battery – Phone overheats after powering on

I’ve seen this with plenty of smartphones,usually after 1-2 years of use.The phone overheats for a minute or 2 before cooling down,but it’s performance doesn’t differ from a non-overheating phone that has been powered on.

Is this simply due to the natural wear and tear which causes a CPU overload for the first few minutes,or it it because of the failing/malfunctioning of a particular component in the phone/(which would in turn, adversely affect its battery life)

Touch Bar – The Macbook Pro 13 Touch Bar 2016 should be reinstalled after powering off

anyone. Please help.

My Mac has this strange problem. I could not start my Mac after shutting down. In this case, only the Apple logo will be displayed, and the progress bar will reach the middle first and then turn off completely.

I've done this almost 10 times this morning and decided to create my usual root directory so I can use my Mac again by reinstalling MacOS.

I have been doing this a couple of times a couple of months, forgetting that I should never shut down the laptop. "Sleep" and "restart" work perfectly.

Now I'm in the middle of reinstalling the MacOS, but I have done in the Disk Utility "First Aid" and found some error messages (show in the pictures).

Does anyone have any idea what's going on with my laptop and how to fix it? It's so annoying to re-install MacOS over and over again if I forget to recharge my laptop.

Thank you very much.
Enter image description hereEnter image description here

Powering on the virtual machine in VMware 6.5 failed

Hello ,

After restarting the Dedicated Server some VPS will not be activated and the following error will be displayed.


Power on the virtual machine X failed. Error during transport (VMDB) -45: Unable to connect to peer process. Click here for more details:

Transport Error (VMDB) -45: Unable to connect to peer process


Virtual Maker is VMware 6.5

I tried to remove / reinstal / install a hundred times and it did not work. I have already removed my downloaded file and downloaded it again, but it still does not work …

The issue with the VMware update has not been resolved.

please help

The phone shows a blank blue screen and turns off after powering up

I have a Xiaomi RedMi Note 1. When I turn it on, a blank blue screen pops up and it turns off later. I tried to open the hard reset menu, but it shows the blue screen and turns off again. I tried to remove the battery and try again. What do I have to do to fix the problem? I do not know much about phones, but is this known as the Blue Screen of Death? The Android version is 5.0 Lollipop.