 13 stays active for a long time when paired with a Mac or other iOS device.

If it is passed on to a PC via WIFI, it will fail after 3-7 minutes. If a VPN connection is made via this, the VPN connection is also ended.

My question is: How can the personal hotspot for iOS 13 be prevented from failing after 3 minutes, even if it is connected to the power supply?

Sync – Photos from my LG X Power cannot be deleted

I have a LG X Power with Android 6.0.1. I recently browsed Google Photos (using a desktop web browser) and deleted a number of videos. Although photos tell me that they will be removed from my devices, they remain on my phone and I don't seem to be able to get rid of them. When I try to delete them using the Photos app on my phone, I get the following error message:

(X) Elements cannot be deleted

Photos do not have access to delete items on your SD card. Go to the Gallery app to continue deleting.

But not me to have a gallery app on my phone! Also, when I use a file browser to see what's on my SD card, there's no trace of it. They don't appear in the DCIM> Camera directory (although my photos do).

Where are these videos hiding? I suspect they're hidden somewhere in my internal storage because I'm running out of space, but the DCIM> camera directory in my internal storage is completely empty and I can't seem to find any other large directory. Why doesn't deleting them remove them from my phone from Google Photos? And why does Photos keep asking me to use a nonexistent gallery app to delete them?

Wireless network – My PCIe WiFi 6 card only works after I have disconnected the PC from the power supply for ~> 20 seconds. What could be wrong?

There is a problem on my desktop PC where my WiFi PCIe card is not recognized at all when I start my computer in the morning after shutting down the night before. It is a dual boot system and the same for Linux and Windows.

On Linux, the device is not displayed when running lspci -vv If you look at the hidden devices in Windows Device Manager, it shows that the card is not connected.

A restart doesn't help. Shutting down doesn't help. Turning the power off completely (turning off the power / disconnecting the power cord) for more than a few seconds helps. Every time. The map is now displayed in both operating systems and is fully functional.

I use the latest BIOS (version F50) and the EC firmware.

  • Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro
  • Wifi PCIe chip: Intel AX200
  • CPU: Ryzen 2700X

I have no idea where to start investigating this problem. I manually removed and reinserted the PCIe card several times. I have replaced the CMOS battery. I am at a loss.

Thank you for your help. Very appreciated!

Flash – Why don't my flashes turn off at full power in HSS?

As mentioned in another answer, high speed sync has limitations on available power because the flash must be operated to illuminate the entire image. There are several ways to work around this.

Since you've found that a dark band in the frame is acceptable because you really only need the window, one method is to turn off the HSS. This gives you a tape with the width of the sealing slit at the bottom of the picture, which is correctly exposed by the flash. Experience may tell you if this tape is wide enough for your purposes, but if you do, if you only need to go from 1/200 to 1/500, you should get about 40% of the flash-lit frame.

However, there is probably an easier way to get around this: take a picture with the camera on a tripod with the flash off (for a properly exposed exterior view) and one with the flash on automatically or manually to properly expose the interior and use HDR software to combine the two. This can also be done manually in any image editing program, simply by cutting out the light parts of the window and pasting them into the interior image or by combining them on different levels and using a brightness mask to make the outside area visible through the inside area – an HDR However, the processor is much easier to use and should give good results.

There is also an old-fashioned method that would have worked well with film: add more flash heads and stop, or use a neutral filter to achieve outdoor exposure below the sync speed. This also works for digital recordings. So you don't have to take two pictures with different settings and you can see the end result on the camera screen and make sure you have the shot you want before leaving the room. You may need to do some guide number research to determine how many flash heads you need. However, if you only have one or two stops outside, four will not be exceeded.

Flash – Flashes that do not deliver full power in HSS

[! [I have a Canon Rebel T7i and Godox flashes. I am a real estate photographer and use a multiple exposure method to expose the windows to the outside view. On particularly bright days I have to set my shutter speed much faster than 1/200 to getting a good window exposure, sometimes closer to 1/500 or more, but when this happens, my flashes, even though I've set them to full 1/1 power, don't seem to go off. The full power is off, but as soon as I turn on 1/200 go back to full brightness again. I set my camera to HSS but that doesn't seem to help at all. Is it the flashes? Another setting that I can try: if the curtain has the black ribbon above / Leaving in the photo below is not important to me as I only really need the windows in the picture.

macos – Does a Mac send an electrical signal to other electrical devices on the power grid and wait for a signal to turn on again?

In the energy saving settings under MacOS you can specify that the Mac should be started / shutdown at a certain time. However, what surprises me is that Beginning Function. The requirement is that the Mac is connected to a physical cable.

  • How does a MacOS system turn itself on when no physical push has been triggered? Is it possible to start up the Mac without connecting it to a physical power cord?

Where does this signal frog come from? Does it send an electrical signal to other devices on the power grid to get an on signal?

Can I use this phenomenon if I create a PUP or other "virus" for the Mac with little effort?

sharepoint online – Power Automate approval workflow Triggered by "When an article is created", two simultaneous workflows are started

I have a workflow that is triggered when someone uploads a SharePoint file to a library ("When an item is created"). Sometimes this workflow starts a duplicate workflow for the same file about 30 seconds after the first one. Any ideas why there would be duplicate workflows? Does the second start because there are "required" columns and the user fills in these fields on the upload.aspx page and then presses "Check In" to trigger another workflow?