motherboard – Computer doesn’t turn on when pressing the power button

It’s not that it doesn’t boot, but that the computer simply doesn’t turn on. Absolutely nothing happens when I press the power button. Strangely enough, at some point it does turn on. This time it turned on on its own!

I never had stability problems, the computer never did turn off when I was using it. Even now when it does start, it works well.

At first I suspected the power button. But now that its on, I tested. Every time I press the power button, the shutdown dialog appears. So the power button seems to be working well.

The computer is connected with a LAN cable to the motherboard; there are two LEDs. When I switch off the power supply, the LEDs go off, when I switch it on the LEDs start blinking again.

I guess it comes down to the motherboard or the power supply. Which one is more likely to be at fault here? Unfortunately, I don’t have any replacement parts to test. I would have to order them. Where should I start?

Btw, I have the habit of disconnecting the computer from power at night via a power strip with a switch. Is that maybe not a good idea?

interaction design – What is a good multipress timeout value for pressing a hardware button?

I am looking for a value to specify as a maximum time between presses for it to count as a multi-press when pressing an hardware button on e.g. a mobile phone. An example would be to execute an action by pressing twice (or more) on the home button.

Of course the optimal value will differ a lot depending on the user, but I find the value commonly used for mouse clicks being 500ms, and I think 300ms is sometimes used for double tapping on a touch screen. But what about a HW button on e.g phone?

screen capture – Can a website track keystrokes like OS or browser related keybind pressing?

There are several ways to track how a user interacts with a website, including mouse position and clicks.

Does the same apply to taking screenshots though? Can a website track browser or system related hotkeys?

For example, which of the following would reveal either clicks or keystrokes (assuming they were pressed while the website had been selected)?

  • Pressing Ctr+Shift+PrintScreen then clicking to select the area I need to take a screenshot of.
  • Ctr+T to open a new tab on Firefox (or any other Firefox keybind).
  • Opening the command line using keybinds.

samsung – Lock screen is always ON even if I switch it off by pressing the power button

I have been facing a problem with my Samsung Galaxy M30. FYI The power button working totally fine(I can reboot using it and shut the phone down, no problem with my power button). But as I put my phone to sleep, the screen does go off but the problem is that after 2 or 3 seconds the lock screen of the phone automatically turns ON(without touching it or shaking, I haven’t enabled any gestures) and continuously glows all the time, it doesn’t turn off. I tried to shut down my phone but it didn’t help me. How to troubleshoot this? This problem drains my battery too fast, I don’t know what happened to my phone. Can it be a virus or malware problem(I have also tried to scan my phone for any malware but it also couldn’t help me)?

Please help me.

email – Microsoft Outlook hiding text after pressing enter

When typing an email, the previous line of text is hidden after pressing enter. Then, the cursor is stuck and can’t be moved.

I’ve checked if it’s deleting the text and it’s not, since when sending the email to a different email, you receive the hidden text as well. I’ve scoured the internet for solutions for this and it’s not Overtype, line breaks, or formatting issues. It does not occur on other applications, only the Outlook app. I’ve also tried repairing the application and that did not work.

I am using Outlook as part of Microsoft Office 365. It is the newest version and my computer is running Windows 10.

magento2 – Loading icon for literally MINUTES after pressing Place Order – Magento 2.3.5

Magento 2.3.5 site that loads pretty quickly generally, checkout maybe a few seconds to load but that seems par for the course for Magento 2

However, the issue is that after pressing ‘Place Order’ the loading icon literally shows for 2-3 minutes before loading the success page.

This happens if using OneStepCheckout, the default one page checkout or regular checkout and using Braintree or Cash On Delivery plugin. The only shipping method is ‘Free’

What I have noticed is that we get an order confirmation email fairly quickly (15-20 seconds) and then an invoice always arrives exactly 2 minutes after the order confirmation – and it is after this that the success page loads.

We don’t need the invoice to be sent automatically, and I guess this is contributing to the excessive load time – is there any way of stopping this?

Any other ideas for what could be causing this ridiculous load time? I’ve checked debug.log / system.log while it’s happening and literally nothing shows

Canon 760D: Pressing the shutter button half-way releases the shutter

I’ve had cameras in the past with very sensitive shutter buttons. Sometimes what was intended by me to be a half press was enough pressure to result in a full press. The resulting vibration of the camera as the mirror, shutter, and shutter reset mechanism were actuated was usually enough to disengage the full press and the effect was very much like what you describe. Practice a bit with your camera and see if that might be the case.

Regardless of the camera’s configuration, if the mirror is cycling, the shutter is operating, and an image is being recorded to the memory card upon an actual half press of the shutter button, your camera is malfunctioning. There is no configuration option for the EOS 77D (or any other Canon EOS camera of which I’m aware) that enables an image to be recorded when the shutter button is half pressed. Images should only be recorded with a full press of the shutter button.

Like xenoid advises in the comments to the question, I’d recommend trying a wired cable release (you can get a generic for about $5 on amazon or eBay) with a two stage button. The cheaper wired releases would probably be better in this regard, as there is more of a difference in the “feel” between a half press and full press compared to your camera’s shutter button.

  • If the malfunction continues with a half press of the wired release, then the issue is not in your shutter button itself but in the way the camera responds to the shutter button’s position.
  • If the issue is not present when you half press the button on the wired remote, then the issue is probably in the contacts in the shutter button and the camera is interpreting that as a very short duration full press.

Wysiwyg text editors: Pressing “Del” next to an empty bullet point removes said bullet point?

Each WYSIWYG text editor I can recall ever using (MS Word, Pages, Notes on Mac & iOS, web pages, etc.) exhibit the following behaviour. Suppose I’m editing the following text:

• Item one
• Item two
• |
Item three

Where | represents the current position of my caret.

If I press “Del” at this point, the following happens:

• Item one
• Item two
Item three

Isn’t the above completely counter to what one would intuitively expect to happen?

(So, what I would always do instead is the following: type a, press Del, press Backspace, which is really annoying).

Why, oh why does this action remove the bullet point in each and every text editor I have ever used?! This has infuriated me for literally decades of my life, and still does 😭!