theory – Is the Singer cycle preserved by field automorphisms and graph automorphisms?

Let $T=operatorname{PSL}_n(q)$ with $n$ a prime number. Then the $mathscr{C}_3$ subgroup $M=langle xrangle{:}langlesigmarangle$ of $T$ is isomorphic to $mathbb{Z}_{frac{q^n-1}{(q-1)(n,q-1)}}{:}mathbb{Z}_n$, where $x$ comes from the Singer cycle.

Note that $sigma$ has a matrix which is a permutation matrix corresponding to $(1,2,dots,n)$ in $operatorname{SL}_n(q)$. It follows that $langlesigmarangle$ is preserved by any outer automorphism of $T$.

My question is: is $langle xrangle$ preserved by any outer automorphism of $T$? It is true for the diagonal automorphism and the $mathscr{C}_3$ subgroup of $operatorname{PGL}_n(q)$ is isomorphic to $mathbb{Z}_{frac{q^n-1}{q-1}}{:}mathbb{Z}_n$. How about the field automorphism and the diagonal automorphism? How can we find a matrix form of $x$ in this case?

That is to say, if $oleoperatorname{Out}(T)$, then is the $mathscr{C}_3$ subgroup of $T.o$ just $M.o$? And how about the case when $T=operatorname{PSU}_n(q)$ and $M$ is isomorphic to $mathbb{Z}_{frac{q^n+1}{(q+1)(n,q+1)}}{:}mathbb{Z}_n$, where $n$ is still a prime number? In this case we only need to consider the field automorphism.

Preserved numerical accuracy not requested

As you can see, I'm trying to get more digits for the 1 / prob
Calculation but without success

They are there. Try this

SetOptions($FrontEndSession, PrintPrecision -> 30)
prob = (.95*(1 - 1/20000))/(.95*(1 - 1/20000) + .075*(1/20000));
N(prob, 30);
N(1/prob, 30)

which prints


Help, they say

PrintPrecision is a selection option that specifies the maximum
Number of digits used to display a machine-accurate number.

(Note, it's called Machine accuracy number)

But if you want the calculation to be done by yourself 30 Precision, then try it

prob = SetPrecision((.95*(1 - 1/20000))/(.95*(1 - 1/20000) + .075*(1/20000)), 30)


(* 1.00000394756579925776199085484 *)

And now you no longer have to change or use it PrintPrecision to see these digits at all.

Mathematica graphics

Geolocation is not preserved?





Your location:

If I give the get location, you get nothing, it just stays empty, I appreciate your instructions. Thank you. It doesn't make mistakes for me. I don't know if it's because the script was misspelled or if the script needs something else

Adobe Camera Raw – Will all RAW data be preserved when editing photos in Photoshop?

I have all the cases that you have untouched RAW file. All changes (lossless) are saved in a special file (if the file is DNG), in a secondary file (XMP) or in a special catalog (e.g. in Lightroom).

And you can restore an untouched RAW file by deleting this side file. Or by resetting the settings you have made.

javafx – My Java object is not preserved with all XML attributes

I use the JAXB API. I can properly preserve a Java object in XML, but only the Name attribute is preserved. The remaining attributes are not retained. Here are my codes:

This is the method by which the object is stored in XML.

 * Salva os dados do grupo atual no arquivo especificado.
 * @param file
public void saveDataToFile(File file) {
    try {
        JAXBContext context = JAXBContext
        Marshaller m = context.createMarshaller();
        m.setProperty(Marshaller.JAXB_FORMATTED_OUTPUT, true);

        // Envolvendo nossos dados da pessoa.
        GruposListWrapper wrapper = new GruposListWrapper();

        // Enpacotando e salvando XML  no arquivo.
        m.marshal(wrapper, file);

        // Saalva o caminho do arquivo no registro.
    } catch (Exception e) { // catches ANY exception
        Alert alert = new Alert(AlertType.ERROR);
        alert.setHeaderText("Could not save data");
        alert.setContentText("Could not save data to file:n" + file.getPath());

This is the wrapper class.

