sharepoint on prem – Hiding task in task list if predecessor task is not completed

I am working on Sharepoint on prem 2019, in an OOTB task list, I have some tasks listed with predecessor relationship , see screenshot below.

enter image description here

All I want to do is, successor task should only be allowed to mark as complete if the predecessor is marked as complete already, or may be hide the successor task till the predecessor task is marked as complete, can someone help me with JS for the same that I can use, thanks in advance.

Can you share SharePoint Online content (pages, sites etc) with Mail Enabled Security Groups Synced from On Prem AD?

I have been advising all my users to use mail enabled security groups for permissions and sharing content in SharePoint. I know for permissions, best practice is to use mail enabled security groups in SharePoint groups. And this works for mail enabled security groups that are synced from On Prem AD > AAD (a typical hybrid scenario).

However, I came across a case where a few users were not able to share (using the share button in SPO) to mail enabled security groups. I thought this might be a permissions issue or a bug. I raised this request with Microsoft support after doing some troubleshooting and was told this is the intended design. Mail Enabled security groups do not sync with SPO directory.

What is the recommended method of sharing content content from SharePoint? I was advised to create security groups in AAD which would work.

Thank you

Connect to Sharepoint on Prem 2013 using CMIS

I want to get the SharePoint document library data using CMIS

Here is my code:

Dictionary parameters = new Dictionary();
                parameters(SessionParameter.BindingType) = BindingType.AtomPub;
                parameters(SessionParameter.AtomPubUrl) = "http://zeus:18439/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/CD4E6A20-32DD-46F5-96A8-00EF7B754EC2?getRepositoryInfo";
                parameters(SessionParameter.User) = strSourceUserName;
                parameters(SessionParameter.Password) = strSourcePassword;
                SessionFactory factory = SessionFactory.NewInstance();
                migrateRepos = factory.GetRepositories(parameters);

I get one Unauthorized exception at the GetRepositories() Method. The batch tracking is

at DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.AbstractAtomPubService.Read(UrlBuilder url)
   at DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.AbstractAtomPubService.GetRepositoriesInternal(String repositoryId)
   at DotCMIS.Binding.AtomPub.RepositoryService.GetRepositoryInfos(IExtensionsData extension)
   at DotCMIS.Binding.Impl.BindingRepositoryService.GetRepositoryInfos(IExtensionsData extension)
   at DotCMIS.Client.Impl.SessionFactory.GetRepositories(IDictionary`2 parameters, IObjectFactory objectFactory, AbstractAuthenticationProvider authenticationProvider, ICache cache)
   at DotCMIS.Client.Impl.SessionFactory.GetRepositories(IDictionary`2 parameters)
   at ReadFileInfo.AlfrescoAnalysis.MigrateCMISData() in D:TFSOptimum - MigrationToolsAlfresco_AnalysisReadFileInfoAlfrescoAnalysis.cs:line 289

I appreciate any help … Thank you

sharepoint on prem – remote user authentication SP 2016

I am trying to create an item remotely in SP 2016 using user authentication. I found a great guide to this in SP online (, but I didn't find any resources to use SP on site. The solution I'm looking for is pure web request calls, not C # or powershell. I can use Javascript if necessary, but I would only prefer web request calls as you typed them into the Postman or SOAP user interface.

The next thing I could find was using the SOAP call documented here for authentication: https: //sharepoint_domain/_vti_bin/authentication.asmx

If I make this call but enter my username and password in the SOAP envelope, I only get a markup text that looks like a website and says "Sign in to your account" in one day.

Any help would be appreciated

sharepoint on prem – How do I create a modal popup when someone clicks a link on my page?

From this question I found a solution for popup modals and implemented the following code:


I know this section of code causes the modal to pop up when someone lands on the page (which is really cool):

SP.SOD.execute('sp.ui.dialog.js', 'SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog', options);  
return false;  

But I want to create this modal popup when someone clicks on a link on this page instead of showing up when someone lands.

This code is currently being implemented exactly as described here in this link.

How can I ensure that this modal popup window appears when someone clicks a link in a text on my page?

Edit: Any JS that I have placed on a page that is not embedded or embedded in a CEWP or SEWP will be removed. Therefore, setting the "onclick" link to the text itself does not work, although the JS is implemented via a link on the page to the document in the Site Assets folder.

Depolying SPFX Web Part On On Prem 2019

I have the example from the [Microsoft website.] [1] I have used the 2019 and Online option and have not added anything to the project. I packed and published the webpart. I could easily deploy it to our company's SharePoint Online App Catalog. Then I took exactly the same package and tried to include it in the application catalog on one of our clients 2019 On Prem environments, and the package is not properly decompiled. I expected the Web Part to perform the same deployment as the SP Online environment.

The error message for the app package is

There were errors when validating the App manifest.: Xml Validation Exception: 'The 'IsClientSideSolution' attribute is not declared.' on line '1', position '240'., 
Xml Validation Exception: 'The element 'Properties' in namespace '' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'StartPage' in namespace ''.' on line '1', position '320'., 
Xml Validation Exception: 'The element 'App' in namespace '' has incomplete content. List of possible elements expected: 'AppPrincipal' in namespace ''.' on line '1', position '333'.

The environment is set to in my .yo-rc.json file "onprem19"

The AppManifest.xml has the attribute IsClientSideSolution="true"

I have not yet seen any suggestions for resolving my problem. I've seen the [GitHub Page] [2] talking about some elements, but I still have the problem.

Any support would be very grateful

sharepoint on prem – The Modern Team Site document library page in SP2019 does not show the option to quit the classic experience

I work with SharePoint under Prem. 2019 and created a team site in a modern experience, where several document libraries were added.
When the site is accessed and the link to the document library is clicked on Quick Launch, it opens in the modern UI. Clicking on "Back to the classic Sharepoint" will take you to the classic experience. Once I'm on the classic UI page, I can not see a link to quit the classic UI at the bottom left to even return to the modern UI.

What could be the cause, can someone please help, thanks in advance.

sharepoint on prem – Use custom tiles for multiple web applications in different farms

In the article "Custom Tiles in SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019"
This indicates that you can use the same custom tiles for multiple web applications.

I managed to follow the article and create a custom "Master" tile list, and I could use it from multiple web applications in the same farm.

I could use the same master tiles for multiple web applications in the same farm.

However, I am unable to cause other web applications in other farms to use the same master tiles.

Is there a way that web apps in other farms use the master tile list?