Powering on the virtual machine in VMware 6.5 failed

Hello ,

After restarting the Dedicated Server some VPS will not be activated and the following error will be displayed.


Power on the virtual machine X failed. Error during transport (VMDB) -45: Unable to connect to peer process. Click here for more details:

Transport Error (VMDB) -45: Unable to connect to peer process


Virtual Maker is VMware 6.5

I tried to remove / reinstal / install a hundred times and it did not work. I have already removed my downloaded file and downloaded it again, but it still does not work …

The issue with the VMware update has not been resolved.

please help

The phone shows a blank blue screen and turns off after powering up

I have a Xiaomi RedMi Note 1. When I turn it on, a blank blue screen pops up and it turns off later. I tried to open the hard reset menu, but it shows the blue screen and turns off again. I tried to remove the battery and try again. What do I have to do to fix the problem? I do not know much about phones, but is this known as the Blue Screen of Death? The Android version is 5.0 Lollipop.