* Classe auxiliar para envolver uma lista de grupos. Esta é usada para 
*salvar a lista de grupos em XML.
* @author Marco Jakob
@XmlRootElement(name = "grupos")
public class GruposListWrapper {

private List grupos;

@XmlElement(name = "grupo")
public List getGrupos() {
    return grupos;

public void setGrupos(List grupos) {
    this.grupos = grupos;

The list to save is as follows:

private ObservableList gruposData = 

This is my class groups:

public class Grupos implements Pesquisavel{
    private StringProperty nome;
    private StringProperty quantidadeProdutos;
    private StringProperty valorTotal;
    private List listaProdutos = new ArrayList<>();

    public Grupos() {

    public Grupos(String nome) {
        this.nome = new SimpleStringProperty(nome);
        this.quantidadeProdutos = new SimpleStringProperty("10");
        this.valorTotal = new SimpleStringProperty("10");

    public Grupos(String nome, String quantidadeProdutos, String valorTotal) {
        this.nome = new SimpleStringProperty(nome);
        this.quantidadeProdutos = new SimpleStringProperty(quantidadeProdutos);
        this.valorTotal = new SimpleStringProperty(valorTotal);

    public void setNome(String nome) {
        this.nome = new SimpleStringProperty(nome);

    public void setQuantidadeProdutos() {
        this.quantidadeProdutos = new SimpleStringProperty(Integer.toString(getListaProdutos().size()));

    public void setValorTotal() {
        Double novoValor = 0.0;
        for(Produtos x: getListaProdutos()) {
            novoValor += Double.parseDouble(x.getValor().get());
        this.valorTotal = new SimpleStringProperty(Double.toString(novoValor));

    public void setQuantidadeProdutos(String quantidade) {
        this.quantidadeProdutos = new SimpleStringProperty(quantidade);

    public void setValorTotal(String valor) {
        this.valorTotal = new SimpleStringProperty(valor);

    public StringProperty getNomeProperty() {
        return nome;

    public StringProperty getQuantidadeProdutosProperty() {
        return quantidadeProdutos;

    public StringProperty getValorTotalProperty() {
        return valorTotal;

    public List getListaProdutos(){
        return listaProdutos;

    public String getNome() {
        return nome.get();

    public String getCodigo() {
        return null;

    public String toString() {
        return getNome();


Whenever I save in XML, it's always saved like that, no matter how many times I change the attributes, how many changes I make, only the group name is always stored in XML:

Enter image description here

Split chain with regex, whereby the limiter is preserved

I have a string that comes to me in JSON with some data like this

{"name": "AMD", "history": {"2019-09-05": {"open": "31.79", "close": "31.50", "high": "32.05", "low" : "31.12", "volume": "57693493"}, "2019-09-04": {"open": "31.32", "close": "30.95", "high": "31.83", "low" : "30.85", "Volume": "46709780"}, "2019-09-03": {"Open": "30.83", "Close": "30.90", "High": " 31.14 "," Low ":" 30.68 "," Volume ":" 38080254 "}, … etc


 string() cotizacion = Regex.Split(cadena_url, @"d{4}-d{2}-d{2}");

I have created an item in the quotation marks array for each day. The problem is that the split eliminates the date and I'm interested in keeping the date and adding it to the array.

I can not add the date to the array.

Many thanks for the help.

If you could, how would you eat preserved chicken breast?

There was a time when one of our children was so frightened that she could not bring herself to enter the college's dining room. She ate chicken and tuna canned food in her room. (I sent her boxes of non-perishable food – and encouraged her to seek help, which she did eventually.)

It's not very good in itself, but it works in a casserole (any kind of cooked pasta or rice, chicken flakes, a binder like a cream from any soup or sauce, and vegetables you have). It makes a decent chicken salad. It's fine with pan-fried dishes, though it falls to pieces and stirs well with ramen.

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World of Darkness – Is a Preserved Blood Possible and Will It Kill People?

It is possible to store blood for later use.

On page 212 of the Vampire 5E Core Book, the difficulties of using blood bags are discussed. If it comes from the hospital and has already been processed, it can only be consumed by vampires with the Iron Gullet Merit. If it's raw, unprocessed blood in a pouch, Blood Potency 2 vampires can drink it and feed on it. After 15 minutes it loses its resonance.

If you regularly drink from stored blood, you probably have the predator-type excavator (page 176) with all the pros and cons involved.

You can safely take blood off with the medicine skill.

Facebook pages – how the name is preserved

Currently I have a page attached to my personal Facebook profile.
I'd like to first delete the page from my personal Facebook profile and start a new page for my business that is not linked to my personal Facebook profile.
I want to create a Facebook business profile instead.
I do not want to lose the name I currently have on my personal profile page.
My questions are:
1. If I deleted the Facebook page (I know how to do that), how long do I have to wait to use the name of my page again?
2. If there is a wait – is there a chance they can release it sooner? I really do not want to lose my page name.

Hope someone can help! Many Thanks!