windows 7 – 7-ZIP How to extract a particular file present in a nested zipped file

I have a Zipped file which contains multiple Zipped file(logs of different servers). I have to extract a file(only one copy) named “diagnostics.xml” which is present in each of the zipped files.

I am using the below command. Tried multiple times but not sure for some reason, it is not working. Could you please suggest.

7z e "" -oC:usersLogs -ir!diagnostics.xml

**Folder Structure:** the below zipped files) 
  => the diagnostics.xml)
  => the diagnostics.xml)
  => the diagnostics.xml)

Please note that we need to extract only one diagnostics.xml(from any server).

presentation – How to best present alternative ways to write a piece of code (in a slideshow)?

I’m working on a ‘slideshow’-type presentation (e.g. using LO Impress) which involves me showing people different alternatives for writing some pieces of software code.

We’re not talking about large pieces: Some of the changes I suggest are alternative formulations of individual lines; others involve transforming blocks or loops of several lines; and the largest ones are still under 20 lines or so.

I’m wondering about essentially all aspects of doing this:

  • Whether to put “option 1” vs “option 2” on the same slide, or on separate slides

  • Whether changes should be made by:

    • me deleting words and writing in new ones, or
    • switching to the next slide
    • automated animation effects (like fades or wipes or a pen striking out text)
  • How much change to allow between consecutive slides: Many transitions with tiny self-explanatory changes, or fewer transitions where you tell the audience roughly what happened

  • Whether I should even use the presentation software for the actual code, or perhaps switch to an editor, IDE or diff tool between pre-created files

  • Choices of color scheme, font size (too small = difficult to read, too big = few lines on the slide, need to memorize), inter-line spacing, margins etc – for maximizing readability.

So, my bottom-like question is: What have you found works well, or works poorly when presenting alternative pieces of code, or necessary transitions on existing code?

Note: The audience can assumed to be coders of various degrees of proficiency.

google sheets – Hide calculated column till all data is present

About what I am trying to do:
I track several homes for sale. My problem child is column W ‘Days to closing’.

This field is automatically calculated.
Column S contains the closing date
Data!J3 is the cell that contains Today() (I reference this field a lot)

I am trying to display how many days till closing. This works fine, however, I am seeing large negative numbers because I do not know the closing date yet.

How can I hide the large negative numbers till I know the date closing?

My current formula today
=ARRAYFORMULA(DAYS(S4:S,DATA!J3)) —> Data!J3 is today()
All cells in column S must automatically calculate thus ARRAYFORMULA

Any formula ideas welcome!

linux – How can I get the current monitor on which a window is present. I’d like to get the name/ id of the output the window is present on

While I was making a script on Linux which manages multiple monitors and windows present on it, I want to have some command ‘x’ that can output the current screen the window is on so I can put it inside an if loop

if my_window == Monitor VGA1
    then do
        moveWindow to left screen
        moveWindow to right screen

#this is just an examplet please don't focus too much on it. please.

I tried xdotool and xwininfo but did not find what I wanted. Any help is appreciated.

sharing – After my last ubuntu 20.04 lts update, Yestarday, The audio shared by zoom begin to sound very low and present noice

How I said, after update my Ubuntu 20.04 lts, I can not share sound by zoom because the sound is low with noices. Before that, all shared sound was very fine. I have other laptop and passed the same, after a update Ubuntu 20.04 lts, was impossible to share audio clear.

macos – ARDAgent present in firewall settings as “Allow incoming connections”

macos – ARDAgent present in firewall settings as “Allow incoming connections” – Ask Different

encryption – Any reason why SHA-3 isn’t yet present in GnuPG?

I was curious about setting SHA-3 as the preferred hashing algorithm for GPG but that looks like it is not yet supported and the documentation states this:

SHA-3: SHA-3 is a completely new hash algorithm that makes a clean
break with the previous SHAs. It is believed to be safe, with no
warnings about its usage. It hasn’t yet been officially introduced
into the OpenPGP standard, and for that reason GnuPG doesn’t support
it. However, SHA-3 will probably be incorporated into the spec, and
GnuPG will support it as soon as it does.

What does this mean: “…and GnuPG will support it as soon as it does”?

Are there any development plans for supporting SHA3 or BLAKE?

c# – Unity 2D animated tiles library: IsSelected variable not working or not present within RuleTileEditor.cs

I have just tried downloading a library which will allow me to add animated tiles to unity. I have been following this tutorial:

It told me to download this library in order to work the animated tiles:

After this the tutorial told me to unzip the library and place it into my assets folder. It loaded into my assets folder and then got the following error:

Assets2d-extras-master2d-extras-masterEditorTilesRuleTileRuleTileEditor.cs(277,26): error 
CS1061: 'ReorderableList' does not contain a definition for 'IsSelected' and no accessible extension 
method 'IsSelected' accepting a first argument of type 'ReorderableList' could be found (are you 
missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Does anyone perhaps know why this error is occuring.

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