Class feature – Does the monastery’s weapon power apply to its powerful fist ability?

Powerful fists are of no use to monastery weapons.

Monastery weapons make it clear that they do not count when a certain attack is triggered.

You can use melee monk weapons for any of your monk talents or monk skills that typically require unarmed attacks not if the performance or ability requires you to perform a certain type of attacklike Crane Stance

Powerful fists do not change your unarmed blow damage. It changes the damage to the fists (Non-) weapon with the unarmed property.

You know how to use your fists as deadly weapons. The damage dies for your fist changes to 1d6 instead of 1d4.

The "fist" is a "single specific type of attack". No other weapon receives the change of damage from d4 to d6.

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Actions – Verbally strike by performing a powerful punch. Regulate?

The observation of the player

One of the ways for Take a powerful blow is (Basic movements Pages / book p. 71):

• Verbally strike: provoke a teammate into foolhardy actions or use your influence to create a condition

The text of the book then explains that if you select this "verbally flog" option, only performing one of these two "actions" will meet the requirements. The example game (below p. 72) is interrupted exactly as the doomed player chooses Provoke,

But both Provoke… and Use your influence are, if you like, "big m" moves for yourself! They have their own rules and procedures. Here even modifiers are added, provisions for everyone, presumably to keep the sometimes varying results firmly negative instead: yours Provoke… must be "too daring to act," and yours Exploit… must be "to add a condition".

I'll paste it as a wrong quote (don't look for it). One player noticed that the bullet point could be …

• You verbally beat a teammate: criticize him until he marks a condition or incite conflict until he does something stupid that he wouldn't have done otherwise

… But it doesn't, Instead, a certain language from known rules is used. I think it's pretty clear that this OOC choice triggers a full decision To provoke someone or Exploit Move.

Should we follow the full rules of the included moves if a player chooses to verbally hit?

Here are just a few of the implications of choosing Lash Out Verbally and its parts are full movements:

  • To provoke someone
    • Tell the GM what you want him to do. here it must be considered a "daring act"
    • requires you to roll what could be a failure; So they wouldn't and the GM could move
    • Even if you roll a hit, you can allow against a PC "if they don't". Did you really "provoke foolish acts" when they didn't?
    • if you choose to do so, or if we assume that the bold act is mandatory instead:
      • "If they do," Team adds to the pool
      • The target PC could … what … reject your weak provocation until it's enough?
      • If they can't refuse, you have a license for the daring action that deprives the target player of agency and autonomy
  • Use your influence
    • It is a peripheral move, so there is no second roll except you Got to Select the "add a condition to them" option
    • You have to "give up the influence you have over them"
    • This creates your influence and makes your move a candidate for the target PCs Reject someone's influence
      • if that Decline… Role was a failure, they would mark your inflicted state, and for that Decline… Miss the GM would move their labels and they would mark one second condition

house rules

When we came across it and then examined the concept, we found that much of it is quite problematic in practice and in theory. I think these are not "house rules" from the whole stuff, but maybe our "house handling" to interpret the ambiguity:

  • No additional roles or choices, just choose Provoke… and the daring act, or Exploit and the condition of trying to match the spirit of this movement with everyone.
  • On a hit Take a powerful blow is a negative move. Bad things are supposed to happen.
  • When you impose a condition, you give up your influence.
  • Your goal is indeed forced to take a daring action you choose, but it has to be in perfect harmony with the established fiction and the target PC personality.
  • Although mandatory, they "do it" and earn a team for the pool.
  • "Be a fan" of your teammate. Don't be an idiot with the daring action. Metagame is not your choice of what condition to cause.
  • Conversely, it's a forced negative move against a team member, so you may tend to throw a guy at them with a bold act. not or the GM will intervene.

Does that seem appropriate? Did we misinterpret something pretty clearly to be muddy? Are we missing transcripts for example games that list these details? Other thoughts or does the matter take up?

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Why do you think Jews remain silent when the anti-Semitism shield is removed?

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Predictability – How much more powerful are regular expressions in modern programming languages ​​than regular expressions from computational theory?

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